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Ancient Ore Crusher or KillBot 2000? NASA gets ready to pick a name for its Mars 2020 Rover

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Lets see how many ironies we can load it with.

Embarrassing! FreeNAS downgrades latest release to 'tech preview'

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Re: Need NAS software? Try

It's supported by a plugin:


OMV has an active development community providing excellent additional features like ZFS.

But I'm not running ZFS so can't personally vouch for it. Never had a problem running ext4 on my 5x4TB HDDs raid 5 array.

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Re: Need NAS software? Try

I've been very happily using OMV for the last 7+ years.


Google beams disaster tourists into tsunami aftermath

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Black Helicopters

You can see the car Google is using in the driveway mirror here:


The Reg dips toe into social media ocean

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Please have a separate feeds for new article announcements. I don't need to be told about them 99% of the time. Shock/horror - I actually visit your web site to find out about those...