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Best budget Android smartphone there is? Must be the Moto G


Re: Tesco £99

The unlock is by imei code, so even if a firmware update were to re-lock it (which I have never had happen before) the same code will unlock it as the imei will not change.

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Tesco £99

Picked up 2 8GB variants from Tesco for my boys for xmas (they wouldnt sell me the 16GB version on PAYG) and spent £4.08 unlocking them online.

For the price they offer exceptional value for money, couldnt find anything else in the price band to come remotely close.

Tesco's new fondleslab winks at Apple's stealthy NFC assassin iBeacon

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Sounds ok

I shop in Tesco all the time as it is 2 minutes up the road from me. If they are beaming me discounts and vouchers that I might not be aware of when I walk in the shop, then I am happy, why wouldn't I be?. As long as they stop as soon as I walk out again.....

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


@Matt Bryant - My S4 came with predictive text. Just turned off by default so I turned it on when setting up the keyboard. No issues with it falling out of pockets either, but then again, I do take care of my devices. in the last 6 years every phone I have had has still been in pristine condition when I have either sold it or passed it on at upgrade time. The amount of people I see through phones down on their desks / in cars / you get the point, is unbelievable. I wish I had that much money to throw around to be honest.

Anyhow, put a 3rd party launcher on (because you can, that is the point of Android isn't it?) and the UI improves no end. Hardware wise it is all pretty much as good as you are going to get from this generation. Tried the other Androids by Sony , HTC, LG, and this on the whole seemed to be the best of the bunch. Generally happy with the S4.

EE extends network: Soon, 1 million users will pay us for 4G

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T-Mobile have been good for me!

Was with O2 for 6 years - no 3G. Tried Vodafone - no 3G. Three - good 3G but when I had a problem - wow it was less painful to throw the damn sim away than try and communicate with their CS.

Tried T-Mobile. Great 3G coverage everywhere I have been so far (Dover where I live, Brighton, Derby, Sittingbourne & London). Have 2 phones with them now and can't yet find anything bad to say about them. Certainly brought my 2 smartphones to life again with the 2 fully monty plans I have.

Daniel Craig like Connery, Skyfall helmsman suggests


Re: Perfectly plausible

"I want absurd situations, OTT car (boat, tank, submarine, etc) chases, gadgets, one-liners, etc.

Hell, Johnny English is more Bond, than Bond, these days....... "

Exactly. This is how I want my Bond movies!

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package


Been with C&W -> NTL -> VM for many many years now.

100MB Broadband 9/10

TIVO + XL + Sky sports & Movies 8/10

Phoneline 1/10

Support 1/10

Only one BB & TV outage that I can recall in the last couple of years. The broadband is far superior to the 5Mb max that BT can offer. Even when it is in slowdown mode (which isn't that often) it is 10 times better than my old BT line.

However, the superhub is shite, thats a fact*. The support is even worse, fact*. Only last week my superhub wasnt playing ball, kept disconnecting everyone every hour. Support was adamant that everything was ok from their end and it was my PC, My Mac, the boys Xbox360's, my SGSII, wifes iphone, and my network drives that were all at fault! That was tech support in England. Rung back and got through to India where I was rather hoping to get the standard scripted response and get an engineer out. They didn't disappoint and 2 days later the engineer replaced one fault Superhub. Job done. Thank god for the script readers.

TIVO is a good but still evolving product. I don't like the fact I paid to be a beta tester, but ho hum, thats the price of wanting the latest gear. Now they have finally got Sky on demand on board it makes the TV package a little better value.

The phone pricing is terrible. Back in the NTL days you could get a second line in for £5 a month and call costs were comparible with BT. Now they have ramped it up so high, we only use the phone for incoming only so they get no additional charges out of us. Mobiles & VOIP all the way.

* Fact in so much that my two superhubs have been rubbish, and that my experience has been shocking with all levels of support from VM since they took over.

Dixons drops Motorola Xoom price... again


I have one...

Have any of the people slapping this down actually used one?

I got one at the previous price of £349 from PC World. Unlocked it, stuck on the latest custom rom with 3.2 and without all the crap, now runs superbly. Connects to my NAS, plays every video I file I throw at it. Great for browsing. Easy to just drop in my smaller rucksack and take to work for browsing / reading / watching on the train journey.

To all the people moaning about the screen. Having owned the first iPad for a very brief time, I can't see where it is any worse. The screen seems perfectly adequate. I am colour blind, does that make a huge difference? :-)

Single charge has lasted 2 days so far with a fair bit of playing on it and watching 2 movies. Now down to 44%. Also filled out the online form at Motorola and now have a free wireless keyboard & mouse kit on its way.

I have a macbook pro 13" which I use purely for xcode now, where I used to use that for a bit of sofa browing and perhaps to watch a movie in bed, I now use the xoom. Smaller, better battery, easier to hold etc.