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What data recovery software would you suggest?


Been happily using Acronis True Image 2009 since ummm 2009. I do keep the system and data on different partitions and backup data to a Qnix NAS daily and a clean system to the same place monthly.

For a quick and dirty file copier, I use Karen's Replicator. It's schedulable and network aware but doesn't verify.

NORKS breaks ground on new high-tech industrial park



As title

Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court


Horses for courses

I prefer streetmap because I primarily want to see in which locality a postcode is based. Being OS map derived, it's more authoritative and I can trust its place name spellings. Also, by clicking on its zoom bar (3rd one down) I get consistent scaling (scroll wheel zooming isn't good on my low bandwidth rural connection).

I have to use Google maps outside Britain of course :(.

NB: Its response times are hugely improved if the Ghosteria addon is deployed

When your squash partner 'endorses' your coding skills on LinkedIn...


Iit's good to talk.

Over many years of recruiting, I've only ever taken one sort of reference seriously. It's the one you get when you call a previous employer (preferably a direct manager). The most important question is 'Would you rehire this person?'

OTOH, linked in can be great for finding stuff out about people that they've tried to conceal from you.

BBC iPlayer downloads BORKED by Adobe Air update


Re: Sigh

...or for those of us who's bandwidth is too low to support video streaming.

Shove off Prince Harry, now Norway's teen royal in fresh photo uproar


Re: Why do we get so hung-up about nudity in this country?

I'd assumed that strip billiards was a euphemism.

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'


Re: Not unique

" I don't expect British Gas to lay a pipe to my house or the local water authority to offer me mains sewerage for free. Why do we expect to all have high speed broadband ?"

There are alternatives to mains sewerage [1] and piped gas but there isn't a sensible alternative to fast broadband. I'd love to have 2Mbit and I'd orgasm at 100Mbit. For now though, I usually trudge along at around 800Kb.

[1] My septic tank works well and costs a lot less to run than the water people charge you for sewerage :)

Dish Networks locks horns with broadcasters over ad skipping


"33% of the show is commercials."

Erm, 25% actually - unless US hours are only 40 minutes long :)

Ten-year .co.uk domain names now available


"Quite why the hell they think that anyone and everyone worldwide has the right to know where I live just because I'm a UK resident who owns a .co.uk"

Would you want to deal with a commercial organisation that conceals its address? Neither would I.

UK sight-loss charity sues BMI


'bout time

When BMI's site is sorted, that'll just leave another gazillion to be fixed.

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale


Buy it with a credit card

The card company is jointly liable.

Natwest net and phone banking goes titsup


Not a bug but a feature

When I was on their banking website yesterday, there was a prominent notice during the login sequence announcing this morning's maintenance shutdown.

Google plan to kill Javascript with Dart, fight off Apple


Like a hole in the head

http://xkcd.com/927/ had it right.