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Twitter name and blue bird logo to be 'blowtorched' off company branding

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I think it's a good move

They already have video site up after all

Dedicated (Local) Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service to grow almost 1000 per cent in five years


10 to 20x cheaper

Our baldyHairy sys guru made kubernetes work on our nutanix cluster (karbon). Turns out it's 10 to 20 times cheaper to run apps and services on premise rather than on azure offering. And that's before data extraction/bandwith costs...

Plus hardware is managed by the vendor itself, so no 3am call in theory. It really looks like the best of both worlds for now.

It's coming home!

Big Tech workers prefer 3 days at home, 2 in the office. We ask Reg readers: What's your home-office balance?


2 days in the office

363.25 days at home

Honey, I built the app! Amazon's beta no-code dev platform is great for ad-hoc stuff, but not much else – yet


not really working

Without getting into the philosophical aspect of the concept, we tried some of the demo app.

My first grip is that it's not clear when you are in dev mode or user land.

For holidays request demo, the manager never received any form of notification and couldn't see pending requests.

Half of the mobiles were served the non mobile version.

I might be too retarded to make the thing work, but still. This is supposed to be for non programmers and such roadblocks are not helping. Verdict, dead in water at our company

IBM's Watson Health wing left looking poorly after 'massive' layoffs


Each 10 years, companies like IBM tend to fire most of their 50 yo techs.

WordPress is now 30 per cent of the web, daylight second


Re: How do they know...

I like the "whatruns" extension personally.


Re: Wordpress is NOT a CMS

Nah, it's the russian hackers!


Re: Wordpress is NOT a CMS

Come up with something people like to use then.

Devs see red after not seeing Big Red on Stack Overflow database poll



Oracle claims a blunder up is malicious.

Projection much?

Swiss banking software has Swiss cheese security, says Rapid7


Smells fishy

A quick lookup at "bpc banking" shows that it's not a bank but an "IT solution provider" legally liable in the US headed by two Russian guys whose only real client seems to be in Oman.

I don't say it smells fishy but it smells fishy.

Old Firefox add-ons get 'dead man walking' call


Re: Any way to tell?

fun fact, the compatibility reporter add-on is not compatible with 57.

IT firms guilty of blasting customers with soul-numbing canned music


I don't understand

We use the theme of 2 girls 1 cup and nobody did ever complain.

Of course, there is that one guy from sales that told us he should have a made a video call...

Amazon S3-izure cause: Half the web vanished because an AWS bod fat-fingered a command


rm -rf //

Zuck off: Facebook's big kahuna sues Hawaiians to kick 'em off their land


Re: Ironic...

Obviously. Then again he is an expert on subject.

Antivirus tools are a useless box-ticking exercise says Google security chap


Flash? Try Word macros...

We have been hit by a cryptosystem through a remoteapp ( or more precisely through the vpn used by the remote app). Our legacy email system doesnt know what an antivirus is (and stores attachements in a database).

Yes antivirus we are an issue, but most of us in the real world face earthier challenges.

Microsoft tries, fails to crush 'gender bias' lawsuit brought by its own women engineers


This lawsuit is dogshit thrown by useless opportunists. Stack ranking was actually biased against everyone!

But the message here is clear: Hire women, and they will throw lawsuits against you. gg.

OMG: HPE gobbles SGI for HPC. WTF?



standardized title is best title. Amateurs.

Big Red alert: Oracle's MICROS payment terminal biz hacked


True Social Justice

The robbers have been robbed!

Physicists build simulator, hope to stand up beautiful Standard Model



Studying quantum physics with a quantum computer is cheating!

Microsoft clones Trello, smuggles it into Office


Re: I'd have thought MS would have bought Trello

Not expensive enough my son.

Plus it somewhat successful, it wont bode well at MS.

Sources! say! Twitter's! after! you! Yahoo!


losers got to get together, and it started with tumblr.

ARM Cortex-A73: How a top-end mobe CPU was designed from scratch


Re: How about an octal-core ARM based laptop/netbook?

My wild uneducated guess: It's more profitable to plant a cpu in a phone (or a tablet) than in a laptop.

Windows doesn't play well with arm, that leaves chromebooks. And chromebooks are fine with crouton and linux. So what's your issue with linuxed chromebooks? They are decent hardware i believe.

Trad software sales type looking for a break? Atlassian shrugs


It's cloud offer is selling better only because installing and administrating the on-premise version is a time consuming bitch.

But true, the price doesn't matter much. When i see "Contact us for ... ", i nope the hell out immediately.

Now if that can make their thingy faster...

Oculus backtracks on open software promise


Re: Backtracked

Gaben: "You were supposed to be the chosen one"

Top rocket exec quits after telling the truth about SpaceX price war


Re: Mid air retrieval

my first thought was to use 4 helicopters and net between them.

I don't know how controllable a descent with parachute is, but we could imagine a "soft" landing surface (a giant net between pools) instead of a solid surface.

Silly Google's Photos app labelled black people as gorillas


Re: On the other hand, if I am included in their images database, ...

Don't dismiss the possibility of racists circlejerks tagging pictures in bulk to "train" the system whilst it is young.

I doubt these idiots are capable of such insight thou. Google only mistake was probably to only use pictures from Google+ ...

Intel's new chips are from 'Purley' – know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more


Re: There's always one...

my wild guess is something equivalent to AMD/Hinix HBM (On chip stacked memory).


Google throws a 180 on its plans for Dart language


these last 3 years, between node, emscripten, asm and multi-step/partial compilation, javascript performance has seen heaps and bounds of performance boost. Not any javascript, mind you. However precompiler/transpiler ouput code that the js compiler like.

I mean, now you have unreal engine games running in javascript in the browser. This is quite crazy, if you ask me.

Languages don't breed bugs, PEOPLE breed bugs, say boffins


Most of us suspected for a long type that "static vs dynamic type" language debate was less important that environment (time to do you job) for code quality.

This paper confirms it, I guess.

CERN: 2015 restart causes tech rethink


Re: No problem

amusingly, a 10 Gb/s upload link should be enough capacity to transfer data produced in a year.


(of course data comes in "bursts" when collisions actually occur, so you would need to cache data locally before uploading it)

Oracle users open can of whup-ass on licensing policies


new business

I think I will start a new business specializing in migrating away from oracle. It seems opportunities will be plentiful :)

'I get it if you don't make money for 2 or 3 years, but Amazon's 21'


Re: AI

Yeah, it's always fun to read what people believe what AI can do.

It's the new "flying car". We only begin to understand what we lack to create a general AI. Even the pseudo AI like deep learning, hierarchical temporal memory are extremely limited and incomplete, if correct.

I doubt I will see GAS (general artificial stupidity) kill any neural network in my lifetime, sadly.

China set to be buried under mountain of surplus robots, warns biz chap


poor jobless robots

The rise of the humans killed them T_T

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE


Re: Human Nature

>Easy communication favours the nutter, whether of the cold fusion type or the Nazi type.

Fun you say that, as just now a new article on NYT tends to say the exact contrary. Internet, or at least social media, seem to promote conformity.


Let's admit for a minute that army is a refuge for fascists. Do the army favor fascism? If we want to get rid of it, shall we get rid of the army? Then, what will become of the fascists? Won't they be more dangerous if "let out"?

For each nutter able to feel happy to shoot his opinion, how many abused people able to find support?

I have no mean to answer these questions, so my opinion is just noise.

GitHub.io killed the distro star: Why are people so bored with the top Linux makers?


Re: Why would I need to look at new distros?

I can't even tell what version of mint I have...

I should have left the original wallpaper I guess X'D


Re: Flawed Premise?

if you trend linux and windows, you see both curves spooning downwards.

Now add android to the party...


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Re: Maybe the answer is that people are moving from base linux flavours

I did the same comparison before reading the comments. I had already printscreened it when i thought "wait, this is elreg we speak about, someone has done it".

thank you sir


shut up and go do machine code.

What am I saying is: go design your own double patterning litho tools, and build your own cpu, noob.

Programming is for wussies. Real Men do processor design.

And coffee too. You can get me one ;)

Storage, chip slingers pledge allegiance to Linux, open source


SanDisk, Seagate, and Western Digital...

Wait, does that mean decent linux drivers for their disks somewhere in foreseeable future???

oh, and http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/08/05/wd_windows_only_diagnostics/

The agony and ecstasy of SteamOS: WHERE ARE MY GAMES?


Re: No thanks

"When games are easily available directly from the source, I don't see the added benefit of steam."


I didn't even know KSP was available from their website, nor do I care. Without Steam, I would never have known of the last games I played/bought. It's long past I bought a gaming magazine, or even visited a gaming website. And it's kept up todate without me having to do anything.

Docker kicks KVM's butt in IBM tests


Re: Ah, IBM..

"Lawyers made us include this"

lovely :)

Visual Studio Online goes titsup as Microsoft wrestles with database


Re: What Microsoft refuses to understand

wow, if even ms fans/turfers reach the depth of MS management, this doesn't bode well for internets wars fun. I mean, are you a nokia fan in training trying to discredit ms fans?

1. he said he left.

2. citing PR bs, as well as *accenture* PR bs is like a new record.

3. Hence presumably why you are very good fit for both companies ;)


Re: And as the march to subscription (online) services goes on...

That's the point. If it is a major success, he can still move in house. Most do. And if no one comes, you don't have to sell/deprecate the infrastructure.

He doesn't needs a dba, a sys admin, a net admin, a security admin, an admin admin (manager?), listen to channels offers, and get surprises.

The best advantage of clouds? you don't forget to change tape in your prehistoric backup thingy. And if it breaks, it can actually start again.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you make your thing portable (data included), so that you can move in with not that much pain when needed.

Google's ANDROID CRUSHING smartphone rivals underfoot


Re: Today, smart phones and tablets........

No it's the day of windows phone ;)

Who needs hackers? 'Password1' opens a third of all biz doors



Market price for stolen credit cards number, email addresses, and password lists are at an all time low.

I look forward for the day when I will use such service to retrieve my own forgotten password.

Chinese regulator fires antitrust advisor over alleged kickbacks from Qualcomm


Nobody is innocent.

Chinese politics believe they can extract more money from local companies. And by "favoring" local entities, they are seen as "working the country".

Western companies only rule is "do what sells". Laws and rules? that's for commoners! We are the law! And if money can't silence an itching voice, a bit of PR *always* do the tricks.

Our local western politicians look like brainless cows in comparison because they don't have to fight to obtain bribery money (it's pouring on them). That's a good thing, I guess. A cow is less dangerous than a wolf.

Welcome to the real world.

ps: ranting feels so good :))

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade


Re: IDEs

Depending on the customer i use eclipse, vs, sharpdevelop, netbeans, cloud9, sublime+plugins as ide, with svn, git, and whatever "pattern" they came up with one day.

FF/chrome allow you to test stuff in context, and fiddle with it.

If it runs in FF/chrome, these tools are available. No need to wait for a system/file right, firewall rule, svn update, whatever.

These tools are for fiddling, bug hunting/understanding and prototyping. If you start to do "real" development with them, well, I wish you good luck sir...

moreover, these 80' tools you speak about, i know them (oh can i forget). Depending on the user you logged in with, you were in dev mode or user mode. These wtf generators have, imo, nothing todo with modern stuff, which expose internals, so you understand what happens.

On the same vein, there are "simple" online webeditor, or even confulence wiki that use the same tool for usage and admin. And what about jsfiddle, and other online ide, that use the client as an editor for another language?

Paris Hilton

"personally, I think the answer is both."

no no no!

This is absolutely not personal!

AMD's first 64-bit ARM cores star in ... Heatless in Seattle*


Re: I hate to meme, but...


oh my god. that's so bad.