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German guardsmen growing mono-boobs from drilling with Nazi-era rifles


@ how to get job

You do not ask

I know identity of Bitcoin's SECRET mastermind, says Ted Nelson


Really behind it

Milk Marketing board, you cannot trust them

Copyright , Mr Tom Holt

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness


Re: Optional

Yeah, merely from the description given. And that worries me about the move.

"Despite this, and despite everything that's so obviously going to be wrong about this film, I'll still go and see it, sad git that I am." thanks for the quote.

Half of all app store revenue goes to just 25 developers


80 20

I am told that 80% of the revenue is shared among 20% of all South African Real Estate Agents.


or for a more visual view


Um, how is this news?

Littlest pirate’s Winnie-the-Pooh laptop on the way home


Um, what?

From what I read of the initial story, she did not actually complete the download. So the dad has now forked over a small fortune as "punishment" for not actually getting the song.

Her dad reportedly bought her album / song the next day.

I think they held the little girls laptop to ransom here. Was a crime committed?

I watched part (say 5%) of a pirated video on a work mates computer last week. I live in fear of the heavy black boot of justice breaking down my door and taking my Xbox till I cough up.

Exec responsible for Apple iOS map fiasco walks the plank


Re: Wow - Holding folks responsible?

Yeah. Can backfire. I was given responsibility for a project once upon a time.

Turns out the project was not viable, the engineers had stuffed up the hardware and some of the planning looked decidedly dodgy. It failed. I predicted it would, I knew it would. Still, I shoulder some of the blame, even though I can prove the main failure was hardware engineering. Eyes of management and other staff and all that.

Find the right person, not the nearest scapegoat.

Ten... alien invasions


Re: What... No Hitchhikers Series?

Yeah, alien invasions, see. That is the one where the aliens come to Earth and try to to take over, you know a movie like Species, Not Stargate. or ... Hitchhikers guide

Reloaded Doom 3 shoots onto shelves this autumn

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Re: Peasants

I too had one of those. My smug friends and their Pentiums. Hah, tried benchmarking and my 486 killed theirs. good times, good times.

Zuck weds self to lady friend in surprise ceremony


On a more serious note

They probably invited the friends and family down for the wedding but did not want to be saddled with toasters and blankets, so removed the need for the guests to worry about that. Very thoughtful of them, what do "ordinary" people, money wise, get as gifts for such people?

On a side note, marked this down for when I float my firm (that does not exist) and then get married the next day (my wife might just kill me). Suprise ceremony, good idea.

Google now a serious rival to Microsoft in cloud email


Assume that 500 companies e-mail is all hosted on the same server, accessible from the internet. There is more incentive to gain illicit access there than, say, my corporate mail server stored theoretically safely on my network.

Imagine being sold access to 500 company’s e-mails, similar to Botnets? That could be worth investing in, for your average double dealing crook.