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pcAnywhere let anyone anywhere inject code into PCs


Same question here

"How does a firewall prevent a buffer overflow (in another app) through a tcp socket, except by closing the port? Any help?"

I think the news item writer might have blown it. Or, maybe I am missing something too.

You would have to do packet inspection that looked for the specific exploit to be able to block this. A regular firewall would either have the port wide open or would be port forwarding the packets blindly.

Super-powered 'frankenmalware' strains detected in the wild


No virus... that you know of.

"I am being very smug indeed, I have not had a virus on any of my Windows or Linux boxes ever."

That you know of.

They don't exactly advertise their presence these days.

Crooks make it rain by seeding cloud with zombies



And then there is the issue of the extra electricity you pay for as your server or servers go from 10% load to 100%...

The only thing correct about your post is that these criminals are indeed parasites.

Check your machines for malware, Linux developers told

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Maybe rkhunter?

It seems to be actively maintained, has a mailing list, and gets a few updates per year with fast updates for new threats.

Java, Adobe vulns blamed for Windows malware mayhem


That you know of...

Gordon Fecyk says: "It's funny; two years on Win7, at least nine years on Win2K and I haven't lost a PC to those jokers..."


Hey, I like the draught!

Elmer Phud says: "If windows is your house then do you regularly chek to ensure the doors not only have locks that work but also close, latch and keep the draught out."

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest

Paris Hilton

AC says: "time to change proxy, me thinks.....would like to know what data they keep anyways!"

One would think it prudent to assume *all of it* and act accordingly.

Woman in strop strip for Bermuda airport customs


In other news...

There were lots of false alarms reported for men carrying batons...