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Airbus and Rolls-Royce hit eject on hybrid-electric airliner testbed after E-Fan X project fails to get off the ground


Re: Electric planes?

I have a feeling we may have worked for the same company - ah, I don't miss the days of flying around Europe every week in business class for a two hour internal meeting and the 6 monthly trips to Atlanta for training and meetings that could have easily been done online - massive waste of money.

Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta


What about us?

Bit of a tech newb here, so feel free not to flame me.. is there a version of this for home (non enterprise) users?

It's 2017 – and your Mac, iPad, iPhone can all be pwned by an e-book


So that's why it's asking me to connect my iPhone7 to my wireless network - which is a pain as living in a major city in Australia means my home internet is piss-poor, especially given that it rained today, so it's considerably slower than my mobile connection... about 28 mins remaining for the download...

Is living with Dolby Atmos worth the faff?


Re: Pure H2O versus Flavoured drinks

Reminds me of the time at a music festival when the Orb came on with similar motorbike sound effect, a friend of mine dived for cover and ended up crawling all the way back to our tent. I think this may have been more to do with the voices in his head than the sound quality though. The same friend also made me a little crazy by making sit between the rear speakers of his circa 1990 Cavalier while playing Interstellar Overdrive on full volume (on the World's worst unbranded car stereo).

US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'


Re: Imagine...

a gay, black pig with a disability?


Re: American organisation offended by breathing

you've never heard of Brokeback Mountain then?

Boffins propose satnav tracking for 'KILLER KOALAS'


Re: They're as real as you want them to be.

Very nice story - but we don't eat "candy" here in Australia....

Entire Reg readership would fill 205 Olympic-sized swimming pools



US dollars?


What are these strange things you talk of?

Perhaps you misspelt pounds sterling and miles.

iPhone hangs on in US, Japan, but EVERYONE ELSE bought an Android


What's it worth?

I haven't had time to dig yet, so does anyone know how much profit Apple and Google make from their "phone businesses"? My point is, yes, Android may be winning in terms of OS market share globaaly, but are they making much money from it?

Yes, I know it's a long term game for them, but Apple are famous for wanting to make lots of money from a small market share, something they seem to do quite well.

As a disclaimer, I've owned Apple related products for about 15 years, non-Apple gear for 25, am writing this on a windows laptop and the last device of any sort I bought was a Nexus 10...

Help-desk hell


I was the dumb user...

Okay, so not a helpdesk call but I remember doing this myself about 25-30 years ago... My dad had bought a new Amstrad (be nice to my dad please) 1512 (dual 5 1/4" drives) and I was busy naking myself the home expert on it. It came with GEM Desktop in it and I loved it, especially the word processor (I think it was WordPerfect) as I decided I was a budding author in the making.

After a few months though I started having problems finding my files in the GEM windows as some of them seemed to be disappearing off the bottom of the screen. I discovered that by deleting files I could see that I didn't want, my "lost" ones would reappear at the bottom. From memory I think this lasted for a few months before I discovered that you could scroll up and down within the windows.....

To this day I still believe that my Lord of the Rings beating work would have shocked the world if I hadn't deleted it by mistake...

El Reg seeks hoardiest reader for crap-stashtic honour


Re: I seem to recall

You mean it is possible to throw out a book? I thought books stayed with you until the day you die (or you stupidly let a mate borrow one) at which point they are donated to Oxfam.

Apple misses earnings targets, Street reacts


Re: @ JibberJabberBadger - Apple will have no problems

I'll make sure I get it fixed...


Re: Apple will have no problems

I was looking around for the joke icon, but I can't see it, or is my sarcasm radar broken?

Where on Earth have you got your numbers from? "8 billion iPhone5" sales? So more than one per person on the entire planet? "6 billion iPad's"? - all this in one quarter?

Do you run a Spanish bank/city by any chance?

Thumb Up

Re: No 'slide'

As some one who works in sales analysis, Henry's logic is as sound as can be. No FMCG company that I have worked for or have working knowledge of uses quarter-to-quarter as a key business indicator (at least not above the following), they will look at year-to-date (YTD) versus prior year-to-date (PYTD) and last quarter versus the same quarter prior year for reasons that have already been stated, such as seasonal sales etc.

I know very little about network administration so I choose not to criticise with no knowledge base, those who claim to.

I'm not a fanboi, I once owned many of their products but am no longer keen on them and have been "de-apple-ing" my home for the last five years. I now only have a six year old iPod.

I love Apple bashing, but see nothing to hit here (apart poor journalism - i.e., if you can't understand financial / sale analysis, then stick to IT or find someone who can).

Hackers expose 6.5 MILLION 'LinkedIn passwords'


Re: Ok

as a freelance consultant, I've got quite a lot of work through connections made on linkedin... so I use it to fluff my bank balance and reduce my mortgage. Go back to playing Gears of War or whatever it is you do when your not fiddling/trolling....

Facebook stock plunge leaves tax-dodge Saverin WORSE off. Haa ha


Re: Small question....

purely guessing, but I assume "they" can seize any US based assets to the value of the outstanding bill (after following due course of law). Apart from anything else he may still physically have, I would have thought that he would have a US bank account with a few quid in it, oh, and then there is all those shares listed on a certain US sock exchange...

SpaceX Dragon SPLASHDOWN in Pacific! Private space triumph


then think a little harder...

Um., the answer is there right in front of you. The difference is that "Governments" have been doing this since the 60s (kind of), but what this is, is "Private Enterprise". That's the exciting thing. It looks like they have found a way of doing this profitably at a fraction oft the cost of what government was doing it at (read that anywhere before).

When big business has worked out a way to make money out of something, then the pace of innovation accelerates accordingly. I believe that space exploration, and of more immediate relevance, space exploitation has just got a huge kick up the backside, and is on the cusp of expanding rapidly (I was going to say "take-off").

I also believe that I will now see full scale asteroid mining and associated habitats in my lifetime (I'm nearly 40).

If you still don't get it, go and read just about any science fiction book ever written...

GCHQ code-breaking challenge cracked by Google search


I'll just get my...

trusty calculator.... lucky I'm down under, don't even have to turn it upside down

Get your numbers right, NBN Co tells Economist


Miles and miles of bugger all

Australia maybe a tad on the large size, but in terms of where the population actually lives, well a huge proportion live in and around 10 or so cities - so the argument that it costs so much as it's a bloody big place does not stack up. I'll have to dig out the stats from wherever I found them, but Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world (in terms of where its population lives) after the usual suspect city states. Mind you, if I get a better service than I currently get from the incumbent telco, (AUS$120 a month for sometimes 8mb/s speeds and limited downloads), then woo hoo!

I also have a feeling that the $27bn is to the home... but I'll have to read the relevant docs again.

Google crams arsenal with 1,000 IBM patents


Live by the sword...

How many times will I have to write an post like this....

"...misspelling it's almost become..." how about "it has" or "its", not "it's". So you are not a very good grammar Nazi (which I assume should be capitalised, but I'm not sure). Another point, should it be "fucks' " not "fuck's"? I'm not a self proclaimed grammer Nazi, so I wouldn't know, just fed up of people ranting when they can't even rant correctly themselves. It is a tech blog, not a literary one.


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