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Top judge: put everyone in UK on the DNA database


@ Nothing to Hide Crowd

It doesn't have to be that you have nothing to hide. My wife and I are law abiding citizens of the US. This hasn't stopped the government from harassing her by revoking her Passport, withholding her tax refund, and threatening jail time. Why have they done this? Because when we were legally separated for 9 months she had to list her maiden name on the paperwork and some dip shit county clerk entered her name under another woman's child support order for $26,000 in back child support. When she called to clear up the matter they found that her social security number didn't match up to the person they were looking for only her maiden name did. Problem solved right? No, instead of doing their job they simply replaced the guilty woman's Social with my wife's Social. So now she is totally screwed because any trace of this other woman is removed from the case file by a lazy bastard clerk. So she is guilty of nothing more then sharing a common last name with another woman and we are spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to reinstate her Passport, recover tax refunds she is entitled to, and stopping the police from showing up at our house with arrest warrants.

So to the I have nothing to hide crowd you can freely give away your information and cross your fingers everything goes well, but for those of us who have experience dealing with mindless, self-serving government officials/employees we will fight this until our last breath. These people are suppose to be in place to serve and protect, not harass law abiding, hard working people.

Omego launches kiddie-friendly handset


@ Andy

Having one of these phones for your 10 and under child doesn't necessarily mean you aren't doing your job as a parent, and in ways this could be put to good use to increase your awareness as a parent. I have 2 step-daughters under the age of 10 and to put it lightly my wife and I deal with a very hostile father's family. During scheduled visitation and summer breaks from school while they are not at home we may not have contact with them for days or weeks because they screen the mother's calls and won't pick up, and they won't let the kids use the phone to call us if they need anything. So this would be great to let them bring with them so they could keep in touch when they want to. They are also old enough to go out with friends if their parents go with. Some of our kids friends don't have cell phones, and are unreachable.

FBI logs its millionth zombie address


Not Just SPAM

Haku, Steve, and Jan: this is about more then just the inconvenience of spam. These same systems are DDOSing system among other nefarious deeds. I have thought about some of the suggestions above, mainly disconnecting users, but as posted that won't help as they won't be able to patch and update and would be almost instantly infected again once reconnected to the net. I believe something needs to be done at the ISP level and it would have to be more then just simply disconnecting users. I think Mark is on the right track there needs to be a portion of the ISP network used for quarantine where the user can only access web pages that would lead to solving the problem as well as providing a Windows update server on that segment of the network to make sure once the problem is removed that the users have a fully patched windows system, at least until they are own their own and not updating again.