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Sony Ericsson loses head

Mike Campbell


Dick sees for Miles?

Dick to ride helm while Miles takes back door?

Foxy Brown hauled off to jail

Mike Campbell

This is news?

I can go to the entertainment section of the Beeb if I wanna read about this shite.

The only link, which is somewhat tenuous is that she "assaulted" her neighbour with a Blackberry - a piece of technology.


Reg, you're going the same way as Tom's Hardware.

Down baby. Down to Chinatown.

German bus driver objects to passenger's breasts

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I've been distracted by bigger.

The bus driver needs to learn how to polish the one-eyed gopher and drive a bus at the same time. Problemo solved.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

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Why doesn't someone do something about this talentless wench who keeps imposing herself on our variosu media outlets?

She's got a crap nose, crap tits, and a face which screams "SLAP ME I'M A DICK". She's got the personality of a Farley's rusk, the charisma of a rotweiller's bottom, and the intelligence of the sparrow that just flew into our window.

In short, she's a blight on the gene pool and should be removed from the evolutionary process.

Comet goes head-to-head with Geek Squad

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Personally I think it's really nice that employers are providing a career path for the McDonald's generation, how considerate.

Hacker breaks into Pentagon email system

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RE: Some People....

Also quoted from Wikipedia:

Wikipedia has been accused of exhibiting systemic bias and inconsistency; critics argue that Wikipedia's open nature, and favouring consensus over credentials in its editorial process, makes it unauthoritative, and that a lack of proper sources for much of the information makes it unreliable.


Mike Campbell

McKinnon they all cried!

I wonder how long it'll be before they try and slap this on Gary? I also wonder how many more scapegoats will have to come into the public eye before the various institutions in the "most powerful nation in the world" get their thumbs out of their IT behinds and secure their networks.

Quite funny when you consider the latest propaganda from the US of Arse is trying to goad is into thinking "techno-terrorism" is this decade's threat... shouldn't they be getting their own house in order instead of preaching it to the choir?

Last of the Time Lords heads for GayPride

Mike Campbell

Did I mention it's got a talking pie? Ron, you've done it again!

Pandering to the supposed "needs" of the viewing populous? Eep no, more likely the team of staff writers has been infiltrated by a camp Cyberman who has succeeded in his mission of ridding the world of the Doctor by removing him from our screens.

I knew they'd win in the end, if Tom Baker couldn't stop them then Billy Piper (and her whorish, yet appealing mouth) certainly had no chance what-so-ever.

Space boffins fire up plasma engine

Mike Campbell

All wrong...

Personally I think this whole over-heating/lack-of-fuel-and-range who-ha can be solved with a simple application of elementary physics:

1) Find "capital Y" shaped structure

2) Find rather large rubber band

3) Apply aforementioned rubber band to top most peaks of the sizeable "Y"

4) Snugly seat item to be launched (satellite, probe, star trek fan, rupert murdoch, paris hilton etc...) in the centre most position of the rubber band.

5) Pull back for desired power.

6) Release.

Of course stopping would require so kind of de-launching mechanism, I mean I'm no scientist so I wouldn't be able to work that out. That's what the boys at NASA are paid for.

Mike Campbell

RE: I wonder if?

Probably the same thing that would happen if you crossed the streams, forgetting for a moment that "that's bad" of course.

Plazes launches location-based blather

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For when you want to find the 15 year old retard that bad mouthed you on the internet. Personally, from that standpoint alone I think it's a great idea. However that would mean having to actually use the waste-of-bandwidth service in the first place...

They should outlaw this kinda crap, then ISPs wouldn't have to restrict their moronic subscribers by throttling their bandwidth, enforcing caps and sending shirty letters out to boobs who insist of cluttering links with piffle.

£0.02 :-D