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Something useful from Cupertino?! Apple sees the light – finally

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Re: Aaaaaand here we go again.

Far from 'here we go again' with a redundant diatribe, there is no technological reason this headline feature was omitted from the A6-containing hardware (that I know of), but thanks for just assuming I was ranting rather than actually understanding the post.

Now off you trot to scour the web for another forum you can hilariously paste that same joke in an attempt to stir the pot... Unless you forgot the password protecting the locked note that contains such priceless humour.

EDIT thanks @DougS for potentially providing reasons for why not

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Night shift not available for iPhones that are not 64 bit so no dice on my 5 or the other half's 5C. Why would you need a 64 bit processor to change the screen colour? (thats rhetorical btw)


UK carrier Three in network-wide ad-block shock

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Re: Feel at home

Gnnnnaaaaa. Feel at home is a waste of time for data in my experience. Can just about use it for to check email when not on wifi but other than that, its useless. No facetime, no spotify, certainly no casual browsing and no 4g (although prob not 3 at fault there? but so what if everything is throttled to a crawl). Maps are almost useable if absolutely lost. At least you can call someone in the UK and tell them you are lost for free so Feel at home does work well in other ways.

Samsung trolls Google, adds adblockers to phones

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Phew! Thank goodness. Now we can all sleep tonight...

One of the main points of the article is that for access to some content you *must* watch ads. You try watching any content from channel 4 with an ad blocker enabled.

If its a toss up between watching a few ads and being able to watch the latest episode of catastrophe, or neither, I'll watch and ad or two to enjoy the content. Its when the ads are too intrusive to make the content you want to access not worth it that we get a problem, and we are approaching that in many corners of the internet.

Online pharmacy slapped with £130,000 fine for flogging customer data

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How would we find out...

...if we were one of the people who's data had been sold so we can report them?

Apple Music: First three months for free? We lasted less than 3 hours

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Re: Beats 1

...oh I see. Just like most popular radio stations in the uk... so STOP ramming it down my neck every 2 minutes as if its something new.

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Beats 1

So.... I'm not clear. Is beats 1 on all the time or not? And can I listen to it in different countries, or no?

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4

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Re: Does that include returned/failed units

...please, Its called the pulsing blue dickpunch of sadness.

Carry on...

UK economy to lose £198m if BBC and pals lose EPG slots - Ministry of Fun

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Re: New Fangled Television

Hahaha, you said 'ask siri'.

Most brain science papers are neurotrash: Official

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Re: p < 0.05 ???

Stop with the stats fit and have a little think about what you are saying...

If I wanna do an experiment with say, mice for example, and in each treatment group there are 6 VERY expensive genetically modified animals that I have carefully age, sex and <insert other controllable variable> matched to reduce variablity, AFTER spending years generating that fragile/genetically complex mutated mouse line, I get a significant (P<0.05, or even <0.0027) difference in an already super expensive experiment (tens of thousands of pounds), you will immediately think it shit because of that significance value. Funding bodies are not made of money and most scientists do very well at getting good results with the minimum of expenditure.

To cut a rant short PHYSICS /= BIOCHEMISTRY

And before you annoy me any more, Biochemistry is a 'REAL' science. Just like physics is. Remember that next time you get all hot and bothered when reading a medical paper and need to stick another pill down your neck to stem the heart palpitations it gave you.

Foundering OCZ snatches megabuck lifeline in white-knuckled grip

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On my equally small sample of OCZ drives, 4 out of 5 have failed. To be fair tho, they were all replaced without any fuss but thats not the issue.

First video inside thinking fish's brain captured by boffins

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Re: I'd like to see any indication that these are 'thought' about 'food'...

Erm it has been peer reviewed.

People are slightly missing the point with this - the importance of this is that you can visualise in real time the calcium influx of neurones and thus their activity to an exogenous stimuli. It's kind of irrelevant what the stimulus is (and im pretty sure that is a paramecium) but I agree the headline that we can now tell what this fish is thinking is rubbish

Lab mice drown in their THOUSANDS as Hurricane Sandy fills NYU basement

Dr Potatohead

Please read the source article before spouting rubbish.

It says "Though most of the animals at the center were unharmed, the center staff could not rescue the animals in one of the facilities, despite hours of work amid the flooding that started at the institute on Monday night"

Its not like they all sat around watching 10 years of work go down the pan. If you want to be furious, be furious at yourself for not reading / thinking before venting a strong opinion.

Dr Potatohead

Re: embryos

Liquid nitrogen cell banks dont need eleccy. They keep cells at -196 for as long as their liquid nitrogen lasts (which in a modern cell bank is weeks without a top up).

Dr Potatohead


If they didnt freeze a stock of embryos then they are idiots. You dont risk 10 years of mouse work without backing it up with liquid nitrogen stock as mice can keel over for one reason or another without a hurricane... Im pretty sure this number of mice is nothing compared to the billions of wild mice that perished (although of course they had a chance of escape).

If they had a sustained power outage then they have DEFINITELY lost antibodys and very expensive chemical reagents too. If they have lost these too then they are double fools as like the above posters say; they had enough warning.

Samsung hauls Apple into court over emoticon patent :-(

Dr Potatohead

what if I have no cash

... and was the actual inventor of the technology who was just defending my IP?

AMD spills secret to World Record clock speed

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Liquid nitrogen is very cheap (few £ for tens of litres) so to give a stable overclock a go would still be dirt cheap from a LN2 point of view. ie once the chip is down to temp, it doesnt take a huge amount of LN2 to keep it there...

Also, I suspect the hand is there in the vid to prevent small splashes ending up on parts of the mobo that don't want cooling and thus also prevent erroneous cooled parts getting condensation on which is another big problem at these temps. The temp differnce between your hand and a drop of LN2 is so high that when it touches it immediately boils off and you barely even notice. More than that and you know all about it as it burns you with prolonged contact....


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