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Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should: Install Linux on NTFS – on the same partition as Windows

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Re: Inquiring minds need to know...



Zuckerberg wants to create a make-believe world in which you can hide from all the damage Facebook has done

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Big Brother

Round and round

Glad to see this whole virtual world is going to get a Second Life.


Dell bids adieu to the era of big acquisitions, concentrates on paying down debt and Michael's new book

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Such a rebel

What, no announcements on plans to build his own rocket?

IBM wins five-year whole-of-government deal with Australia

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Drops Mouse.

Fancy sitting in a Level 4 driverless car roaming London? Get in line

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Steward hops out and runs in front waving a red flag...

Birds are pecking apart Australia's national broadband network

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Re: "There's about a bajillion cockatoos in Australia."

You can cook a cockatoo.

Boil in billy with 4 or 5 river stones for a week.

(Keep the water topped up.)

Carefully drain the billy.

Eat the stones.

Fake tech support 'scam' husband and wife banned FOR LIFE from computer repair world

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Shell Company

One of the Shell companies wasn't called Telstra by chance?

Father rings Telstra coz' his email client no longer connects, webmail works however.

Round and round on Support. Reboots, different client....no joy.

Buys Premium support annual subscription.


"Thank you, your receipt number is.... and try this as a mail server address.."

"Memphis" Raines would have been impressed.

Can you get from 'dog' to 'car' with one pixel? Japanese AI boffins can

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Just proves dogs are an AI's best friend as well.

Australian senator Pauline Hanson wants devilish scam calls to flash '666'

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I'm sure there's a joke in here somewhere about Pauline's bits being set to zero, but I can't for the life of me see it.

Big Brother in SPAACE: Mars One picks first 100 morons to suffocate, er, settle on Red Planet

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The longer they survive, especially after they stop being utterly dependant on earth for everything, the more people with money, ideas, ambitions, and product to sell, will be interested.

Which Cola will have the first decent billboard on Mars?

Which fast food chain will have the first outlet?

Nah... Piratebay will be first to set up a data centre...

Bruges Booze tubes to pump LOVELY BEER underneath city

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I appear to have hit a pipe while I was digging this trench. Under my shop which isn't a bar, despite what it looks like...

Google's 'Captain Moonshot': I will BOMB you with DELIVERIES

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Sounds like a load of bulldust to me...

Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2: Quick start guide for sysadmins

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Re: Windows "Toy" operating systems.

Play nice you two, I came on here to get away from the threat of flames for a few mionutes.

All have their place, all environments are heterogeneous to some extent and hey, They even play nice together most of the time..

Telstra plans to keep hands on government BEEELIONS

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Just wait...

Whatever time Turnbull thinks he can save by doing FTTN and whatever cash he thinks he can save will be lost in 'robust free and frank discussions' with Telstra.

SO most likely we'll end up with a more fragmented service, costing more and later than otherwise. (If it doesn't actually cost more up front, it will in the future, either directly out of our pockets or as the copper replacement programme is run.

Telstra scrambles to fix voice

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My cynical side would suggest the 'upgrade' was to install the 'Liberal-Conservative' module in the Management decision support system in anticipation of the upcoming 'free and frank discussions' on changes to NBN arrangements.

But that would require me to GAS*

So its probably just some really old copper somewhere disintegrated as it got exposed to oxygen as someone opened a pit somewhere for the first time in 60 years,

GAS - give a shit.

Boffin snatches control of colleague's body with remote control brain hat

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I for one, welcome our DRINK COKE new 'benign guardians' EAT AT JOE'S who will keep watch over us BUY BOOSTER PILLS at night.

How the clammy claws of Novell NetWare were torn from today's networks

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Brings a tear.

Started with this stuff - NetWare 2.11. 'Had Windows 1.0' sitting on one of the volumes for that new fangled GUI 'Excel' Spreadsheet.

NDS / then eDirectory scaled nicely into multi million entries...

GUI on a server? Whats the point if you're just going to brick it up in a recently refurbished comms room for future admins, auditors, "transformation' project teams and archeologists to fret over?

But we grow old, our hair falls out (or goes grey if lucky) and we deal with Foggy Fake Farms. (That's virtualised servers in Data Centres charged out by the photo , email address or whatever, for you young PFY.)

When I were a lad CLI didn't exist, 'cos you don't need an acronym for the only way to do something.

Try to tell that to the young people today, they won't believe you.

BBC boffins ponder abstruse Ikea-style way of transmitting telly

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Wow! Think of all the data you imagine might be useful to someone, so you could transmit it all.... every mic and camera feed from a concert or game.... do your own mixing at home!

What more reason to we need? Gotta have the NBN now! at the full wack!

US Army engineer wins Air Assault wings after repairing hi-tech leg twice

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Thumb Up

Hat off

.. to that man.

Chuck Norris meets McGyver.

Lotsa lasers an option for the Next Big Physics

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Haven't even finished playing with their new toy, let alone upgrading it and already looking ahead to the next one.

Progress... can't stop it.

(For pity's sake please don't build it anywhere near the ocean, don't want any sharks getting their fins on the frickin' lasers.)

New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions

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Senator Conroy is ordering stock for his next meeting with the local Telcos.....

All your audio, video kit is about to become OBSOLETE

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Still waiting

Don't care who much I can or can't hear in side my car, or what it sounds like outside.

As long as it can fly.

Quadriplegic woman demos advanced mind-control of robot arm

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To all involved, especially Jan!

However, you'd want to be very careful about controlling your thoughts... wandering hands....

Second Higgs possibility pops up in CERN data

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Nearly there

Only 40 more to find.

Adelaide hospital rolls out RFID tagging

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New use for RFID

Double beep as patient leaves hospital..

"Nurse! Stop that patient!

He's smuggling out a clamp and a swab, internally!"

Hacker uses Kindle as Raspberry Pi screen

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Thumb Up


Forget the keyboard for the Pi, I need a new keyboard now....

The last line.

Vodafone drops 178k customers in 6 months

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Thumb Down

Optional rear end

Optarse aren't much better when it comes to contention.... same journey everyday, sitting in the same spot on a station - 2 out 3 days, bad or no connection. - with full bar signal 'strength.

Contract up shortly....'

Plasma drive starts with pee

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All the more reason for experimenting with micro-brewing in microgravity... now there is a way to reuse the by-products!

Some of them anyway.

Over 1,200 dot-word bids flood ICANN at $180k a pop

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.i ?


(martian? The eyes obviously)

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So will they 'buy' .icann and .icant?

Bet they don't charge themselves the admin fee...

mines the .coat (nearly put a '.' at the end there as well, silly me.)

NEC shows off ultra-thin battery

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Paris Hilton


with a piezoelectric device and bingo, a self charging device... animated logos on sportwswear anyone?

Paris, because I'm sure she could come up with some other uses, or ways to charge it...

Boffins render fibre obsolete

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Yeah but...

mobile phones started off car mounted and computers were rooms etc etc and now I can carry both as one device in my pocket...

Would you call this 0 G?

Mine's the one with the extra large, very warm pocket.

Galaxy is teeming with homeless planets

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Death Stars.


Daleks indeed.

NASA seeks cooks for Mars trip simulation

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Re: Where do I apply

I think the pay rates are summed up in the word 'Volunteer.'

ACCC pins ADSL wholesale price

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Compares to....

Anyone with any knowledge on how that compares to what Tel$tra currently charges the ankle biters?

Especially interested in the backhaul rates...

Using virtual particles to get real random numbers

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el tit.

I bet when they make one, it will look EXACTLY like a Flux Capacitor.

Beer, because that's the best random anything generator I've found yet.

World Solar combatants rev their engines batteries

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Final warning.

Watch out if a local offers you a 7 course meal....

a meat pie, (Kangaroo of course) and a 6 pack.

iiNet publishes fibre broadband plans

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By the time the majority of us actually have to make a choice between the NBN connected ISPs, the plans and prices are bound to be different anyway..

Bit more ISP consolidation coming up then?

Also very interested to see what happens with the VOIP only providers (MNF, PennyTel etal.) and if they change offerings.