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Another Apple maps desert death trap down under


Maps data are provided by their respective rights holders

Yes laugh while you still can.

What goes around comes around.

Brits kept waiting as iPad Mini LTE arrives Stateside



After reading so many negative comments I wonder whether Apple have a viable business in Britain.

Analyst: There are LOADS of iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping them back


What logic

Apple would love to smash guesses of these analysts and so why hold back the stock f they have them.

One more thing these mentally challenged people always love big numbers and I can't believe Apple deliberately keep their numbers small.

An analysis that is anal.

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here


Not so

Kind of wonder why people are so fast in knocking Apple over everything and I am not surprise when they have an accident they will blamed Apple for it.

Sorry it is not so iPhones are still being sold in Mexico.

Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't


More magic than you see

For those who want to know what the iPad mini can't do see


Steve Jobs is STILL DEAD

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US data show slump in Apple tablet share


Don't you guys hope it is so.

Must be from dry throat.

Android spanks Apple iOS in sales as fanbois hold out for iPhone 5


Gartner numbers are just hit air

Where did Gartner get their numbers from certainly not the manufacturers so is there an element of truth there.

They are just guessing the numbers and hard to believe sane and smart people believe them.

There is one born every minute and the con game which these analysis companies created is suckering everyone i.e. hot air for cash.


Re: Is it really though?

Goog fanatics are simply amazing paying good money for a dead end OS phone.

There is one born every minute.

Google shakes up Android Jelly Bean to fend off malware meanies


Re: Compare and contrast

But to buy more handsets .

So essentially it is the same that is giving more money to the telson and phone manufacturers.

Btw Virginia there is no free lunch.

Seize your moment, Microsoft: iPad is RUBBISH for enterprise



I have news for you the Mac equivalent of the Surface Pro is the Macbook, they too run desktop applications. As a tablet no one knows how well it can run those desktop applications except the boys at MS.

How much do they cost no one knows,

The ARM surface is practically useless because there are too few apps.

As for the iPad it is still the early days and give it a few years the landscape will be different and the apps will be as powerful as the desktop ones.

Matt, why not visit this topic again in a few years and then we see who has crows for lunch.

Apple boss Cook may have stumped up $60m IPAD pay-out


What a truck load of crap.

Now Apple faces Siri court room showdown

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Apple's UK smartphone lead shrinks


No matter what

Whatever the form factor Apple come out with they will always be plenty of comments saying their design is just not good enough.

And also plenty of people looking for faults and finding faults with it,

But then who can blame the iHaters.

Apple Passbook card-'n'-ticket app paves way for iOS e-wallet


Re: Were you expecting...

Siri is beta. Check on the word beta in case you don't know what it means.

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination


Re: There can only be one...?

Your comment made a lot of sense.

The best of class beats just good enough anytime.

You are right that Apple do not care about marketshare and they are more interested with providing people with the beat products money can buy. Neither are they worried about what people like Christensen thinks because they don't add two cents to the bottom line but the fear being created and made use of by analysts is more damaging.

Publishers fork out $52m in Apple ebook pricing settlement


Re: What is Apple (supposedly) guilty of?

Err no, Apple did not fixed the price of the books the publishers are selling neither did it forbid the publishers to sell below a certain price. What Apple stipulate was if the publishers allow a retailer to sell at a low price point Apple too should be allowed to sell those ebooks at that price point.

Apple flooded with iPad 3 wireless connection complaints


Wow every comment is the gospel truth and there is not a single lie posted by people who dare not use their own name.

Yes indeed flooded by "complaints"

Sad and pathetic,

Google's Page: Dying Jobs called ME, I didn't call him


What SJ saw is not the value of android because it is a copy of iOS which he didn't like.

What value has it when t has to be given away free but the saving grace is it is utterly fragmented and no timely upgrade. Essentially buyers of android phones are buying a dead end product per we

Apple and publisher pals hold up US and EU watchdogs


Let's put some perspective into this agency model - you pay a few dollars more than what you would pay Amazon based on their wholesale model.

What can a few bucks get you nowadays and I believe even a big mac cost more than that.

It's not the end of the world and give your neighborhood bookstores a fighting chance against a big bully like Amazon.

Fans fly to forums to signal iPad 3 Wi-Fi woes


Re: Dare I say it ?

Yawn, yawn

It's already dead so why flog the dead horse. (pun intended)

Android clobbers Siri in Japanese... and English


If an app developed by DoCoMo is not better than Siri, it would be downright embarrassing.

Apple's Siri gets schooled by Japanese carrier DoCoMo's Syabette ...

You got to be kidding, Siri better in Japanese than an app developed by DoCoMo?

I wonder who is kidding who?

Get real.

Apple wants ebook price class action suit thrown out


Re: Apple racketeering

"rule 1) You must not let anyone else sell something for less than we sell it."

Obviously you had conveniently left out the part that any retailer selling below the set price, iBooks should also be allowed to sell at that price point.

LYING iPhone 4S mobes claim 4G connection on 3G network



It is only with AT&T whereas for the rest of the world it is still 3G.

Sort it out with AT&T.

Now Proview seeks ban on ALL iPads coming out of China


Big talk

Try going for a few days without food and you will be glad for any employment that comes a long.

Standing up for 14 hours, you are mentally challenged to believed this.

The longer of this piece is an ihater and I don't blame it for the crap it had written.

Apple mulls new chip boffinry HQ in Israel


How do you know things are not working after Apple purchased it.

The folks at P.A.Semi left but not the technology they left behind and some key staff.

Intricity developed the A4 probably the A5 chps which powered the iOS devices.

This Israeli firm which they are buying is all about managing the SSDs which are used in macs and iOS devices and has nothing to do with chips.

Funny that you think Apple is not as clever as others in the tech industry and btw those firms which have bought smaller firms to beef up their technology didn't do better and apparently once snapped up by them they lost the need to innovate.

Mac Lion blindly accepts any LDAP password


And losing a job

Looks like many of the posts here are from people promoting windoze.

Yes with the Mac in the system many of you here will be collecting your monthly dole cheque from the govt.

There is nothing like fear especially the fear of losing a cosy job..


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