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You didn't get the MeMO? Asus Pad 7 Android tab is ... not bad


Not the first budget quad core...

I bought an Advent Tegra Note 7 months ago now. Similar benchmarks from quad core (ARM) tegra 4 chipset, similar 1 Gb memory, similar low end screen and similar price (£130). I love it but i have to say that if this had been around back then the decision would have been a lot tougher.

Malware gets your Android blabbering to HACKERS


Already working on an IOS version? Find "ok google" and replace with "siri"...

Whoah! How many Google Play apps want to read your texts?


Focusing on SMS

SMS seems a strange thing to focus on. Especially since in KitKat only the default SMS app is allowed to send SMS and there are actually now two types of Receive SMS with the default app getting one and any other apps getting a far more limited version. It seems Google are taking steps.

That said, the model where permission is granted as required is so much better. App developers almost never tell you why they need those permissions so you have to make a choice to trust them without knowing the details of their usage. An on demand model would be much clearer to the user. Maybe we'll get it in Android 5?

THE GERMANS ARE CLOUDING: New AWS cloud region spotted



This is huge for European companies with regulators on their back. Last year a project i was working on for a financial institution very nearly went tits up because the regulators were insisting that our cloud provider handle a "Metropolitan event". This basically means an entire city goes lights out (in our case Dublin) and we were required to have failover inside the EU. Amazon's lack of alternate EU datacenter (apparently availability zones don't count) nearly killed us off. Hopefully a German center will avoid these problems in the future.

SolidRun pitches upgradeable SBC into the IoT fray


Cheap Chinese Androids

I've never really got the raspberry Pi. It's a nice device but quite frankly it's expensive for what it is. You're going to run out of computing power pretty quick if you want to use it for anything slightly resource intensive. I have been messing with Chinese android sticks for a while now and find them much better, for around £30 you get a dual core 1Ghz A9 with 1GB of ram (for £45 you can have quad core and 2GB). Some of them have pretty decent communities too and run Ubuntu see http://home.g8.net/ (the site is hosted on a RK3066).

Boeing to start work on most powerful rocket ... EVER!


Re: Sweepstake

Pencil me in for 3 years behind. That way it can successfully make the second journeys to Mars....right behind Elon Musk's ships. Now there's a guy who gets stuff done!

Drone-assisted Swiss construct virtual 3D castle


Ultra Realistic 3D Games

We're not far from the days when to create COD or Battlefield maps it will be cheaper and easier to build them and film them than to model them. Takes realism to a whole new level...

Google Glass gets 2GB of RAM. Think about this. Two gigs of RAM


Why so much hardware?

I love the idea of Glass but have never understood why it needs so much hardware. It's never going to replace the phone (at least not in it's current iteration) so it's essentially a remote screen, mic, speakers and camera. It should really be trying to hand the meaty stuff off to the phone it is inevitably connected to.

That way we can have long battery life, simple APIs and possibly a great reduction in cost too.

Microsoft tests HALF-INCH second screen to spur workplace play


HR Nightmare

This has got early P45 written all over it. It's going to take about 10 minutes for someone to send something non PC for the whole company to wander past and see. I'll stick to my USB controlled foam missile launchers...

Today's get-rich-quick scheme: Build your own bank


Re: Im in.

Hurry up and take my money!

Microsoft challenges US gov over attempts to search overseas data


You don't often hear me saying this but Go On Microsoft! This kind of thing needs to be challenged openly if just to establish what the correct practice "should" be. As has previously been mentioned it makes little difference in practice as there are other less transparent pieces of legislation US government slurpers can hide behind but it can hopefully go someway to avoiding the current headaches we suffer in putting sensitive European data on American company's servers in Europe.

I just finished a project where we used the Amazon cloud in Ireland to store and process financial data that could have been classified as sensitive. Cue hours of negotiations with regulators, compliance and Amazon lawyers...

BILLIONS of digital dollars go AWOL to cybercrooks, says study


"each one serviced 25 clients a week, with an average price per visit of £67.16."

They're making £87k a year tax free. I went in to the wrong profession...

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

Thumb Up

Re: Who cares about the SD slot, can I have a car craddle please

My brother actually did this about 6 months ago with the orginal galaxy tab. Just blanked the panel on the car off completely and only had a headphone cable coming out of the dash and a bog standard universal tablet mount. The cable then went directly to a 6x9 and sub amp in the boot. Worked like a charm with spotify and was loud!

Source code smoking gun links Stuxnet AND Flame

Paris Hilton

Declaring War

I cannot believe that after recently declaring cyber attacks as "Acts of War" a nation would interfere by partnering with a country that already has massive tensions with Iran to deliver its own attack. We are lucky Iran is taking a sensible approach to this as it is well within its rights to consider itself at war and launch counter attacks (cyber or real) of its own.

Paris because even she's not dumb enough to pull this one.

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display


Surprisingly reasonable

I hate apple as much as the next Android/Ubuntu user but price wise this seems like a rather good deal. It's pretty difficult to find an ultrabook below the £1200 mark and you can garuntee it won't come with these features (even if you ignore the retina display) so £1500 ish sounds reasonable.

Oh wait! 1GBP = 1USD in consumer electronics world so this will cost a fortune...

Microsoft takes on the private cloud

IT Angle

Re: Storage Migration and Expensive SAN's

Agreed, i remember reading about VMWare tools capable of all of this more than 6 months ago. They also work for on a non windoze OS....

It's becoming increasingly easy to spot a sponsored el reg article thanks to the obvious bias normally made clear in the first paragraph.

IT because this clearly is more about politics.

Apple, RIM didn’t infringe Kodak patents


Re: on the grounds of obviousness ?

Rounded corners on a rectangle are nothing short of revlutionary and not in any way obvious...

Mine's the one with the sharp cornered tablet in the pocket.

Renault Twizy budget e-car


I don't get it

It's got 2 seats (like a 125cc bike), does 50 mph at the top end (like a very slow 125cc bike) does 50 miles for a quid (like a 125cc bike) and costs twice as much as a 125cc bike. Ignoring the green super rich (who lets face it will buy anything that says zero emissions on the side and costs 3 times as much as the alternatives) who do they think they're going to sell this to? Buy the bike and spend the extra cash on the right protective clothing and you'll probably be better off in an accident (and better weather protected too).

Asda knocks out Kobo e-reader for £49


Re: Is it hackable ?

Depends how far you want to go! I have the Kobo touch which as far as i know is the same hardware underneath. It's basic Linux underneath with a lot of dev tools left on. A quick google will give you instructions for installing a hacked update that contains telnet and ftp servers. Busybox is installed by default and i highly recommend downloading headless Java for ARM. This last weekend i wrote a quick library for writing images to the screen and have made inroads into getting touchscreen input working.

Its rare these days to find a device so open (whether intentionally or unintentionally). I love mine and am just getting started.

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey e-book reader



I've got a Kobo touch and when i zoom in and drag i see an animated moving block of test/pictures, same when i am on a webpage, i am able to see the scrolling. How is this different except that it does it in the menus? The Kobo is £40 cheaper, less DRM restricted, better supported and (bar the ridiculous accelerometer) has all the same features. Why does it only score 5% more than this?

How gizmo maker's hack outflanked copyright trolls


One can only hope.....

....that a measure of common sense will be used. However when lawyers and big tech. are involved it's not likely.


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