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Parliamentary report details German police snoop-spend


No worse than the UK, where the same will happen.

Or, for that matter, any of the countries I've lived in.

And before anyone bothers downvoting me, I'm not defending Germany's policies, I'm damning the policies of the lot of them.

Unfortunately, people are nosy and judgmental as a whole.

Global DNS takedown plotters disowned by Anonymous



No, sadly, just human stupidity at it again.

Top cop calls for tougher sentencing of cybercrooks


"Cyber hackers".

Hello, this is the Department of Redundancy Department, how may I help you?

Top general warns of cyberspy menace to UK biz


Maybe people should treat their ideas and businesses like they're valuable for a change.

"Cyberthreat". Bit of a joke.

Let's be honest, if people didn't assume that they know enough about computers to secure their own networks, or if a large percentage web-designers/sysadmins weren't just total amateurs who know how to navigate Dreamweaver/Windows Server 200x GUIs respectively, the internet would be a safer place.

The internet is not like a local supermarket; it is filled with people who will mess with you for the sake of doing so, or for truly malicious reasons.

If you're aware of this and you don't want to spare money to protect yourself, you don't deserve to have your business succeed anyway.

Attack on Apache server exposes firewalls, routers and more



If you configure your webserver poorly, it might backfire on you.

Who knew.

Ten years on from Nimda: Worm author still at large

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Yes, now we have Conficker, Stuxnet, et al.

I liked Nimda, though, it was clever.

And I'd argue that at least half the reason people started using browser exploits was because of the notorious ease of heap sprays, and because of the dawn of the Java plugin.