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Just when you thought it was safe to enter the data centre

Rosie Heptonstall

Cover all your bases

I agree with the general thrust of this article: you need to think about all the different physical aspects of data centre security, as well as hacking. Unfortunately with the criminal masterminds out there currently, there are all sorts of cunning and sometimes not so cunning, but devastatingly effective ways to get into a data centre. You can't just assume that by locking the doors and issuing ID cards, people won't get in. People can get into a data centre just by tailgating the person in front of them, so you need to think about simple methods as well as the more complex ones. Use of biometrics with turnstiles is one way to improve physical security. Biometrics can't be faked, so you're far less likely to get the wrong people gaining access. Turnstiles - unless someone obviously jumps over them - give that extra physical barrier that can prevent people sneaking in. Just a thought...

Rosie Heptonstall

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