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Everything Apple announced: Tor-ish Safari anonymization. Cloaked iCloud addresses. Cloud CI/CD. And more


Re: Still no paid upgrades in the App Store...

How about just creating a new paid for app? Publishing app2 that is the paid version.

I see a lot of apps doing that.

Also, full agreement on the subscription based models - I don't care for them, as a consumer.

I understand the desire behind them, etc etc - but they should be the exception, not the norm they have become of late


Re: Gotta sell new hardware

The iphone 6 (that came out in 2014) has had security updates to ios 12.x (the last thing it could run) since 2 years ago - with the most recent one just a month or two ago.

the 6S on the other hand (that came out in 2015) will run ios 15.

Elon Musk hits the brakes on taking Bitcoin for Tesla purchases


Re: Prime Bullshit Piled High to Protect and Preserve the Perma Bullshitters Hides

I hit reply and the posting system put my comment where it chose to.

Your idyllic scenario does not have anything to do with creating a new store of value.

All you're doing is using a word salad to make what you're saying seem plausible (hint: it's not working)

So, I'll ask again, how does creating a new store of value prevent the creation of a deficit and/or debt?


Re: What is the point

Ugh you're offending and hurting my economics brain here.

Inflation is a good thing, ffs.

And excluding the world's population to banking? what does that mean? go back to the barter system?


Re: Prime Bullshit Piled High to Protect and Preserve the Perma Bullshitters Hides

Hold it right there - how does your new technology based 'currency' solve deficits and debts?

You aren't - all you've done is create a new store of dubious value


Re: Fantastic Market Opportunities ...... Ponzis to the Moon and Achilles Heel Arrows

I don't think greed limits itself to one side of the political spectrum...


Re: Fake excuse

pump n dump, perhaps

Microsoft bins Azure Blockchain without explanation, gives users four months to move


Oh you Linux zealot.

There is the Mac platform that has the answer for our Joe user - where he can use Outlook, if he so pleases, or not.

AWS going AWOL last week is exactly why less is more in cloud server land


What bugs me is...

1. How much consumer companies rely on 'the cloud' for their products' functionality when shit like this breaks

2. How little their tech people know what has happened resulting in product replacement offers (all at cost to the company) which then doesn't fix the issue

Single-line software bug causes fledgling YAM cryptocurrency to implode just two days after launch


I like this new term "a decentralized finance experiment"

Such a polite way of putting it across.

"financial dumpster fire created by morons" works too

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops


Bloody Google...

Typical Google.

Just cannot be surprised by this anymore.

Yes, one could argue that privacy laws keep them from doing such things so blatantly, but trying to prove it in today's 'everything is a sodding conspiracy' world where the signal to noise ratio has deteriorated to such a degree, is quite another thing - especially when high-priced lawyers exist and the will to prosecute beyond a fine doesn't, for some bizarre reason.

As I write this long-winded (but ultimately, impotent) expression of outrage, I can already see a possible reasoning, one pointing to incompetence, rather than malice - due to their investment in ADT, these devices start listening and learning when put in 'Guard Mode' - this is not new behaviour.

Alarm systems listen for the sound of glass breaking anyway. And that's what Amazon Echo units do if you turn on 'Guard Mode'. This is an extension of that technological aspect which makes sense - however, the linking of data collection A to B to C and so on, the way an advertising company does - that is concerning.

First rule of Ransomware Club is do not pay the ransom, but it looks like Carlson Wagonlit Travel didn't get the memo


Sir - can you please substantiate your remark?

Else it's rather unhelpful.

Allow me provide you with some information: A sovereign government backed currency means that it has government revenue and taxes, economic data (imports, exports, GDP calculations) to provide the said currency with a preferred (or non-preferred) rate of exchange in the world currency markets



Wouldn't you rather focus your efforts and criminal proceedings against the actual perpetrators rather than the head of the business who is being forced to make a business decision because of the ineptitude of their IT department?

Someone in IT fucked up - and allowed this to happen, it's that simple. Direct your rage there.


While I agree with you that the point of the blockchain is to have every transaction linked to it - there is also that 'washing' thing done for Bitcoin by exchanges.

I suppose it comes down to how extensive (and how present/available) logs of such activities are.

If the 'washing' does remove/obfuscate the bread crumbs trail, then it's rather more anonymous?

PS: just an opinion on the workings. I still contend that any non-sovereign government backed currency is a scam and waiting to be unloaded onto the next sucker

In the market for a second-hand phone? Check it's still supported by the vendor – almost a third sold are not


Re: Say what you will about Apple...

I see your point - I misunderstood the 'used' / second hand aspect (mea culpa)

So to start afresh, caveat emptor applies here - with the onus firmly on the buyer.

However, the used phone would likely have limited usage scenarios - though from a security perspective, an Apple product would likely be less vulnerable than an Android device.


Say what you will about Apple...

But you have to give them this - they do not sell unsupported phones.

I do find it legally contentious that any manufacturer can sell a phone without any support

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references


Re: New World Order?

I do hate to be pedantic, but the first amendment to the US Constitution just prevents the govt from suppressing your freedom of speech (among other things).

(and yes, i know there are exceptions for certain scenarios in the world today, like say, yelling 'fire' in a movie theatre, or saying 'bomb' in an airport)

A private (ie, non-govt) company can choose to censor as they wish.


In an attempt to add some seriousness after my initial attempt at levity (which still makes me giggle)

this inverted red triangle is not on the Anti-Defamation League's list of hate symbols.

Link: https://www.adl.org/hate-symbols


Posting here with just one line:

I did Nazi that coming

US Air Force wants to pit AI-powered drone against its dogfighting hotshots in battle of the skies next year


This article/discussion reminds me of Musk mindlessly spouting off a couple of months ago how fighter pilots were obsolete, and drones were the future etc etc.

It sounds great to the latent science fiction fan in people, but reality as it often does, taps one on the shoulder and asks some uncomfortable questions.

Don't take it from me, I don't have any military flying time (just civil) - but pilots interviewed mentioned quite a few pertinent points - some of which you smart folks have already covered in the discussion (be nice if the article had those, eh?)

Some of these points were taking the advantage in choosing to attack at an advantage before getting to a head to head fight, visual verification of friend or foe, jamming, breaking of encryption and subversion of technology, and lastly human ingenuity - the AI-powered drone is learning as well, and in a fluid fast moving situation, recognizing the better option may still be something the human pilot can do faster today.

Yet there are some important ones in the AI-powered drone's favour: faster time to market compared to training a human pilot, no concern about the human loss, going past human endurance, etc.

I do wonder about the scale of operations though - think the number of alien ships in Independence Day vs. the human pilots.

At some point, all these issues get overtaken by technology - so maybe in a few generations, we'd reach that point. Just not today, or anytime soon.

And yeah, the F-35 is an amazing aircraft in terms of what it can do, but to shoehorn it into every bloody role on the planet, is just hurting its' own cause.

Especially, more so, when the cost of the thing is considered (and the bloody bugs). So, it's not the be all end all standard regardless of what its' manufacturer wants air forces to think.


Re: How about a cargo plane

Spooky AC-130 gunships do a great job with their howitzers today supporting troops on the ground.

Evolution to add a laser cannon will eventually show up, I suppose

Amazon declined to sell a book so Elon Musk called for it to be broken up


Re: Tell people what the goddamn guidelines are

Actually, in Canada, a big book store did exactly that with Herr Hitler's Mein Kampf.

They chose not to carry the book as the owner felt it went against her beliefs.



Re: Amazon choosing to publish / not publish seems like a no-win situation

I agree, but I have begun to feel that it's a slippery slope.

I am often reminded of Hall's "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" bit


Re: Amazon choosing to publish / not publish seems like a no-win situation

Thank you.

This makes it simple to understand then - Musk is so full of shit his eyes are brown


Amazon choosing to publish / not publish seems like a no-win situation

Based on my following of Snoopy from Peanuts getting his book(s) rejected by the publishers, it would suggest to me that publishers can choose what books they want on their banner/platform.

Accordingly, Amazon has the option to say 'yes/no' to what they want.

On the other hand, censorship brings up the entire 'Who guards the guards?' bit.

I'm honestly unsure on this one.

Indian app that deleted Chinese apps from Androids deleted from Play Store


Re: Isn't this what Antivirus / Anti malware software does?

What is the safeguard to prevent this auto running and deleting things you don't want to be deleted?

The design seems flawed


What horrid security Android has to allow this in the first place

I'll say it again - Android is garbage.

How can one user app delete another app?

What sort of exotic root permissions are being given to the app to do this?

And if they can delete the app, then what else can they do possibly without the user knowing?

Building society caught in middle of high street sharing a little too much on TeamViewer


Re: TeamViewer....

Way to miss the point.

Teamviewer did not show typed/saved passwords.

It shows (only to you) the credentials to be used to provide to someone else so they can connect to you.

Naturally, they did not (and can not) plan for some pillock taking a screenshot of that to the entire bloody world

Black horse down: UK banking giant Lloyds suffers an online wobble


Good heavens - what horrid PHB's does that bank have - so much so that they can't even have the currency set to the country they're in.

Just kinda bolsters my accusation up above, you know


You folks really have shit IT infrastructure there in the UK, it seems.

Nice wallpaper you've got there. It would be a shame if it bricked your phone


Fully enjoying the schadenfreude here on the absolute waste matter that is Android

China to test digital version of its currency at 2022 Winter Olympics


Re: Why the uproar ?

It's been 2 days now.

I figured you'd have no response at all to actual facts instead of the horse dung you made up to glorify China and disparage the US.

Where are you, anonymous coward?


Re: Why the uproar ?

WTF are you talking about?

Can you provide some proof of what you say?

As per https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/transferwise/how-to-open-bank-account-france/ and other sites, there's no mention of 'sign papers for the US government'


Re: Why the uproar ?

Yes, the uproar is because of China - and it's rightfully justified.

I agree with you - if the country you're in, any country, decides that you're a person of interest, they can look at your expenses to see what's going on.

However, the question is that measure of becoming a person of interest. If that bar is set incredibly low, as countries like China are wont to do, there you go - welcome to dystopian realities.

'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans


Loved reading this - Task Manager was my favourite, NT4 onwards.

And yes, in later versions, it just became unwieldy and in 8 onwards - useless junk taking up too much room. (And what really grinds my gears is you can't have it auto startup minimized in windows 8 onwards)

But at least till Windows 2003, even Windows 7, very very good.

Alibaba Cloud revenue grows 62% – but it's still just a sixth the size of AWS


Re: "why buyers beyond the middle kingdom would consider its offerings"

Very well stated!

(Better than I could)


Re: "why buyers beyond the middle kingdom would consider its offerings"

And I do not see China as winning this 'cloud war' just for one reason: trust-worthiness.

Yes, the US govt can legally look into your data if you house it in a US datacenter - but the reasons to do so still need to have some sort of legality, which with legal counsel can be contested / appealed.

China, on the other hand, does not concern itself with such trivialities. You can be in trouble for any banality.

Why subject yourself to that sort of additional stress of disruption?

BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam


Re: Is it wrong to be in favour of this?

Oh look another anonymous coward parroting rubbish.

Fossil fuels are not going anywhere anytime soon - so slow your roll on that one.

One country owning another country's sovereign debt doesn't really mean anything without the political will to actually engage with other means (Clausewitz)

It's a matter of diminishing returns and escalating risk. It seemed like a good idea at first, but at no point does it become 'I say, good lad, we'll take that state and that other one there, then in lieu of payment, thank you very much'.

If you think China cares about climate change, you're rather mistaken.

What they are doing is attempting to use leverage by building out things in other countries (as part of their Belt and Road initiative.

The current world scenario is one of upheaval (long before COVID-19) - and it's exposing rather ugly cracks in the edifices of many a nation (the US included).


Re: Is it wrong to be in favour of this?

Honestly, do you really believe that?

The rights you have available to you in the US are the stuff of dreams in other countries, mate

'iOS security is f**ked' says exploit broker Zerodium: Prices crash for taking a bite out of Apple's core tech


Re: "Zerodium said for the first time that it would pay more for flaws in Android"

I'm curious now - what phone/platform do you use?

I actually consider the couple of banking apps (for the banks I use) as more secure on IOS as compared to the desktop Windows platform.

To the point where I actually use them exclusively on IOS now.


Re: Security is hard, m'kay?

No denying adhering to security practices is hard.

However, some exploit broker saying a specific popular OS security has issues, especially when compared to said OS's track record - I just find hard to accept right away.

Maybe it's a sign of the paranoid times we live in, but I have to ask the question: does the exploit broker gain any monetary advantage by making such a statement?

Multi-part Android spyware lurked on Google Play Store for 4 years, posing as a bunch of legit-looking apps


Why am I not surprised?

Google's Android handling has been rubbish - security seems to be just an unpleasant after-thought.

The only real way to cure this is to vote with your wallet - as the consumer.

If you choose to keep buying Android products, you're enabling these faceless people (both Google and said criminals - no, don't make a joke about a parallel there - that's too easy...)

(Insert some old trope about the equivalent of helping Nazis here...)

But it seems to me that every Android user I've spoken to doesn't care about this - they prefer to focus their vitriol on Apple.

Which makes no sense.

Apple on 2020 so far: OK, so iPhone sales are a bit glum. Wearables, music, apps, vids to the rescue... almost


I do get concerned about the usage of "idiot tax" - but hey, you do have the right to free speech (even in the UK)

From attacked engineers to a crypto-loving preacher with a questionable CV: Yep, it's still very much 5G silly season


Oh how I love this writer's prose: "fruitcakes of a feather"

Watch out, everyone, here come the Coronavirus Cops, enjoying their little slice of power way too much


Rather funny, this sort of authoritarianism coming out of the woodwork

It is rather distressing to see this happening pretty much everywhere in the world.

I refer to all aspects - people not understanding that maintaining separation does reduce transmission of disease, and the attempts at overreach of authority, and the subsequent reduction of civil rights.

To be expected in any country, in a way, yes - since human behaviour is still the same pretty much, no matter the nationality.

The only difference being, the laws in some countries allow their populace to question and stand up to protest (without being incarcerated or worse)

I do question the end game of arrests in any country though - that seems short-sighted from a disease control perspective - actually makes it worse to take all these disparate individuals and put them together.

and on the other hand, it also speaks to that allure - an overreach of authority reducing civil rights, which is never a good thing (hard to give up the power or entitlement once you have it) and also, from a public servant perspective (like police - a social service existing for the purpose of protecting the people), the many anecdotes mentioned above just adding to that concern.

Seems no matter the nationality, there's a despotic authoritarian just champing at the bit to get out and impose their no-questions-will-be-tolerated will on society.

Call it fascist or communist, based on your preference (or abhorrence) of one or the other - they're both bad.

I have more thoughts, fear of an armed populace, the siren call of authoritarian systems, imposition of will to pervert existing systems of government, people in general being bell ends and not voluntarily reducing transmission - but nah, to what end this lament?

Disappointing... (pillocks)

French pensioner ejected from fighter jet after accidentally grabbing bang seat* handle


Serious cock-up that kept getting worse

The aviation geek part of me both applauds the pilot for landing under such conditions and while there is a visceral thrill in reading this, i do feel bad for the aircraft damage (even though it will get repaired)

The process oriented side of me is rather stunned to read of the series of cockups - civ pensioner passenger not briefed, not checked for being correctly oriented and strapped in - both resulting in an ejection seat fire (which is a giant fuck me moment at even this best of times not over hostile territory, not having been recently assholed by a SAM), and then the pilot's seat not firing either on top of that.

Thankfully, said pensioner landed ok (hopefully without breaking anything - untrained first-timer under canopy isn't really safe, and that's not even accounting for the compression forces of ejection - but hey at least he didn't break/lose a limb during the violent ejection process)

Way to go, French Air Force - you're just begging for jokes to be made (alluding to, you know, the war...)

Apple drops a bomb on long-life HTTPS certificates: Safari to snub new security certs valid for more than 13 months


I can appreciate the security aspect, but...

Things have dependencies - be they software or hardware.

And upgrading them costs time and money - sometimes rendering such a mandated cert upgrade unfeasible.

Case in point, a couple of years ago, client was running older version of Oracle Application Server that could not take the new 2048 bit certs.

Had to stick the afore-mentioned HAProxy in front to do a front-end 'new' cert and then pass traffic to the old ora servers.

Upgrade everything and make it work? In a perfect world, absolutely.

Everywhere else - find kludges and tricks.

How's this for a crossover? Scumbag scammed victims with fake gem mines – then pivoted to fake crypto-mines


Re: "The investing public should be aware that cryptocurrency schemes are" . .

As much as I'd just like to say cryptocurrency is an absolute load of rubbish (which it is), the reality is:

- people are greedy

- they want want immediate gratification without putting effort into it

- they're also ignorant of how stock markets work in a modern capitalist economy

- they're distrustful of government to the nth degree (seriously, unless you live in China, North Korea, Iran or Russia, you really don't need to be paranoid about your government to ridiculous 'the sky will fall' extremes)

the effects above are literally passed down from generation to generation and environment to environment (the social aspect of both friends and family)

Combine all this, and they will flock to any new get rich quick scheme - all it does is create a never-ending list of suckers born every minute.

Long story short, join me in shaking your head sadly, i'll pour a pint out

Microsoft ups the ante with fix-fixing patch that leaves some Windows Server 2008 machines unable to boot


Re: MS wants us to move on...

I am a bit concerned about your whitewashing the past.

The fundamental issue is a lack of control.

Crash dumps in pre Windows 10 systems could optionally be sent to Microsoft - you didn't have to.

Taking away that control is the concern.

Is Microsoft capturing every keystroke? Unlikely.

Are they analyzing your sites visited? Yes

Do they need to? Offer the option to opt out (ideally, make it opt-in)

To be fair, some of the sites visited can be turned off completely. (don't use Bing, of course, now you have the other evil, Google. Wait - doesn't Cortana use Bing?)

Privacy, or more specifically, what are they doing with this data, is a big deal that they, among other companies, have to be completely transparent about.

The Apple model and PR blitz is a good way to do it.

Jeff Bezos: I will depose King Trump


This does seem like sour grapes. Like almost everything else, biases play a part.

Plus, MSFT products are used extensively in the govt - and their cloud offering would seem to offer better integration with their products.

Now, as goes the current POTUS and views for/against him, it would help to keep in mind that the political climate in the US has become very polarized over the past so many years (even before his winning the presidency in 2016)

So much so, that people voted for him to keep the other ones out - those they considered to be against their way of life, going just by the public statements made by such political figures.

To echo the words of another president, "a house divided against itself, cannot stand."

However, in this case, it's identity politics creating the divisions by catering to fringe / populism.

Well, populism goes both ways...

Those of you who do not live in the US cannot understand - you're like obstetricians (from the outside, looking in)



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