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Has Microsoft saved the Apple Watch with Outlook improvement?


Apple does another first

From the photograph, it appears they've launched an invisible watch, or maybe they hired a magician for their dinner party.

Would YOU touch-type on this chunk-tastic keyboard?


Being able to touch type is obviously a prerequisite for this to be useful.

Update - Boffins: COMETS are like FRIED ICE CREAM. Mmm


Halley's cornet

BILL GATES DRINKS 'boiled and treated' POO. Ah, 'delicious'


Bill Gates putting his mouth where his money is.

Job for IT generalist ...


Good set of skills

It seems like you're weary of committing to a specialist path but also worried not specialising is hitting your pay and prospects.

It depends on how good your overall skills really are but the breadth is impressive.

Architecture is something you could look to move into given how much you understand across the whole system range.

I think you've named your own preferred area though, that being problem resolution. Live support, incident analysis etc. are all important for most companies. It can be an under appreciated area but most companies eventually understand that the person who keeps their systems running, even with sticking plaster and string, is a vital part of their organisation.

I'd suggest you look at senior positions for support and operations, it sounds like you have the skills and interest to do very well in that area.

Please work for nothing, Mr Dabbs. What can you lose?


Great article

Very entertaining, I wouldn't have paid for it mind you.

Virgin Media so, so sorry for turning spam fire-hose on its punters



I was unlucky enough to be on that chain. I know people should be smart enough to realise they shouldn't hit "reply all" but the sheer stupidity of Virgin, by allowing an email group to be re-used, is staggering. The number of spam emails I was getting was shooting up until last at night.

Utterly amateurish from a company that presents itself as a media giant. I doubt there'll be anything other than a quick and vague apology from them either.

It also highlighted how difficult it is to speak to support - there was the usual choice of sending an email or a phone number for office hours only.

Maybe time to start looking for a new ISP.

£69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website


Don't call HP

Don't bother phoning HP, they'll just tell you they don't have any stock and don't know of any other options.


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