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Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros

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2.8 GHz option, pfffffff...

Apple punts 'Penryn' iMacs

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3.06Ghz high-end model...

Actually, the high-end model is 3.06GHz, with an optional NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR3 memory....

Ballmer bitch slaps Vista

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Game Over - Mac OS X Rules!!!!!!!!!

Even CEO of M$ thinks Vista is rubbish! and he really must know. So stay and suffer in Vista, downgrade to XP SP3 and hope for Windows 7 in 2009 *snigger* but remember it took about 5 years of NeXT development, then 8 years of developing Mac OS X to get to where we are today, you think M$ can do that in a year?

Game over, roll-over and die Windows, Mac OS X RULES!!!!

Anyone need a Mac OS X consultant to help with switching over from hell?

Hacker blasts Mac clone maker's licence 'violation'

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Whole thing was a hoax ......


Shows the quality of El Reg articles really, no one teach you in journalist school about checking facts first etc.....

Three questions for the Jesus SDK

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@Alan - lol, yeah the 80s, Axel-F loop on C64 and Input magazine designing sprites!

Anyway, back to the business of bashing dumb ass linux developers,


Reasons given here are analogous to needs of so called 'smart' phone users - it's got nothing to do with being productive and having creative ways of doing it, and iPhone users, just like Mac users before them, don't want anything to do with the rubbish produced by either the WindoZZeee minions or wide-boy penguin lovers, we don't want your rubbish on our shiney shiney lovely Apple things, so do us a favour and go develop for Android or JavaFX - You won't copy the true hard-core Mac-heads who fought the OS wars of the 90s, our hearts were pure and our cause just, Linux tried and failed, get over it and go install Vista...

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Apple thinking about security as well

The limit on active/standby applications might have some security reasons, it would be quite easy to make a background app that jacks the audio from phone calls and sends them to some remote server - Apple is thinking about all these issues in addition to making a very stable platform, security is a high priority for iPhone, just as it has always been on a Mac....

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Dumb ass El Reg articles call for dumb ass comments....

If you want a friggin open system go develop for Android or JavaFX and make your perfect crackberry app - An iPhone is a unique platform that requires unique creative apps. If you can't let go of your old ways then stick to them, there are plenty of real Mac developers out there getting on with the business of making really great iPhone apps.


There are thousands of ways of making an IM that can work under conditions Apple has stated, AOL with it's network could easily make some changes so for example if you're busy with a call your IMs get relayed via the SMS network or stored on the server accessible by a GUI archive on client-side app.

I've had all kinds of devices from PDAs to mobile phones and non has satisfied, they've been a compromise. I don't want to do things on an iPhone that I can do better on my laptop. I want to do things on my iPhone that I've not done on any other device...

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A handheld device requires different ergonomics to conventional computing

No, I'm Brit, and dumb arse doesn't sound as good. At least Windows developers know they don't understand fundamental human interface issues but they know who to copy - linux developers are a different breed who don't know what constitutes a good interface because they've never used one.

Was being lazy in my explanation, meaning was that an iPhone isn't a device that you sit in front of like a PC or laptop, you don't need this multitaksing functionality on a hand-held device, you're only likely to be using it for one task at a time - instant messaging on a phone isn't like instant messaging sitting in front of a computer.

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You're not getting an invite to WWDC 2008 if you keep this up

Apple's approach makes sense if you're an end user, they've made a damn stable phone and anything that has the potential to damage this should not be allowed. Has anyone else ever made a phone that is stable on day 1 without having to wait for a firmware update? For other companies firmware updates restore functionality, with Apple you add functionality.

All your rubbish about IM shows your inherent lack of understanding of the Apple way of doing things. Think about it logically, are you really likely to take a call and maintain an IM session at the same time? It's not a computer remember, it's a phone! If AOL is serious about developing applications for the iPhone then it must listen to Apple's guidlines very carefully and be more creative about bringing it's applications to this particular platform. Why can't AOL be more creative and do to IM what Apple did to SMS. There are many ways to develop some kind of hybrid IM application that quits during a call but maintains online status on the IM.

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Dumb ass Linux developers

If all you dumb ass linux developers had even a little clue about developing apps that understand the fundamentals of human user interface then the mobile phone market wouldn't be in the code mess it's in now and Apple might not have entered the market. But now that it's proved it knows what it's doing why don't you just friggin develop applications like Apple says, you might learn something along the way......

Heartless Apple form letter 'confuses' Jesus Phone disciples

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If you're not on the list you're not coming in...

The kit's in beta, I assume loading an application on to an iPhone requires having firmware update 2.0, Apple doesn't want that leaked before official release at WWDC 2008. If you are a keen developer you have all the tools you need to make applications and test on the simulator. After official release you'll be able to test on the final iPhone 2.0 update. There are still lots of variables that could change whilst Apple gets the 3G version of the iPhone ready, critical for Asian markets which is next priority, and these hardware changes would be reflected in the final release versions of Xcode and Cocoa Touch. Front camera, further touch surface on sides, Bluetooth 2.0, wireless syncing, cover-flow, back-to-my-mac from my iPhone, GPS, x86 processors, are all examples of variables that Apple will be looking at for the 3G phone and trying to balance that with respectable battery life. The iPhone/iTouch SDK will reflect these changes as decisions on hardware are finalised, until then the full version will only go to trusted developers where it has tight NDA control...

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)

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DRM'd Windows iPLayer could be copied on Mac in VM from day 1

You can copy anything you want if you really want to. No amount of DRM can ever stop this, and from day 1 release of BBC iPlayer on Windows you could copy any show by running it in an XP VM running on Mac OS X, then running a live video capture screen at the same time, recording and leaving you with a DRM free copy to watch as you please.

If the Linux freaks we're such loosers they could try beg Apple to make them a version of iTunes and Quicktime, but hopefully Steve Jobs will ban that forever.

Apple plugs holes in new Safari beta

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Want the real deal, save up and buy a Mac....

Thank you for the million downloads, if you want a real Mac experience, better start saving up and get a real Mac. Too bad El Reg has been blacklisted by Apple, you won't even get discount at an Apple store now ha-ha....

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didn't get in?

Another El Reg hack blagging their way through journalism, didn't get in WWDC, awwwwwwwwwww, poor you, don't be so cheap next time and buy a ticket.

Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

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Pay the developer fee and sign NDA and go, no one stopped you..

Tony Smith, pay the friggin developer fee and sign the NDA and go to WWDC, no one stopped you. As for your MacBook Pro, walk into any AppleStore or call AppleCare and have it fixed - you're doing more damage to your MacBook Pro by continuing to abuse it and then you'll expect Apple to fix the mess for nothing. STOP abusing Mac's and Apple, get decent writers who actually have a clue about Mac OS X and aren't trying to blag there way through journalism..

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our WWDC coverage shows your sour gripes rather then journalism

Although on most topics I've found El Reg's witty style amusing, I've also felt that when it comes to matters regarding Apple or Mac OS X, you do not give a fair story. Your coverage of WWDC this week clearly demonstrates that you are willing to let sour gripes dictate editorial policy, and in my eyes at least, you've lowered both my interest and respect for this hack...


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