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Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect'


Result being....

As if by utter coincidence another 'restructuring' outside Japan rolls out to join the K5 funeral procession. Ho hum.

Fujitsu eyes sales decline, decides to yank teams from 19 countries


Another Project Cherry

So soon? The last time they managed this so well they had to recruit as they were short in some teams. Now that deals are getting more numerous but smaller in size, do they bin expensive, commission hungry sales and bid directors? Of course not! Grunts to the firing line first of course!

Fujitsu strikes are OFF – it's not the 1970s after all


Company disarray

As in previous machinations to cut costs, there is no strategy apparent and no evidence as to what the logic is when questioned on the business case for redundancies. It appears to be spread FUD then work out what they are doing - no change there then. A shame when they are making huge strides in real business priority areas like getting into the top 100 Stonewall Employer table and dumping the only employer/emloyee communication channel.

IT as a profit centre: Could we? Should we?


In the right business

Is this just a case where the original business takes a back seat or just dies off because of the excitement of the new fad? It has happened before.

Yes, let's look at HR as a profit centre. please. What use are they apart from management apologists and an in house staffing agency, talk about ripe for outsourcing.

No Apple fanbois here: Man United BANS iPads from Old Trafford


Money is always the driver

If anyone thinks anything other than money is the driver here you're deluding yourself. I'm surprised they:

1. are not charging for holding devices in a 'tablet cloakroom'

2. haven't offered a 'pre-approved' tablet for use in the stadium rental deal (that are the same as those banned less a camera facility)

What happens at one Prem ground soon follows at others - especially where money is involved.

Council to chuck £28m wad at schools' ICT supplier


Although Central Government is going through an expensive Framework setup for hardware, Local Government insists on wasting money just to show independence from the centre AGAIN.

They never learn do they - egos before councill tax payers once more.

Tweens would miss web and mobes more than TV



I wouldn't be too impressed by growth from 87% to 91%.

Is using your own kit at work a good thing?


more from you, less from them

This will presumably grow like the mobile phone 24/7 intrusion to include yiour own servers, WAN links, DR specialist recovery and personal satellites?