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Spy satellite to slam Earthside

Tom Handy

Get the friggin' laser

Might make some good real world target practise for the 747 with the nose mounted laser.

Taser unleashes leopardskin C2 and MP3 holster

Tom Handy

"keep it locked in a box under the bed with the keys out of the kids reach"

Lets hope she never confuses it with that other battery operated device, also locked under the bed with the keys out of the kids reach, while fumblingly fingering about in the dark!

Skype founder quits

Tom Handy


Each to their own I say......... I use VOIPstunt myself on their pay-as-you-go option. For as little as E10 I can get 3 hours worth of free phone calls to most landlines in the world. And the E10 cost you say??? Well that gets spent on 5c international text messages. You have 3 months to spent you E10 before your 3 hours a week worth of free calls reverts to normal rates or else you can just top up again. Might not suit everyone but like I said each to their own.........

US Navy to remodel Hitler's San Diego bunker

Tom Handy

Lets go back to the begin........

Just because a bunch of egotistic frog marching extremists hijacked the swastika back in the 30's for a few years should not delude people from its true original meaning when it was first used some 3000 years ago. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika

Charities turn to text to tackle gangs

Tom Handy

gum amnesty???

"If you owned a gun and Southwark ran a gum amnesty would you deposit your gun?"

No but I might deposit my bubblegum........

FBI logs its millionth zombie address

Tom Handy

Grassy knoll

So why have you given these 'netbotters' the assassin (3 name) treatment? Is there a conspiracy in the making.........