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It's happening, tech contractors: UK.gov is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill


On the plus side

We can all move out of the country sit on a beach setup a business in another country and contract remotely just as other businesses will outsource their marketing, seo and payroll off shore. My mate is currently in france for 2 weeks whilst working for an aussie company as a contractor and falls outside of all this rubbish seems like a good idea

Cloud will NOT eat the tech industry, Michael Dell declares


I imagine

that the most convenient part of the 'cloud' is monthly payments so why not sell servers with a subscription. You get them day 1 and get to split the payments over 2 or 3 years. You get on site hardware and a support agreement in place. Would stop people looking at a 5k server and going oooh that's a lot to go out at once...

Google says it would have a two-word answer for Feds seeking Yahoo!-style email backdoor


So the 500 million lost user account details

Was the hack, now the biggest in history executed through one of these back doors???? That would fully put the ball in companies courts saying 'we told you so' and perhaps get agencies to back off

Magento attacks uncanny hacks-men with shopper-popper patch


Isnt the fix

to just change the permissions back to make that directory non-writable?

'Panama papers' came from email server hack at Mossack Fonseca


IF the yanks did it

I would have thought they would have enough sense to add Trump in there...

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m


Word perfect article

I usually like theregister articles but this article is a masterpiece. Every word is precise and true and I might actually have to read it again.

The fact that they charge double for the service and I imagine pay artists double too means that they have maintained the % royalty making their accomplishment absolutely zero apart from the extra monetary value added to their 2.7Bn dollar net worth. Anyone streaming a higher quality audio service is just going to eat up more of users data tariffs costing users more too.

Not one of them plays an instrument so musician is a bit of a long stretch as a description. All they have built is a way to suck more money out of people that probably don't have much to start with in order to buy more flashy cars

Swedish city demands £40,000 to repair teenage hacking spree



They should get fined by the ICO for a breach and potential loss of data perhaps 200k just to make the point that security is their problem and that suing a white hat hacker is just going to give every black hat hacker the green light to hack them because they don't take security seriously.

RIP Leonard Nimoy: He lived long and prospered


Science Officer

Possibly the single reason I love science and technology so much.

Someone is building a hell of a crew. Scotty, Bones, Spock

UK PM Cameron says Internet must not 'be an ungoverned space'


This is the wrong battle to fight

There is no way to remove all of the bad content they will just upload more on different sites and send out the new URLs.

So what do we do?

The way to win this battle is to upload so much $hit content using the search terms that would find this horrific content that it becomes completely invisible on the internet. Then every time someone searches for ISIS or hate filled content or similar they will end up with an episode of peppa pig or teletubbies. That is how you fight a war of information

Apple is too shallow, must go deeper to beat TouchID fingerprint hack, say securo-bods


Re: "Appropriate" Security

Its much more likely that they will just chop your finger off than dust for prints

EU warns United States: SHAPE UP on data protection OR ELSE


kick the tyres

Perhaps the fact that kicking the tyres is hardly a decent test of worthiness. In IT you write code test it for various values and check the resukts perhaps the law should be written in a similar way. Write a test then try to get around it if you succeed re write the law prior to passing whatever sounds good at the time. If my MOT consisted of tyre kicking I would not be impressed.

Microsoft cans three 'pinnacle' certifications, sparking user fury


What the Frack!

As an MCITP: Database Administration 2008 I am currently going through the new MCSA exams on the way to MCSE for the SQL data platform. I did have MCSM on my radar as a goal to hit in a few more years time as a target to aim for. With the dropping of these advanced certifications I am currently looking at furthering my VMWare certification from a VCP5-DCV to VCAP as I know that those cettifications are safe and VMWare are actively trying to increase the number of certified engineers available which I presume is due to demand.

Not replacing and just discontinuing advanced certifications is just going to increase the fear that MS engineers will not be needed as more and more is moved to the cloud.

Chewbacca held up by TSA stormtroopers for having light sabre



Beat me to it lol

this is not the wookie you are looking for

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO: NASA rovers scrawl giant willy on Mars


botany bay

As in the SS Botany Bay...


Google, Amazon, Starbucks are 'immoral' and 'ridiculous' over UK tax


Pay unto Caesar what is Caesars

If Starbucks isn't making a profit here I suggest they close down and Costa can pick up the slack at least they paid 15 million tax on lower revenues. If a business isn't making a profit it should clear the way for profitable businesses to deliver what the customers want, what the shareholders want and take social corporate responsibility to do some good in the country they choose to operate in.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul



Good artists copy great artists steal - Steve Jobs

So according to him Samsung must be a great artist

Flashback trojan targeting OS X shuns virtual machines


if you dont like adobe products don't use them.

"becoming a menace to computer security" PICNIC Problem in chair not in computer.

Apple's US bid to ban Samsung tabs hinges on design


tell them apart

did she try turning them over and looking at the actual logo?

I wouldn't buy a tab from Samsung because it looks like an apple product I would buy it because its not made by apple.

Perhaps apple would like to patent the wheel next and get a royalty from each one sold...

HP: webOS will still run PCs and printers



How can the future of WebOS be bright when there are currently no supported devices for developers to write apps for? How can you say that PCs will run WebOS in the future when you are looking at selling off that division? Who in there right mind is going to continue to or even look at writing apps for WebOS devices when there are none, you should have signed up other licensees before saying you will no longer create hardware devices as this would minimise the fallout as others would be there in the market to pick up and carry the WebOS ecosystem and developers.

I think the recent fire sale has shown that the price was the issue and the main barrier to breaking into the market. Had you sold the touchpads for 200 dollars less or the equivalent in each market and made a small loss on each device in order to earn a small commission on each app sold you may have come out ahead, as making a loss on each PS3 seems to be working for Sony. At the very least you would minimise the losses from each device that you have sold for half the cost it takes to make them, added hundreds of thousands of touchpad and WebOS users which would excite thousands of developers (having my app be one of three hundred available is better than being one of three hundred thousand) and if you still wanted to get rid of the hardware you could show prospective licensees that you have a captive market that is ready to consume cloud services and new apps, show that growth is still easily achievable making the purchase of WebOS more profitable and expected on WebOS and not have shot yourself in the foot.

Quite frankly that is just bad business by short sighted 'businessmen' that think they are untouchable due to the size of the company they work at.

Had I been a shareholder I would be incredibly pissed off that my money had been wasted and at the very least if selling off the hardware division was the way forward I would be extremely annoyed that everything above had not been completed in order to secure the best price for an asset that I had developed


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