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Facebook's laser-powered internet drone preps for take off


How they plan to monetize this ? Man, this drone is BIG. I thought they'll play with much smaller ones which we buy for hobby. However, this big drone they could always rent it to US Air force for Syria and Iraq missions.

Brit Linux distro CrunchBang calls it quits


Re: Aww...

Man, T41 is too young and healthy for any funeral. T-41 can have up to 2 GB PC 2100 memory ! Compare that to my Sony PCG-FX215 I bought back in 2001 with only 64MB RAM and 800MGHz processor.

In last several years I was running Slackware without any graphics on it, pure command line, with classic financial ledger application (cli of course), and 'sc' spreadsheets, cli mplayer, lynx, pine.

The difficulties arised when my bank switched to heavy use of java script, so I couldn't pay bills with cli lynx browser any more

I upgraded my Syny to 512 MB RAM, the maximum it can have. Installed 'antiX' distro for old computers, installed SIag office suite, ledger is still CLI, Midori web browser. It's not as fast and capable as many newer old laptops with 2GB RAM, but it works well.

T-41 old and ready for funeral ? NO ! Give it to me man, I know what to do with it. At least donate it to your local school computer lab. But DO NOT throw it away. Your T-41 is *very* capable machine even for today standards. There is software for it.

Pr0n-optimised Icepol Trojan's servers seized by Romanian cops


Arrested for a harmless prank.

Romanian Bitcoin baron 'stumps up $20k to keep OpenBSD's lights on'


Re: Why no Apple?

Hmmm... it's actualy NetBSD, not OpenBSD.

Fed up with Windows? Linux too easy? Get weird, go ALTERNATIVE


Re: Emacs

> Something to be said about being the last generation (probably) to use vi.


Every generation says that.

Assange chums must cough up £93,500 bail over embassy lurk


What about the key evidence ?

Not long ago we have been informed that a condom does not contain Assange's DNA, and so the "Key evidence in Assange case dissolves" which is the title of the article from Sept, 17th 2012. Are there any updates from Sweden about that ?

I mean, British administration of justice is not considering the new findings, and so Scotland Yard still has to arrest Julian as soon as he gets out of Ecuadorian embassy, or what ?

WikiLeaks punks The New York Times with op-ed hoax


To me the fake essay and @nytkeller-lookalike accounts seems to be COINTELPRO in action. WikiLeaks has admited the hoax via Twitter, but not admitted on their official web page ? Oh c'mon people...

COINTELPRO in action, move along, nothing to see, move along...

FBI seizes Mixmaster servers


Abuse is the problem

> I think that attacking these sorts of privacy facilities will cause more

> damage than good.

Abusing mixmaster causes a damage (or the damage). If abused, police have to react. They have to, that's their job.

when it comes to computers' communications, I found a good analogy (but there are many more in all spheres of life) in an IRC command "wallops". From the ircII help file:


Usage: WALLOPS <message>

Sends a message to all operators currently on irc.

This command has deteriorated to the point that it

is no longer useful, and most OPERATORS have removed

it from the server all together. A classic example

of a good idea abused till it's worthless.

Iranian gov mouthpiece Press TV finally gets taken off the air in the UK


What dodgy interview ?

And what's the dodgy interview for being fined and losing a licence ? What exactly has being said in the interview ? Where is the interview ?

All WikiLeaks' secret US cables are on BitTorrent in full


Is this about the famous file ?

Is this about the famous insurance.aes256 ? I tried to decrypt the file with Openssl and the password available online as published in the Guardian's book, followed all rules as explained in the book, but it can't decrypt.

With the option openssl enc -d aes-256-cbc or just -aes256, I am getting a bad decryptor message, decryption failed.

However, there is no error message when using the option -aes-256-ecb, but I think it's just a collision, because there is also no error message when using a password ONION (just try it, it works), and the output is again something cyphered or corrupted, or just a plain nonsense. This fuss is either it's NOT about the insurance.aes256, or the published password is fake.

I know I can browse and read the unredacted cables online, but just wondering is all this about the insurance.aes256 or some other file.


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