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Cops raid home of ousted data scientist who created her own Florida COVID-19 dashboard


Step away from the keyboard

“I’ve never taken any computer courses or anything like that. I do statistics in a software program designed basically to do all that stuff for you by clicking stuff.”

This here is the real problem for the entire world right now.

Bad software crashed Boeings. Now it appears the company lacked a singular software supremo


Re: Waft of a Dilbert cartoon here?

Historians may marvel how Scott Adams' wisdom and insight still failed to penetrate the managerial class despite being delivered in the form of cartoons an eight-year-old could understand.

UK.gov coder defines open standards: 'A lot like porn'


@Tom 7: This is Free and does forms...

This Free software lets you define your own XHTML based forms:


Sounds a bit like what you need (disclaimer: I'm the author).

You can also use it for data cleaning, migrations, etc.