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Android Jelly Bean won't get Flash Player



I've had several occasions where the wisdom of Jobs left me in the poo while out and about. If I'm trying to find a physical shop address and their website / address finder ran Flash, the comedy brick symbol did not leave me thinking "Ooh, tut, tut, they should have done that in HTML5".

Just moved to Android ICS from a fruit and now you are telling me a stake is being driven through my new shiny Flash icon in the next upgrade. WAH!

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


Too short

I love the lego games, this one looks and plays great. However there are only 15 campaign levels and they are completed with about 20% on the lego completion clock. After that it's just brick & trophy collections. This is the 1st one I've played and thought "is that it?". I hope for better things with the LOTR trilogy that is trailed on the Batman game. Sigh.

Crazy Texans dunk servers in DEEP FRYERS



Cray were running their gear (Cray 2) in Fluorinert 20 years back. Tomorrow's World did something similar with a TV. Mind you, that may be why we have a hole in the ozone layer. Let's hope there's nothing nasty involving oil then...

I think Cray 2 kicked off the whole pimp my PC case pre Alienware. They looked lovely in the dark.

Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB


Hard drive on a TV

In my (Panasonic) experience, it seems to allow a tick in a box on a spec sheet and that's about it. My TV has both freesat HD and and freeview HD tuners. A previous recording to the external HD can be viewed while the TV is recording from one tuner though the other tuner is not available - go figure. Only 10 scheduled events are allowed. The biggest miss is any form of series link. Methinks given the cost of this drive I'd rather spend the extra on a twin tuner DVR and fix all issues. Probably one that begins with "H".

Presumably these restrictions are all down to the usual marketing department cobblers that says add the feature but don't in any way impact the sales of DVRs.

BTW, is there anything worth watching these days, let alone two decent programmes at the same time? Eee Ah remember when ah were a lad and we 'ad 3 channels... etc. etc.

Ultrabook price vice prised open by flash-disk half-breeds


I whacked one in a Netbook to make it less likely to burp when being used on the move and for quicker hibernates. A hybrid isn't going to be addressing that plus point.

Ten... Kitchen Gadget Treats


Engraved handle on a kitchen knife...

"look at me - I'm a chef". Strangely, chef was not the word that sprung to mind when I read that.

Ten... Living Room Gadget Treats



Anyone else see that chair and think of the Fosters Feng-Shui ad - "call me Zane". Just need a potty and a fridge to complete the look :)

Cray shrinks XE6m supers down to a rack



I'm not buying another one until they dunk it in a tank of coolant, stick a VAX front end on it and most importantly pump the coolant over a Cray logo externally with a spray bar and backight it in purple. I miss the Cray2 :(

Ultrabooks will devour notebook biz by 2016 - report



Having just read yet another vendor sponsored & steaming work of fiction by a.n.other research company recently how do I apply for a similar role?

Researchers are never wrong (at least for those with short memories). They are just either ahead of or behind the curve. Occasionally they close the curve to form a circle and you find yourself back where they predicted you would be 10 years ago starting the same set of predictions again.

Weren't we told all that laptops would be netbooks in 5 years time. That hasn't worked so now meet the netbook with more oomph (i.e. a small laptop). When the laptop hasn't been replaced by a tablet in 5 years time, researchers will say tablets are dead. What you now need is a tablet with a hinge, no touchscreen and a keyboard :-)

It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!


Glad I wasn't drinking tea...

employing knife, garrotte or little-known *Oriental furtling* technique.


Gartner predicts global double-dip recession




Yet another oxygen thief using too much of it. Still I'm assuming he is trying to inflate another bubble.

That is all.

Network interface cards are coming up trumps


Realisation (TM)

...tell the hypervisor to send all packets out to an external switch for processing.

Or maybe a better buzzword would be de-virtualisation.

What TLA is being planned for technology to tell the hypervisor to send all applications to an external computer for processing?


Cloud startup's business model defies laws of physics


Random data

Deduping supposedly encrypted data? Yet it can spot 20 copies of the same file from different users?

You want to patent that. No really...