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NetWare sales revive in China thanks to that man Snowden


I miss NetWare...

In the 90's I had a BorderManager server running as my firewall on a Compaq server with a single disk drive. That drive failed, the server ran for another three months. No logs or any changes could be made, but what other major OS stays running with its sys drive pulled out from under it?


Re: @AC

Ummm, sorry to point this out to everyone but you flat out lie or never worked on NetWware systems. I installed and managed hundred's of those critters. I never walked up to one after initial install to manage anything. ESPECIALLY once NDS was introduced.


I was a beta site for the cluster product and had an 8-node cluster up and running in production the day it went on sale. My GW system supported a law office with 8 locations and about 500 seats. The practice used GW as their document management system as well and we had >2 million documents in there. It ran like a top, well except maybe 5.5.3 SP I think was bad, so bad I remeber the version. Like anything good in IT if you put the blood sweat and tears in to learning your system and time needed to properly maintain, it was awesome. Any abortion goes to admins not knowledgeable and go with the slick pointy clicky winders interface for n00bs. Windows is not a server. Put 20,000 files in one folder with a Windows server, HP Gen8, two 6-core processors, 32 GB of RAM. Now take a Dell P3 Optiplex PC with 512 MB of RAM and install NetWare 6. Put those same 20,000 files in a single share. On Windows server it will take you 1 minute and 15 seconds to open that share. Remove 8.3 support, increase MFT and you get it down to 50 seconds. On that 10 year old PC? 5 seconds to open that share. Same goes for *nix and Samba. Anyone who thinks MS servers beat out ANY other OS in performance and reliability is sadly mistaken after drinking the koolaide.

Lumia sales fail to set world alight


Here in the states...

Here in the States MS has adverts all over. Radio, the tele, posters in the shops. But still, nobody wants these junk phones. Even the non-techies not aware of the MS issues with Win7 phones just don't like them.

Insulin pump maker ignores diabetic's hack warnings



I do believe it is!


If I were Medtronic I would ignore him as well.

Jay Radcliffe made a mountain out of a molehill. If the pump's serial# is not included in the transmission it is ignored. A wearer of the pump would be less likely to give that out than his or her social security number.