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New anonymity rule on Euro airport body scanners



I went through and was dumb enough to stick my head out of line fitting the profile of an impatient flyer or stressed. The guy that had no clue you could not go through with a watch wallet keys and belt was the reason I looked.

Get through security and get told I will have to do an additional scan. I asked if it was milimeter or backscatter and the lady could not answer the question. I told her I do not want any additional radiation.

She said either take the scan or leave the airport. HATE heathrow. Will not fly throught there again. Even if this is an EU privacy law bet the brits don't get the memo.

Google in freetard-friendly copyright infringement update


Google Music?? Upload your music and have google turn it over to the Maffiaa

So with Google music allowing your music to be uploaded to their servers. What stops them from allowing the MPAA or RIAA to dumpster-dive from Google Music and subpoena the folks with copy write materials in their Google music libraries.

Because I am sure that everyone with softcopies of their files in MP3 format got it from a legit site. All it takes is one and the snowball starts down a very steep and slippery slope. Got an invitation myself and will not use it.