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GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief

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Re: Fantastic!

Nexus has better screen, memory, cpu & GPS of course it's more expensive.

Now how about the iPad mini. That's the rip off. It's just a kids iPad and in time for Christmas. They get them when they're lambs now before they become isheep.

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Re: Oh! The humanity!

Especially if they wanted a Nexus 7.

SanDisk flogs strap-on to speed up your lazy Windows 7 PC

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Ultimately you are better off with a large-ish SSD as your actual boot drive performance wise. 256gb drives are fairly cheap now. However these caching drives do offer good performance for little hastle. Rather than have re-install Windows etc you can just pop one of these in to get a boost. Also if the cache drive fails all your data is still safe on your HDD.

Archos pushes out 7-inch GamePad, slaps on dual thumbsticks

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Re: Good but...

Hell, you need to patent that idea.

I have a Nexus 7 and if someone made a game pad that mine clipped into with a battery like you describe for the Archos I would be seriously interested.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June

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If you can opt out of Metro for non-tablet use I'll give it a go but if not it rates as high as Vista for me which I never bought.

Game Group shares slide under a penny

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To many stores

Norwich has 3 Game stores and 1 Gamestation. This is way to much. The main Game store is always busy. I don't need to point out the obvious for them to survive on the high street.

Game turns back on Mass Effect 3

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End Game

Strangely my son bought EA's NFS - The Run (PC) from our local Game. What a turd of a game where you need to have an Xbox controller to be able to actually play which is not stated on the box. Took it back as 'not fit for purpose' for Game to sort out with EA. Shop manager was having none of it as it had been opened so I said I would never be back. Looks like I might be able to keep that threat. Took it into another Game shop who were more obliging in the end after consulting with EA support.

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

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Re: I cant wait for mine!

What are you going to actually do with it? It's much like the CStick Cotton Candy Linux computer. What real use are they other than a bit of fun?

Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent

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This patent madness will implode!!

My phone already does multi-touch on its capacitive screen when I re-size a picture. Why do they let them patent these things already in use. Must be because they make a buck of registering them.

PO- Oh what's that Apple an new patent? Oh I see the movement of the human chest that allows air into the lungs. Yes that seem just fine, now just the little matter of the $50,000.

Linux PC-in-a-stick to cost coders £139

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Re: horses for courses

@ Leo Maxwell

So you add the expense of keyboard, mouse, wireless adapter, HDMI cable and still don't have a screen. You may as well have a tablet or netbook in your hand. Less bloody faffing about. Wearable PC? Great, I'll strap that monitor to my back power off the car battery in the little cart I pull about. There is already tech that does what this does in a much more elegant way and functional way.

"They both have multiple uses, and I will probably try out both." Yes but what are they? I see nothing that I can't do better with other tech. Someone please give me a clue.

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What's it for?

Can someone please enlighten me as to its usefulness. It's really cool for what it is but how would you use it?

The only use for me would be having a comp in a hotel room (provided tv has hdmi + usb - no guarantee). Even then I would need a keyboard and pointing device (connect phone with bluetooth and use as trackpad & keyboard?).

Motorola Atrix Lapdock

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Should be tablet based

I have an Atrix and think it's great (apart from the wifi problems I am experiencing at the mo). I carry a laptop for work and sometimes tether the two when I can't get free wifi. However I wouldn't buy the lapdock at the price they're asking to use instead.

What I would prefer is a tablet based dock. Basically a large screen and extra battery which I can slide the phone in and enjoy mobile media, web browsing and charge the phone back up. Should be pretty cheap as well. Perfect for kill time on long journeys. Large screen sat nav anyone. I've tried doing serious work on a netbook and I can't so I see no difference with this lapdock.

Even the media dock seems overpriced to me at £50. You get the mini HDMI cable with the phone and if you have USB ports on your TV plug in the lead to power and charge the Atrix. You have no remote control but hey you saved over £50 for some exercise.