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Tech giants at war: Google pulls plug on YouTube in Amazon kit


Well I'm probably with Google on this one at this point in time. Amazon not settling their products for years, and not streaming to chromecasts (although I belive their music play does, but when I checked the option wasn't there). I've had two one month trials of Amazon Prime (not sure how managed that, but did), and have no devices I can actually watch the videos on (OK, my phone), but if I could have streamed it, I might have signed up to it (do order things every now and then!) Same with apple, can't stream, but that's their choice.

Not selling Google hardware (it's the latest Nest products apparently), and not streaming to hardware I own and like from your apps is just a pain in the arse.You have lost a sale (and probably more sales based on your advertising), based on this lack of streaming!

Go on google, stop any search results on your search engine with amazon in them... Hmmm maybe not, but that WOULD be a popcorn moment!

El Reg straps on the Huawei Watch 2


Re: Reasons to be Wear-y

I too have a SmartWatch 3.0 and was disappointed Wear 2.0 wasn't coming to it, but with the change in the left swipe, that sounds awful, and maybe I was lucky!

I got mine new from Amazon about 18 months ago, and I'd be lost without it. As you say battery life is fine (I had a mi band, that charged every 30 days, but I'd lose the proprietary charger), these things need to last months/years, or daily isn't an issue.

I use it mainly for notifications and deleting junk email. I can reply to messages quickly. It stops me getting my phone out. Also helps me locate phone in the house when I've put it down and can't find it. I add notes, and reminders with voice with it (live alone, so it not that weird). Pause, skip and ff music though it (casted, etc). I run, and although the SM3.0 has a GPS built in, I use a proper garmin for that (though have used apps when I've miss placed my garmin or it wasn't charged, I prefer buttons I can press when sweating to start/stop/lap, etc).

No it's not essential, and these £300+ devices, not a chance I'd buy one of them, but for the £80 or so I spent, I'm very happy and use it all the time, and would be a little lost without it... I would spend that again if and when this one dies though.

Hey, iPhone 6 fanbois: Apple's bonk to 'Pay' app IS GO


POS upgrades?

Genuine question, and haven't been able to find out this information.

Does new/changed hardware need to be installed for the Apple Pay NFC to work, over and above our current NFC terminals in the UK. At the moment I use contactless payments in CO-OP, McDonalds, and a few other places. Can they accept Apple Pay just by a software update/deal or will they need new hardware?

I quite like it (contactless payments) for the convenience of small payments, just annoying that a lot of places still don't have it, and whilst I don't have (and probably won't have), and iPhone 6, etc will be good to get NFC payments in general into more places, so hopefully this move by Apple means I can use my NFC bank card in more places. Just can't find this information anywhere.

Apple bags top Windows feature: Blue Screen Of Death arrives on iPhone 5S


Re: Never crashed...

@AC. I have NEVER had my S3 lock up where it required battery pulling out, etc. It's also NEVER rebooted on it's own and had it 15ish months. Some apps have 'crashed' occasionally but never taken the phone with it, and still running the stock Orange ROM that came with it (I keep meaning to install Cyanogen or summit, but never get the time to faff with backups, etc...). I can't remember the last time I have manually rebooted the thing, prolly a handful of times since I got it, and I use it daily for calls, texts, games, internet (FB, Email, Web, etc). I'm not saying iPhones are any worse (I don't know!), but I can say that my experience of Android on an S3 has been stella.

My previous HTC Desire did crash and reboot at times, but my experience with the S3 has been stable and reliable. Also have a HP Touchpad I do flash and play with all the time, and that can have problems, but thats what you get with tinkering and playing, though now my CM10.1 I'm running on it is excellent, well done to those devs!

RIP charging bricks: $279 HP Chromebook 11 charges via USB


Re: Why? @AC 6:25

@The BigYin

Yeah I kind of meant as they are, tbh if I was in the market for a small portable laptop (which I would love to, but can't justify), I might get one and shove a Linux on it too. I meant as a Chromebook with the Chrome OS we're probably not the target market :) (Though even then I'd have a play)


Re: Why? @AC 6:25

Actually I think 90% of the population would be more than happy with a computer that doesn't 'slow' down over time, keeps itself updated, gives them access to their webmail, facebook, online shopping, and the more and more HTML5 games that they play (though probably more play games on their phones, etc).

It's not my thing, but I think the chromebooks (even without Linux put on, as I would do if I got one), actually serve more home peoples usage. I know my girlfriend would get away with one, as she does EVERYTHING online on her phone, pretty much through the browser, and I'm sure theres plenty of people out there.

I don't think the readership of the The Register is the target audience for these devices, doesn't mean there isn't a significant market for something like it though. The advantages of a tablet, with a keyboard, etc.

Wireless-charging power struggle latest: Qualcomm invades rival to kill upstart


Re: Standards

Yeah that is true, plus as it's just a back cover change (or even a little credit card insert) for my S3 (and the S4 the same), then actually changing technology in the future wouldn't be hard, even if holding onto the phone for a while. I even noticed I could get an insert/back cover for the S3 that would work with the Touchpads/HPs touchstone (not that I would do that), but shows how I can already use at least 2 technologies with this.

Was also reading up about how I can actually use NFC, and I reckon that's a great idea, so will be investigating that at the same time.

These £10 pads safe? Thats my only concern I guess (fire/shocks, etc?)


Myself and a friend were discussing wireless charging last week, as one of the big features that phones really need now (iPhone 5s lacking it still), especially as the technology exists already!

We both have Touchpads, and the charging dock is excellent. It's a great great feature, and would help with phones etc. I looked into getting something for my S3 (backs are available), but as pointed out here there are a couple of completing standards, and it's not that 'prevalent' yet (although I believe Mercedes are building QI into their cars.

I would love to see one of them 'win' sooner rather than later, as we all know having different cables is a pain, remembering which pad yours and the other halfs phone needs to be placed in, and in car, etc will not be helpful.

I may look to invest in a couple of pads for Qi, but fear in 2 years it might change to the one that has larger charging differences.

Hate seeing the tech here and not rolling out quicker, come on you manufacturers!

Report: RIM plans six BlackBerry 10 handsets for 2013

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It's what I read on the title, and came here to see everyone post it, and urs was the first one, but last post... HEH :)

Cawing retail vultures circle dying Comet, might rip some chunks off


Re: No wonder they are going to the wall..

Yes, we popped in last week, as our washing machine is on it's way out. 10% off, and only the iPads and tablets had gone, most everything else is there.

I guess if they try 10% for a bit, and then further cuts as needed, they still open so try and recoup as much as possible? Will try and keep an ear close to the ground for bigger cuts, as as you say nearly everything is cheaper online, specially the white goods!

The hoarder's dilemma, or 'Why can't I throw anything away?'


Sadly I have all you've just listed...

Throwing it away though, it's such a waste.... Is it?! I dunno... :(

HTC Droids get working bonk-payment NFC setup in China


NFS Payments

This is a little off topic, but having recently got an S3 which has NFC on Orange in the UK, can I use any kind of wallet at all. Does anyone know the status of NFC over here. Whats available in the UK for NFC payments?

NFC has lots of other uses (such as notifying a charger of presence, signing in security, tap to transfer files, etc). and some that will come in the future I'm sure. It's just I turned off NFC the day I got the phone, and never turned it back on (dont know anyone else with NFC to do transfers, etc). I would like to turn it on for something even just 'play', but no idea...

Thoughts please?

Boy cuffed after Twitter troll's drown threat to Olympic diver Tom Daley


Re: Compare and contrast

Yeah riiiight.... Why would you say "You've let your dad down" then? Why not your country/mother/colleagues, etc?!

Course he knew. As I said before, saying just that does not warrant arrest, it's the further very nasty things he's said to Tom and many other people previously that warrants this kind of treatment. Lovely that it's only come to light after he attacks someone famous, but well at least he'll hopefully stop harassing others out there.


Re: Compare and contrast

Yes, he has been threatening a number of people including Tom Daley. Initially I thought that this was well OTT for just saying "You've let your dad down", but having seen a lot of other tweets he's made, then a think a massive scare from being arrested, etc is well needed and about time for this kid. It's not just TD that he's been harassing.

Massive DDoS attack blasts 123-reg offline


But fortunately you can go back on the twitter service updates (how I managed to get some information on this current issue) and see historic reports from them.

Ironically always have problems with their email service normally, but today has been fine. Was also looking to move a load of domain names this week to 123, but now I may look elsewhere, any recommendations please (that allow a good level of control over TXT, MX, A, etc records)?

BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges


Anyone actually have Infinity

A lot of negative comments here (and I can probably totally agree with most of them), but was just discussing with a friend about this, and when Virgin get a mauling on the reg, there are sometimes a few positives in there. Between me and my friend we know ONE person with Infinity. I have cable, and it's great (I know CS are useless, but never needed em), but will be soon moving to a non cable area. So looking for an infinity connected exchange.

But my question to you lot is... Does anyone actually have BT Infinity in their house (or even company)? And is it any good if you do? I know a load of ADSL/BT users but none can get it, even if their exchange has been enabled.

iPad 3 benchmarked


And compared to another tablet....


Cupertino to ban permissionless address book copying


Try LBE Privacy Guard for apps that do. I've been using it for a while (mainly to stop Facebook cracking on my CM9 HP Touchpad, that requires GPS (TP doesn't have TP)). Allows a lot of fine grained control over it. Works very well!

Some apps DO require contact list access to work properly (backup apps being the main one that springs to mind), but most don't but a lot do request it. Amazing that Apple allowed apps access to this in the first place without specific reasons from the developer. Amazing that people feel safe in their walled garden. I know my contact list is shared with Google (am aware, but don't really like), I can stop other apps accessing it, but it seems in the 'Walled Garden' no one knows who's had access... Could any game have been installed that requires your contact list without notifying you... Amazing....

Microsoft revives flight sim by giving it away free


Oh thanks for that... Reading the review on Amazon, nice smile for the end of the week!

London 2012 team pulls swamped ticket resale site

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Why you people feel the need to make a quick buck by buying up and reselling for doing sweet F.A.?! Annoys me with tickets for big gigs, etc going for loads more than face value, and only the lucky quick ones (or dodgy retailers), get to make any money (i.e. I've heard some ticket sellers selling to staff prior to public, so they can make a quick buck!)

I think if they can stop touts, etc for the Olympics then great, and try and find a way to stop it in music, entertainment world, so that fans can see their fave. artists for a more reasonable price!

Five... friendly, free Android apps



I use 3G Watchdog, which doesn't count Wifi, only 3G (I don't care about Wifi usage), but seems to give a lot more information, and can set limits for your monthly cap, will give you warnings, etc. i.e. mine tells me I've used 72.2/500MB (14.4%) so far in my contract period, and estimates that I'll have used 88.27/500 (17.7%) by the 25th when my billing period is up. It's excellent.

Oh actually it does Wifi too, only just noticed that, how fancy, and no adverts either. Not used Netcounter, but the interface of that doesn't look as good :)

China pad peddler wins iPad name from Apple

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That is all...




@Jedit... Yeah it could well get pulled. Whilst I believe the iDevices are great devices, work well, etc. this article, and the 4S release just shows why I will NEVER consider an iDevice again (I have owned 2 original iPhones).

Siri WAS available as an app pre 4S (yes not as well integrated, etc), and now the people who used it (admittedly not that many probably), had it removed, and are forced to upgrade if they want to continue using an app they previously used... There is NO reason at all for Siri not to be available for any device iOS 5 is available for, but it could be released, and might be restricted now due to the load that must now have been thrown at the apple servers. At the end of the day I guess most people will play with this and then not use it, demand drops and they could roll it out, we'll see.

But if I was a current iPhone user, using Siri and it now being removed, I'd be really annoyed right now, and there have been plenty of other examples of apps being removed...

Who knows if they'll remove Vlingo or any other similar app in the future, and thats the problem, I don't know, and it can't be guaranteed.

Google Books app splurts 3 million titles in UK launch


http://books.google.co.uk/ebooks?id=kQ0mAAAAMAAJ ?! Found it straight off, available on all 4 formats....

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'


Well I would like to be prooved wrong in all honesty guys, as I personally feel it's IS androids biggest weakness (BTW just installed Apparatus, and I quite like it thanks!)

But if u want evidence, take Popcap for example (Plants vs Zombies, a game I like and would like ot play). Not on Android market, is on Amazon, but not available for us in the UK and have taken years to release. Also if the games are similar, I would hedge my bets that they're released on iOS first. I'm not a massive game player, and if I were might have got a iPhone. So please I'm not really arguing either way, can someone else provide evidence... Just a couple of examples.


People are missing certain things

I will start off by saying I'm not an apple fan, and some would call me an android fanboi (have the original desire, which I love the physical keys for), but I do follow the Apple releases (try and avoid all the speculation, etc). I watched the event 'live' on Engadget last night, and Siri actually excited me a little. I even recommend iPhones to certain people, with certain needs (they do have the most/best games available for a mobile phone platform).

It turns out Siri was available on the 3GS or above, until last night (might not be quite in the same format), but now will be removed from these and only available on the 4S. That's appalling, never mind that it's available on Google etc albeit in not as polished form (Look for Edwin on android, or the built in functions, and await ICS). It might turn out it is available on older phones, but if they're removing it from the phones it was available before, then.... Pfffttt... The Apple marketing is just bad.

Another thing that stood out, was they're putting "BETA" on it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is sooooo un-apple. They perfect things, make it smooth and sexy and silky, sticking BETA on a product or app, etc is just against their ethos, what is going on with that? I guess they need a larger test base, but still seems so against apple to me.

And it IS about time they started offering a different screen size. 3.5 inch just doesn't cut it these days. People ARE different, and choice is a good thing. Where is the large phone on offer. I might consider a 4+inch iPhone next time, but I'm used to my bigger screen and the other halfs GSII has a better screen than any other mobile I've seen. For browsing, etc it's better.

Unfortunately Joe Public will not know about these things, and a lot of these will sell. I do recommend iPhones to certain people, as they are polished consumer devices, but their lying, and twisting of the truth, gets to me the most. I think they are a GOOD phone, and the app store has loads of good apps, but the company and the marketing stinks....

Are apple starting to lose it? I dunno... I appreciate what they're doing in a lot of ways and have made things better, but with the legal threats, and now way behind the curve (nearly everything in last nights event I've been enjoying for 1.5 years on my desire, and more). We'll see...

Samsung seeks bans on the iPhone 4S


Would like them to get it blocked...

But to be the company that has got the "iPhone blocked/banned".... Will it do Samsung much good? I'm not too sure. Problem is, most people who buy the iPhone are blind (I'm not criticising people who have researched, and decide that the apps, especially games, available make the phone the best on offer). These people will start to HATE Samsung for stopping them getting their latest iToy....

I just wish people would continue to innovate, and improve it for everyone, at the end of the day, who pays for all these legal costs... ALL OF US, not matter when we like apple, google, samsung, HTC, etc.... We all end up paying, and that's the sad part of all of this...

One last production run for TouchPad


Kindle App

Unfortunately kindle not availble in the UK App Catalog. Quite happy with the TP, but does need a couple of minor updates to make it a little more stable. Won't touch ubuntu/android till they got it nicely sorted! But don't regret getting the 32GB for £115!

Hope the Kindle app makes it to the UK catalog soon!