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Murdoch hate sparks mass bitchin', rapid evacuation from O2, BE

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Re: I went as soon as they announced...

^ This, signed up with Origin last year after we moved and I get consistent high speeds despite there being three in the house two of whom are heavy users, unlimited bandwidth, no traffic shaping (as far as I've noticed) and I've never had to get in touch with tech support yet. It is more expensive than most of the big ISP's but well worth the extra cost if you can get it.

Take it or break it: the return of the drop test

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The happy times of drop testing old CRT monitors and laserjet printers* prior to disposal in an appropriate fashion.

*From the third storey roof, they were certainly ready for disposal afterwards ;).

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes


@AC 09:58

Vehicle Excise Duty and Fuel Duty are general taxes, everyone pays for maintenance and construction of the road network including those of us who don't drive a car or ride a motorbike. Vehicle Excise Duty hasn't been ring-fenced for road maintenance or construction since 1937 in the UK.

Now you know.

Torvalds bellows: 'The GNOME PEOPLE are in TOTAL DENIAL'


Re: The actual reason Linux has never seen mainstream successful on the desktop...


Crazy, I've done the exact same thing several times and then slapped Linux Mint onto the hard drive and handed it over to people who aren't very computer literate. As yet the only thing that has made one of the call on me for technical assistance was getting a canon printer to play nice but that took all of 5 minutes to sort out and I don't have much linux expertise. Basically from my experience you are talking bollocks.

New broadband minister snubs 'ugly' fibre cabinet gripes


Re: Locally

No idea where in Sheffield you are but over Pitsmoor way I have a stonkingly fast connection via Origin Broadband. Check out http://www.digitalregion.co.uk to see who you can get.

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops


DPD are certainly superb but I've not had a problem with Yodel at all either. City Link on the other hand >:(

Arts & social-sci students briefly forced to do useful work at Foxconn


Re: @snowlight

Eh, they'd rather not be in debt to anyone for any longer than is absolutely necessary, cheap sources of capital being something that doesn't particularly bother them as far as I can tell. They earn anough to pay it off quicker, save some and still have enough left to live somewhere nice and do fun things and that is what matters to them. People think about things differently sometimes *shrug*.



@wowfood: Does what they are doing now matter when they may have studied the subject because it interests them which I always thought was the main reason people went to college or university (apart from the drinking). It'd be a pretty shit world if people were only allowed to attend college or university on the proviso that they have to guarantee having a career in the subject they want to study. Besides I suspect most of your friends won't stay in those jobs forever and will find better jobs, perhaps ones involving their field of study.

@AC: Bollocks. Almost all of the people I know who studied arts and humanities degrees in the past few years are paying back their student loans at higher rate than they have to, much faster than my friends who studied IT or science at university as a matter of fact. I suspect that is because they have less of a tendency to piss their money away on shiny gadgets or online gambling.

That doesn't include those that saved up from part time work as a teenager or ran their own little businesses at that age to generate enough cash to go to university naturally.

Apple faces Italian shutdown over warranty skulduggery


Re: EU Warranty

Perhaps because some of us value our money and when we spend a significant amount of money on something we want it to last for a fairly long time.

Mine's the one with three mp3 players in the pocket all of which are over seven years old and still going strong.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


Re: Worst argument ever...

My experience is the complete opposite of yours, everyone round here asks for a pint of ale/lager or 4 pints of ale etc.


Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch


Re: Short lived success

"Windows 8 is setting the bar down a notch"

Not to worry squire, I've fixed this typo for you gratis :).

Game CEO steps down


Re: Out of the Game


The staff at Game have always seemed more interested in trying to push whichever tedious brown coloured corridor shooter with raspberry jam mechanics was popular that week, somehow the massive piles of RPG's I was trying to pay for that were a pretty good hint as to where my gaming interests lay were constantly overlooked. Gamestation staff on the other hand were always suggesting other RPGs similar to what I was buying and I've ended up losing hundreds of hours thanks to their suggestions, the sods.

I hope that they kill the Game brand off but keep the Gamestation brand and more of that ethos and customer service.

Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts in a year


Re: What you don't mention there

Every sodding year they keep bugging the hell out of me despite the fact that for the past 7 years running I've told them time and time again that we don't watch live TV, don't want to watch live TV and will they please fuck right off and leave us alone.

This year I decided that I wouldn't respond to any of their letters as I wanted them to waste their time and money taking us to court, sadly my housemate caved in and phoned them up. Roll on them being annoying gitbags next year :|.


Re: if they are good then they don't go on BBC4!

Captain Hogwash hits the nail on the head. The documentaries on BBC 4 tend to be the most interesting ones that are produced.

As for Greg 16's comment on commercial radio stations, I don't think I've ever heard any good music, shows or DJs on any of the ones I've been subjected to at work. At least BBC radio has shows about less mainstream genres and the comedy programmes are top notch, I doubt you'd get those on commercial radio.

Xbox 360 video cable boasts NOISE VIRUS protection


Yes and yes.

US, European iPad ownership rockets


Re: But Why?

Strangely I have heard my work colleagues say that, I'm attributing it to the fact that they aren't very technically literate or minded.


ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes


Re: Least of their problems

Because using Sky broadband involves giving money to the dread lich king that is Rupert Murdoch.

Have to admit that I've only experienced minor problems with iPlayer using Be and most of those within the past few weeks. At worst there is some buffering but other than that me and my housemates haven't noticed any other problems.

YMMV seems to be the case, Be is working fine up here in the socialist republic of south yorkshire.



Re: Re: Re: predictable

A new and improved Carmageddon is in the works and involves the original team so that at least is promising :D.

Met thumbed through Oyster card data up to 22,000 times in 4 years


@Is it me?

Are you sure? I was able to buy a pre-pay one without providing any details or registering a mere 6 months ago while trolling round london with some friends. Have they changed their t&c's since then?

World music sales slide despite digital dividend


The other important question is how many singles and albums were released this year compared to last year? And have they factored in the current state of the global economy with regards to people not being able to afford to buy as much music as previously?

I know I've cut down on my spending on music due to the rising price of essentials like food, bills etc. And also because I haven't heard much good music recently but that is subjective obviously.

Seagate sucks hard disk biz from Samsung

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Agreement on the suckage of Seagate/Maxtor, I've had countless problems over the past decade with seagate drives both at work and home (a year of use for most of them and then they died), I started exclusively using samsung drives at home around 6 years ago and only now has one of them started failing.

Overall a bad sign for HDD lifespan unless the boffins being transferred can influence seagate's decisions as to design and quality.

US Senator demands answers from Carrier IQ


@Gordon 10

I'd rather have Mark Thomas, Mark Steel, Marcus Brigstocke, Frankie Boyle or Stewart Lee as an MP than most of the sods that were elected last year.

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'


I believe he is saying that they wouldn't need a warrant to cut your power rather than the police being able to raid your house/premises without a warrant.

Linehan turns IT Crowd off but NOT on again


Oh balls. Swap masochist in for sadist when reading.


Maybe you are some sort of weird sadist who prefers work to feel more like punishment and pain but I'd hazard a guess that most people prefer a job where they have fun and enjoy doing it. I know I've always tried to apply for jobs where I knew I would enjoy the work in addition to getting paid, of course I've worked jobs which I loathed but had to do purely for the money but then I generally left them for one that I would enjoy as fast as I possibly could.

Given his job allows him to move onto something more interesting when he is becoming bored and jaded with writing one series then why the hell shouldn't he.

In summary, you are a plonker.

Ballmer: Uninspiring performance and a small package


^ This. I haven't had a serious crash due to Windows for several years now. Hardware faults on the other hand :|

Samsung preps anti-iPhone 5 lawsuit before it's even out



Ooooh, Intel won't like that one at all methinks


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