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India launches hypersonic space shuttle precursor


You probably do not anymore. I think we have politely and gratefully declined.

Google: We made India a consumer society and our work here is done


I don't know which cities you were wandering in. What were you doing exactly in these cities, exploring the slums? Heck, youngsters even in slums have smartphones in India. Why do you think every Xiaomi, One Plus and Huawei are peddling phones in the country?

Bubble? LMAO - YOLO! Wall St gets new instant messaging service


No Reuters?

In an article about Symphony, Bloomberg and their competitive landscape, not one word on Thomson Reuters and their product Eikon, competes with Bloomberg terminals, which competed with Reuters' own product 3000Xtra until Eikon arrived?

The internet is less free than last year. Thanks a bunch, Snowden


Because of Snowden?

Be grateful that someone had the balls to take on a surveillance state, put one's own life and comfort at stake just to let the world know what was really going on. Or do you prefer the maxim 'Ignorance is bliss'? You would have been really happy in Soviet Russia.

ARM tests: Intel flops on Android compatibility, Windows power



The ARM fellow doing power tests is quite appropriately named Watt. Looking for one Mr. Mflop in the ARM team though.

Indian minister's wife found dead after Twitter rampage


Nothing to do with Twitter. She was unwell and this affair must have pushed her to the brink. In retrospect, the twitter accusations seem like a final cry for help, or to make it known to the world what she was really going through. I wonder if in death, she has succeeded in extracting revenge from her cheating husband. His political career is probably done now.

BlackBerry rejected Justin Bieber as brand ambassador


One of many

The incident just shows how short sighted the top brass had become by then. One bad decision followed another. Organisations usually recover from one or two dumb decisions, but RIM made far too many of them, and continues to do so today. Somehow they must have thought that it was the name 'RIM' that was causing the slide in their fortunes, so they named it Blackberry. Instead of hopping onto another OS in time, they continued to waste time on their garbage. All this tells you something. It is the fact that when a company starts doing well, incompetent fools start populating the top echelon. The downfall begins but is masked by market growth. This growth eventually slows and a tipping point is reached. And once the fall begins... rescue becomes almost impossible. Not a very different story to Nokia, a giant of around the same time.

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google


Rupert IS the sysadmin...

and he does not know how to set robots.txt or delete tweets. So there.

Nokia's India threat letter: 'It's cheaper to make phones in China'


Few governments have been so disastrous and the political environment so hostile to enterprise in general than now in India. Nothing works unless a politician has a share in some form. Either a stake in the business, or cash upfront, usually both. Truly sad.

Moto X specs leaked ahead of expected August 1 launch


The specs are positively outdated. What is Motorola thinking?

India forges ahead with fibre-to-the-village


There is little or no fibre in the cities, where ISPs cartelize and jack up rates. The state owned telecom operator doesn't allow its fiber to be used to increase competition, nor does it show any particular interest in competing with anyone itself. The fundamental reason this buildout is being done is to earn money as percentages of the contract, rather than any real benefit to villages.

HTC woes prompts 'leave now' tweet from former staffer


By now I am convinced that the mismanagement lies at the top. Too many stupid decisions are being made in too many areas for this to be a localized issue. I was worried a couple of years ago when HTC saw a few high profile exits. That had set me wondering why a player with seriously good phones was seeing good people to go. It looks like they were the canaries telling us of something nasty up ahead. And soon we saw HTC begin to crumble.

It is a pity really. I was seriously considering the HTC One against the Galaxy S4. But now the idea doesn't seem to make sense anymore. Why is no other manufacturer coming close to competing with Samsung on Android phones anymore? LG? Sony?

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


You want to buy subsidized phone, cough up your private data. They are lending you money and want to ensure you don't default. Buy a phone upfront if you don't like it. Even people in poor countries cough up full dough to buy phones.

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone


So if I think my pilot is not doing a good enough job, I can take over and fly it with my phone to show the bugger how it is done! I am sure that like pilots were given ipads for aircraft manuals instead of books, they will soon get smartphones for controls instead of a cockpit, where premium seats set up for rich aviation fans

India may can low cost Aakash tablet project


Lots of wind indeed. Especially inside of Kapil Sibal's skull

Vodafone India appoints SECRET SNITCHES


Re: Uhhh... (Zombie alert)

I am sure plenty will apply if Vodafone also employs the differently alive ;-). Certainly will help collecting from defaulters. Their existing tactics aren't working.


I can understand why they want this

The rubbish service that Vodafone offers, especially in India, probably means that much of their staff is probably on the phone while driving and drunk or stuck on a high rise ledge without a ladder or harness, or already dead from the issues in question.

Google spikes old MS file formats


They should keep the option to download in legacy formats available. There is no need for Google to become another Microsoft and decree one day that they will drop support for something just because they want to. There was a time when Google did what users wanted. But now, Google is headed towards becoming another Microsofit/Oracle/Apple. Too bad.

Motorola's Razr design daddy legs it, gets inside Intel


Motorola were never good at design. I hate the look of their phones. They just are not as elegant as Apple or HTC (Samsung is content to copy a generation old iphone design) phones. And no Android based Motorola products were outstanding. They don't have a real superphone to compete with HTC, Samsung or Apple yet. A tip for Motorola: Start with dreaming up a phone that you would love to have two years down the line, and start designing from there. Else, stay two years behind the rest.

India shutters sites and social media accounts


Tamil News Network

Guys, TNN stands for Times News Network. Where on earth did you get the Tamil bit?

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s


Good job, Elop! You really did jump off the burning platform, but it is company that is drowning. Hope you have a soft landing on floating carcass of the company.

170m people 'upgrade' to Google+, but how many stick around?


I got this new look on my page just now. The new interface is better than the old one certainly. But it still does not quite look beautiful or elegant. Nor is there anything that will make a Google Plus account a must have. It is time that Google figure out a way to solve real needs of people with Google Plus

MS Office coming for Symbian


Well, Nokia did manage another first. An undead OS. The OS that has been killed but refuses to die. I am sure Hollywood can make another zombie movie out of this.

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans


Or with the next version of the OS formerly known as Symbian...

Nokia seems to be following the Nerdy Nutcase school of alphabetical order in OS names, the next version should start with C, after Anna and Belle. And since Anna and Belle are both feminine names, could Cunny be the next Nokia OS name?

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


Do not worry. I am sure some software maker will install the same stuff as 'System Service' soon to ensure it goes unnoticed. Carrier IQ was just being upfront about the name of the software. And look what they got ;)

US and Russia to give uranium to ANYONE


Printer Cartridges

So, the US is going to make some very sophisticated Printer Cartridges, eh?