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Yes, your old iPhone is slowing down: iOS hits brakes on CPUs as batteries wear out


Every week, something different

Seems every week I read something else that moves newer iPones lower on my lists of possible replacements when my iPone 6 gives up the ghost.

Microsoft half-bricks Asus Windows 7 PCs with UEFI boot glitch


I was wondering when they would pull this out their pockets

BAH ! Secureboot.. Another unneeded MS creation. Seemingly created to attempt to keep people from running OS's other than winblows. Kept folks from running Linux for a short time until MS was forced to cough up the keys.. This is not a glitch. It's a feature now being utilize in an attempt to "encourage" users to migrate to windows 10.

Microsoft... The McDonalds of the computer industry. Trying to cover so many niches they've forgotten how to make the one thing that made them popular.

You own the software, Feds tell Apple: you can unlock it



This isn't one of the instances where certain three letter groups are simply telling Apple to hand over user information, The court has an actual search warrant. This means there is good reason for the courts to look at what is on the device, otherwise the judge wouldn't have signed off on it.. It follows due process. Good chance that all Apple is doing is protecting a criminal. And for failing to comply with the search warrant should be held in contempt.

NSA alleges 'BIOS plot to destroy PCs'


"Progress" Strikes again.

Why does this problem even exist?

Quite simple.

1) Some ID-10-T Decided everyone should be able to pull a BIOS update while in Windows.

2) Some ID-10-T (Probably the same one) Decided we no longer needed the BIOS write protect jumper on our motherboards.

Face it boys and girls. If a person isn't smart enough to locate and move a jumper.. They probably shouldn't be attempting a BIOS update in the first place. LoL!

Apple bests Dell for first time as preferred US consumer PC choice


Greetings, Long time Windows user here. Kinda hate to say it, but the story would probably be more accurate if the title read OSX beats Windows 8 making way for Apple to surpass Dell in consumer PC sales.

I don't own apple nothing yet, but when looking for a new computer, Apple will beat out ANYTHING with that abomination Microsoft is attempting to force on the world.

Microsoft better figure out they are messing up pretty quick. Thanks to Android people are discovering that a Linux based OS isn't the nightmare Microsoft says it is. Valve is making big moves with it's Linux client. (Games help push consumer pc sales) And game devs are discovering it's quite easy to port for Linux / OSX / PS4. Gonna leave MS crying in their coffee when software developers decide the windows platform isn't worth their time..

Oh and to our anonymous friend. Office is one of the easiest suites to replace without leaving users lost. Especially at the consumer level. Corporate? Yea, you gotta convince the close minded boss. LoL

AT&T drops Facebook phone to 99 cents



Facebook Phone.... The ONLY thing less desirable than Windows 8.

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


Doesn't matter

The nasty taste is already there...

Doesn't matter how much you polish it, a turd is still a turd.And Microsoft can STILL keep this one.

Asian political activists whacked in Mac backdoor hack attack


Re: Inaccurate.

A Mac can become infected, if the user messes up and puts something from Microsoft on it. (The story proves that)

Getting close to buying my first Mac as Microsoft is rapidly becoming the McDonald's of the computer world. Trying to do so many things, they can't do a single thing right.

Microsoft promises big shiny tool to cheer glum Windows resellers


And here I thought..

It was going to be an advert for a ripped of Trojan designed "Personal Masager" Wrapped in 40grit sand paper that promises to give the term "Red Ring of Death" a whole new meaning.

Facebook seals Instagram buyout for roughly $715m


New world challenge.

Now that the deal is done.

I challenge the world to stop using instagram. See how long it takes to make little Master Zuckieberger cry.


Oracle: HP settlement is 'not going to happen'


How dumb is HP?

In my opinion, this is just as stupid as someone taking Microsoft to court cause Windows Vista won't run on their Pentium-II.

Hey H.P.! Do you have a contract with Oracle that clearly states how long they will support and create new software for your now outdated system? Well? Do ya?

Or are you simply embarrassed cause as soon as Intel announced the EOL for the Itanium processor some fool went out and purchased a trainload of the things? And now you find there won't be any Oracle support for them. ROFL!!

Instead of spending the $$ outing a new board with supported hardware, HP would rather waste the money on a frivolous trip through the courts.

Intel: "We're going to stop making the Itanium."

Oracle: "O.K. we'll move our programmers over to other projects."

HP: "But we're still raking in the cash selling Itanium!"

And folks wonder why the industry is so stagnant. Get with the times HP! Move forward! Design and sell a more up to date system!

Congratulations HP, You just got added to my list of companies not to do business with. Right under Dell and Apple. LOL!

Yet another OSX/Java Trojan spotted in the wild


I'm no fan, BUT!

I'm no big fan of Apple, BUT I have to ask.

WHAT SELF RESPECTING FANBOY. is so poorly educated as to install the MOST overpriced questionable piece of crudware on the planet that is MicroSloth Office?

For crying out loud. YES I believe that for what you get most apple products are a bit overpriced but cummon! MS OFFICE? That one piece of "software" makes your fancy Mac look bargain basement priced.

Think LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and various others that do an excellent job for much less expense. (Even if your company wishes to migrate from the MS crud)

MS Office on a Mac. Oxymoron? or something the AV software should catch and block as soon as the installer starts to run?

iPhone fanbois enraged by Instagram's Android triumph


Smart move, but they weren't ready.

Smart move on the part of Instagram. More users = More adds being seen = More $$$. Unfortunately they weren't ready for it. A large influx of additional users. Doesn't matter what platform these users are operating. Add a few thousand iOS users overnight and the results would have been the same.

Probably a whole collection of folks over to Instagram right now ripping their hair out trying to get more servers put together and on-line to handle the load. They either didn't realize just how many Android using customers they would get, and/or how quickly they would join the service.

Yahoo! fires! patent! lawsuit! at! Facebook!


YO! Mark Zuckerberg!

Hey Mark! Simple fix.. Looking at what Yahoo is worth today, Why don't you just pull out your pocket change and buy it? Publicly traded.. Hostile Takeover time!!


Zynga branches out from Facebook to make new 'friends'


Seems Zynga is looking to the future.

Seems to me Zynga is seeing the bigger picture. Something FB tries to ignore and hopes their new investors don't figure out. Branching out is a smart move on Zynga's part.

Simple fact.. Facebook is standing on the top rung of the ladder. Always one unwanted or misconceived change away from loosing a large chunk of it's member base. Anyone have a number as to just how many people left FB when "Timeline" was forced on them? I know of a few.

I will literally ROFL when Facebook falls.

Privacy warriors sue FTC over Google's policy tweak


Google has always been about the advertizing.

They aren't changing what data they collect. They are letting us know that this data will be shared across their product lines. It's all about advertizing. All the adverts are why we the consumer don't have to cough up any cash to use Google products. The more relevant the adds we see are to us, the better chance we'll click on one of them. Google already uses the one piece of information ALL websites get. Our IP address. It's why when you Google "Italian Restaurant" It spits out a list of establishments in your general area instead of places 300 miles away. Pull that search on my desktop, Google centers the results around the node that's assigning my IP. (Roughly 10 miles from my house) Pull the same search on my phone where I allow them to pick up on my location. The little place 1 mile from my house is top of the list. Now, say there's and advert on their list about a special at the restaurant 5 miles from where I'm standing, They can put that up instead of an add for jelly-fish stew up at the Red Lobster.

Pulling from profile info on Google+? Well when they know I like classic rock and country music, Pretty safe bet they don't need to put up an advert for the new Justine Bieber CD. Instead, they can put up the one about the new Rock collection Time-Life is trying to sell.

Duh, only when we are logged in. If we aren't logged in, they don't know for certain who we are.

(Could still guess based on the IP, but that would be a bit iffy)

Facebook: Annoyance extreme when it comes to their advertizing. They seem to think our street address is needed to provide location oriented adds. I live in Washington State, Yet most of the adds I see on Facebook are from businesses in New York. Why? Because I refuse to give those "We'll use whatever info you give us any way we see fit" fools that much info. FB has already proven they can't be trusted to secure or treat responsibly the personal information we share there.

Mozilla isn't a charity case - and Google's $300m will do nicely


It's a win win situation.

Google makes money, Mozilla makes money, My preferred search provider is there ready to go when I fire up FireFox. So what's the down side?

Sure Google could go the other way and only have their search default in Chrome. But why do that when they can be there in another browser as well? Oh yes, Google will make more money than they are spending on the deal. good business IMHO.

Think about this. $300m is pretty much pocket change for a company with Google's income.

Drone nerve centre malware was Mafia Wars' infostealer


Missing the underlying problem

Deeper problem than who's playing games on the system. Or which OS they are using for that matter.

Who's the flipping ID-10-T who made the call to connect systems used to operate satellite controlled aircraft to the flippin internet in the first place?

Operator -> satellite -> Drone. Where's the need for an internet connection?

First rule of classified system security. (Applies to all gov activities) DON'T CONNECT CLASSIFIED COMPUTER SYSTEMS TO THE INTERNET!

If it's not connected, It can't get hacked/infected.

Apple's ex-cop and the case of the lost iPhone 5


Free advertising. While wasting taxpayer funds.

Got to hand it to Apple.. This is one brilliant way to get free advertising for an upcoming product. They pulled the same "trick" with the iPhone 4 remember. Leave the device somewhere public, claim it was "stolen" media goes wild covering the hunt.

To the SF police department. If Apple isn't picking up %100 of the costs in looking for the thing, STOP WASTING YOUR TAXPAYER'S MONEY LOOKING FOR IT! Your officers have MUCH better things to do than hunt for something that should have never left Apple HQ in the fist place.

To whoever has this thing. A suggestion.. Have some fun... FedEX that b**ch to Samsung.

Or.. Answer this question.... Will it blend?