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Qualcomm poised to zap wireless charging rival into dust

Anthony Eeles

45mm = killer app?

[a charging pad] "built into the coffee table could charge a tablet while it's being used to tweet one's reaction to the latest X-Factor outrage"

because one regularly does this whilst holding one's mobile just 1-2 inches off one's coffee table?

Apple's iOS 4 beams into unprepared world

Anthony Eeles
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Another fine technical review...

>so it's impossible, for example, to identify a tune being played in Pandora by wrapping your headphones around your iPhone's microphone.

Presumably, being able to identify a tune being played in Pandora by switching to Pandora and, in fact, viewing what's on the screen, is still possible?

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction

Anthony Eeles

That's a shame.

I've defended a couple of Lewis's articles because I felt they were factual, accurate and didn't make too much of his personal opinions.

Sadly, this article does none of those things. It's election week, so we expect a bit of personal opinion, but lets have a bit more evidence behind the comments and opinions please?

"The unheard Darfur conflict is thought by many to have topped the Hiroshima and Nagasaki strikes, too - and the list goes on. You'll even hear people say that the latest war in Iraq killed more than the "Fat Man" bomb of 1945 did. Nuclear weapons aren't, in fact, as deadly as the ordinary sort."

How many times would a Wikipedia editor have to put "Citation Needed" in that paragraph?

Lewis, I usually like your articles, and there was some great and factual stuff in there - but given the readership make-up of El Reg, maybe we could leave the right wing editorialising to the Daily Mail?

Today is not New Year's Eve - or the end of the decade

Anthony Eeles

Hold on a minute...

"today is actually 18 December 2015."

So where's my damn hoverboard...?

TfL deploys privacy-busting voyeurcam

Anthony Eeles

To the fine, upstanding CCTV operators at TfL


Apple iPod Touch 3G

Anthony Eeles

"It’s the 32GB and 64GB models...

...that ought to carry the ‘3G’ monicker"

Why? are they HSDPA?

Surely the reason the iPhone 3G was called that, was because it was a 3G handset, not just cause it was quicker...

Wireless power gets lovely shiny logo

Anthony Eeles

@Adam Foxton - Well that's settled then.

Your QiPhone can recharge on my QiZone. A little patent pending family.

Anthony Eeles

not sure about that...

>it's going to be a very long time before we see wireless charging from public booths - if indeed we ever do

Surely the fact that there was no common standard for cables until recently is precisely why you don't get many public areas where you can charge phones? That, and the fact the user's phone is tethered to a 18inch cable for 20 minutes means it was never going to catch on.

Taking transport as the likely application - you don't want train managers or flight attendants having to sort through loads of different cables for the customer - and so you have a booth in the train station or airport - who have to carry, maintain or replace 10's of different cable types - never was going to work.

Now we are starting with a common standard for wireless power which developers and service providers can implement without regard for target device - So instead, your train table or plane tray has a 'QiZone' <pauses, registers domain name, continues> marked on it where your road warrior can charge their blackberry or iPhone - (and lets face it, how many people _don't_ get out their shiny status symbol and leave it glistening on the table whilst they munch on their baguette - might as well charge it at the same time).

Hotels are your other likely ground - "don't bother bringing your euro adaptor - all our hotel rooms are fitted with QiZones in the desk and bedside tables"

And what's to stop car manufacturers piling in - most cars are beginning to come with integrated bluetooth options. Stop all this fannying around with pre-wired mutli cradle systems, and just add a Qi circuit to the car's wallet tray instead - and probably charge £500 for the option...

If Qi can gain enough cachet with any of the major manufactures, I suspect it will catch on pretty quickly with service providers as a cheap value-add. The addition of a metering method, could make it a revenue stream to boot.

Google code cloud punts on-demand embarrassment

Anthony Eeles
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A fail and you I liked. Shurely shome mishtake?

Day-umn, Ted, there's been more abuse aimed at someone elses negative comment than at your article. A first for a F&Y post, surely?

Actually, I usually think Fail and You is a vehicle for your self-righteous drivel, but I liked/agreed with this one:

1. It made sense, and;

2. your swear box only has a couple of quid in it.

I don't know if that means you consider you missed your target audience? :)

Collecta - real-time search in real-time

Anthony Eeles

Flipping 'eck...

...A new search engine comes out and no-one at the Register decides to write a 'FAIL AND YOU' bitch-slap about it?

Wolphram Alpha, Google Squared - 0: Collecta - 1!

/Mines the one that's just recieved a copy of this post through XMPP

iPhone 3.0 - born on schedule...

Anthony Eeles

So I can shake to undo?

I wonder if that works for other things. You know, like when you're talking about someone and they walk up behind you without you realising... or when you're reading el reg on the iPhone, and accidently click through to some of Ted Dziuba's expletive laden tripe, you could just shake your way out of there?

Homer Simpson speaks out on satnavs

Anthony Eeles

@Colin Mountford

And surely when you press the "repeat last instruction" symbol,

"It is tedious to tell again tales already told."

Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops

Anthony Eeles

With a sniper system called ARSS

I wonder if they have to compensate for wind...?

Mines the one made of composite materials hovering at 15000 feet.

Canadian boffins develop mindreader headband

Anthony Eeles

Mines the one with the..

Hey! how did you know that?

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

Anthony Eeles

"A cultish self-contradiction that can't help but undermine its own ideals"

Come on, don't sit on the fence. Stand up and have an opinion....

Data centers embrace The Great Outdoors

Anthony Eeles
Paris Hilton

Wouldn't work in London though.

Quite aside from the obvious weather issues, if you've ever seen what pigeons can do to the underside of a railway bridge, can you imagine what our grey flying rats would do to a 10USD data centre?

Plus, it would be 15 minutes or less between opening up the walls, and the travellers moving in!

Paris, because I suspect she lets the cool air in at night.

Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

Anthony Eeles
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@AC re: please quaff

Think it's been suggested before, the issue being that if you're happy to blow yourself up mid-air, on your way to numerous virgins / paradise scenario of your choice,, drinking poison ain't going to be much of a deterrent!

Good article. Better than the tripe El Reg publish about IT these days! ;)

Windows Mobile 6 blamed for Xperia X1 woes

Anthony Eeles
Paris Hilton

So let me get this straight...

...Sony dive into the WM handset market, trying to beat HTC at their own game, deploying a touch-flo type replacement UI which htc have refined over 4 handsets, and somehow don't get it right?


Paris cause I bet she gets her touch-flo right first time

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

Anthony Eeles

electronic travel authorisation *scheme*

Nope, no idea where that rogue S comes from either...

Mines the one trapped in the X Ray machine

Cassini survives 'in your face' Enceladus flypast

Anthony Eeles

Can Cassini beat the Evil Enchiladas?

Find out in next weeks installment... "Cassini and the Burritos of Doom"

It's already on and I'm moving to the door....

FBI screwed up, spied on entire email network

Anthony Eeles

Do we have to have this drivel on the register...

Ok - I grant that I *might* be interested to read about the mistake by the ISP, or perhaps learn more about the FBI's wiretapping / email surveillance abilities - if, and only if, it were news (the clue is in the NEW part of NEWs...), but frankly I couldn't give a paris hilton for the writer's personal opinions on the the incompetence of the political administration of another country, crow-barred into a rant about IT / Telecoms privacy.

If the writer is really still daft enough to expect that sending an email is or should be secure from their employer, ISP / MSP, or government - or for that matter the crater-faced kid next door - perhaps they could kindly refrain from writing on a tech news board , and perhaps take up writing the back-page-blurb for the next Andy McNab novel - the techno-hype might be more welcome there...

Please, please, el reg, could we get back to IT and Science news with a liberal dose of dark sarcasm, brit and, well, Reg-ishness, rather than political agenda-fuelled blather...

Specsavers opens eyes to open source

Anthony Eeles

Oh Dear. I wonder what Progress think of this...

Seeing as Specsavers are one of their big case studies...


Oh, and I think it's Michael Khan, not Michele Kahn!