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How not to apply for a new job: Apply for it on a job site



Best thing for jobs is LinkedIn. You always get jobs thrown at you, the trick is getting them to stop...

Tax working from home, says Deutsche Bank, because the economy needs that lunch money you’re not spending


This guy must be nuts. I never had to travel before so no cost saving. I have however see a massive rise in my electricty bill!

Not a Genius move after all: Apple must cough up $$$ in back pay for store staff forced to wait for bag searches


Money Due

I wonder if this covers people who previously worked for Apple. Can't imagine they'll have issues with claiming back the money.

Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard


Re: Gold plated cables

If you keep them long enough and Apple don't decided to slow the devices down again... to erm, "increase battery life".

Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp



The company I work for haven't paid anywhere near 32m for a front end website, but we have used a few companies recently.

The jist of it, it that for 6 months they did a p*** poor job and knew they could get it past our sales / marketing team. Problem arose for them when the marketing team was so impressed they showed the dev team... we were less impressed. 12 months, £200,000 and every developer in that room knew they could of scratched it up in a week. It was so unpolished, broken libraries... it was a wreck.

Anyway that company that also wanted £32,000 a month for ongoing costs (website updates and marketing support) was binned a couple of weeks after the show and tell.

They weren't happy that the dev team had looked under the sheets and taddled on them :)

Brit prisoners to be kept on the straight and narrow with JavaScript and CSS


Haha at what point are the police going to be forced to be educated, because the criminals have all been overly educated in prison

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual



Does it count as an exploit when it was designed to it and is in the manual?

UK taxman warned it's running out of time to deliver working customs IT system by Brexit


The're only failing because the public sector sucks at making any successful computer systems. Police facial detection system: fail, NHS Sytem 1: fail, NHS System 2: fail, NHS {insert number}: fail.

IBM bans all removable storage, for all staff, everywhere



I wonder if there will be an out right ban on laptops as well... the potential data loss on them is much higher, they aren't lost / robbed as often as usb pens but there are a number of unclaimed laptops dotted across the planet

if dev == woman then dont_be(asshole): Stack Overflow tries again to be more friendly to non-male non-pasty coders


Re: Maybe a silly question, but...

The issue is properly more that women want environments which are currently most men to change to be nicer for them... god forbid they change to try to fit in with it in it's currently state. I personally the only people who are insulted are the people who ask someone to complete work for them and people don't ask structured questions.

Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired for opposing hiring caps on white, Asian male nerds


"At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products."

So they did do what Arne Wilberg said they did.

UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'


Re: better training,,,

What do you think the odds are that someone didn't do the tests they said they did and just nodded their head that the tests had been done during team meetings?

Who had Intel in the 'discrimination lawsuit' pool? Congratulations


Re: She did it to herself

I agree to a point.

I had a friend who recently left the company I work at to find new employ. He started on just under £20k and had to fight to be paid just under £24. He left because he started looking around and found that for his amount of experience companies were willing to pay £35+, so he left and good on him. Just to note he was a white male... so it doesn't just happen to minorities, but unlike minorities he didn't have one of those cards he could flash to make people think he was hard done by.

Like in this story it stated that she was either underpaid because she was a woman and/or an ethnic minority. Then it goes on to that she's also a lesbian... Just because your underpaid doesn't always have anything to do with sex, ethnicity or sexual preference.

Is this why Facebook is such a toxic dump? HP, HPE sued for 'leaking chems' into office site


What's with the title

Why put Facebook in the title if it has nothing to do with them? yes they used the building for a year or two, but still. Did you think less people would read the article if it has "Is this why HP is just a toxic place to work?".

I don't mind a jokes or someone taking the p**s when it relates to the article, but when your just dumping another company in the article name your, just asking for people who have half the read the article jumping to conclusions.

Fewer than half GCSE computing students got a B or higher this year


Teaching IT doesn't have enough money

The amount of education you need to teach and for IT is quite high to be qualified on a university level, now why would you pay all that money and then settle for a job which caps at about 25 - 30k a year?

Anyone who is good will go into IT not into teaching GCSE level IT.

User left unable to type passwords after 'tropical island stress therapy'


The chocolate mouse

A colleague of mine who liked chocolate often needed help. I would often go to her computer and find chocolate beside the mouse button and inside of the ridges of the wheel. The first few times I'd wait until she'd go and make a brew before using disinfecting wipes to clean the thing (I'm sure who PC would break just so I'd do this), about the 6th time that it happened I made a point to walk in to room which she worked hold the disinfecting wipes and clean it while she watched... needless to say she cleaned her mouse from that point on. Haha weirdly the person in question also had talons.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft



Personally I've found the update to be fine, well actually haven't noticed anything different since the update for the normal day to day usage.

Nuh-uh, Google, you WILL hand over emails stored on foreign servers, says US judge


Easy to avoid

"if Google was able to pull up the data on its own machines in the US, then it should fall under a US court's jurisdiction"... so if google never pull the data from a computer in the US for the US government, then the data never falls under the US jurisdiction, chicken or the egg?

Yee-hacked! Fired Texan sysadmin goes rogue, trashes boot business


Cloud Server

It could of been a cloud based server, and if he'd delete and reconfigured a bunch of the hardware they may not of been able to connect to it

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP


Decent People

How about instead of trying to pay naff money for naff tech people, they pay decent money for decent tech people... that way they don't have to keep binning billion pound projects, because they've not even come close to accomplishing the task at hand...

A database which is accessible and easy, ... pay experts e.g. facebook, pay experts on what makes things easier e.g. the doctors they already have and not "experts" which haven't worked a day in a hospital e.g. health care ministers.

You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack


I like them

I got a smart meter 2 years ago and it was very informative. You can look at your usage in every half an hour for the past 24hours. Noticed a bunch of tech was randomly turning on a certain times... I'd say the actual ability to view usage as accurately as it does is more than enough of a benefit.

Facebook unveils SECRET logo furtle – in a TWEET



The style looks like the Rebook style.

Google blames Flash for hobbling Chrome, says it sucks (too much power)


Already have this fix

A better fix which people will have been using for ages will be a flash blocker, it also helps massively reduce the memory overhead for chrome (Which I imagine might still be a problem as the comment says they'll pause the flash, so it'll loading).

Listen: WORST EVER customer service call – Comcast is 'very embarrassed'


Being a C**t

I rarely raise my voice on the phone, but I've found that the best approach to cancelling a "service" is to be a proper kn**head on the phone. I was with talk talk for 2 - 10mbp/s and I on average got 1.8mbp/s and had trouble disconnecting. Just switch to EE for the same service and my average speed is 8mbp/s ....not really relative I know, but still I would of finished with more than a few companies sooner if I'd just gone straight to being a be*lend.

This guy did himself no service by no commenting. He should of just said he isn't getting the service.

Ninten-DON'T: Wii U bomb blows Mario Kart giant off track – but new console promised


Not shocking

It doesn't shock me how poorly the Wii U is doing.

- Firstly the Wii sold so well because its controls were uniquely interactive and amused people, now most people have tried that and don't care for the amount of energy required (The fads gone).

- The hardware is completely out of date compared to its rivals.

- I haven't seen a single games which has made me go, "oO! I really wanna play that, best get a Wii U"

- Why would anyone want to buy one of the tablets; they look revolting and there bulky. Also why should people buy more tablets as controllers, since they properly have some lying around anyway.

The control system was supposed to make you not care about the lack of technical specs, but they have it working against its self. Wii remotes require you to move and swing, while the tablets mean that you plonk your ass down anywhere (even where there's no TV)

They should properly cut there losses and drop home gaming devices (Just encase I don't mean handhelds). The amount of money they could make from games by selling Mario, Zelda, Metroid to the other consoles.

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Properly Not Linux

It properly wasn't Linux eating your memory, it very well could be a bug in the server software which has a memory leak, or an infinite loop, or more likely you've set something up wrong by accident. When I first used linux I had to re-install it a bunch of times because I'd mess something up.

On a tech website its not surprising that your seeing a lot of people saying Linux is better than Windows, because from their point of view it is. I love linux and I think its better than Windows, but my main OS is Windows 7, why? because its easier to set things up at the push of a button, and also most of my games are still only native to Windows.


Who in there right mind is doing this

Who is actually advising there friends and family to upgrade to windows 8? I'll ask another question, who's telling people to get new computers with windows 8 on them?

Anyone who is tech savvy, and has friends and family asking them to look at their computer, or asking advice about operating systems will always (or at least I hope everyone is) recommending Windows 7, or Linux.

I don't think he gets that some of the people haven't upgraded for one simple reason, they know how to use what they've got... I have a granddad who still uses a 233mhz thinkpad running windows 3.5 and not office but lotus 1-2-3.

From a technician stand point as well, who wants spend their time trying to explain to people how to use Windows 8, not only do we not have the time but we don't want to.

DEATH-PROOF your old XP netbook: 5 OSes to bring it back to life



I have the full minecraft working on Ubuntu, in fact it runs smoother on older laptop in linux than it does in windows.

Coding: 'suitable for exceptionally dull weirdos'



As I saw someone in the first few posts state that he'd learned to programming using turtle tiles in the 80s. I was in primary school in the 90s and I remember them giving us a robot that you could program (I believe it was based around the 80s turtle game) and see it wizz off everywhere.

Given the state of technology, smart phones, smart TVs, smart Watches, computers... well you get what I'm getting at, I think it would be completely stupid not to know a programming language, even if that language would be something like HTML. Even one language gives you a basic understanding on how stuff functions and allows you to become a little more independent. This guy is obv one of those tards which have to be told to turn his computer on and off, or check that its plugged in.

And yes he might be right, leave us alone and we'll talk to ourselves... just means we have enough intelligence to argue with ourselves, which helps us resolve issues about us.

Teach prisoners how to program, I hope someone digitally robs the guy... (I know there are already criminals out there that can program).

If I saw this man in the street I'd be likely to punch him.

'Kim Jong-un executes nork-baring ex and pals for love polygon skin flick'


The Dark Ages

While I understand guns weren't about in the dark ages, this reminds me of something I read about the dark ages.

The only thing that makes sense, is that the ruling family have been inbreeding amongst themselves for so long that they've totally lost the plot. (Hence the comment title)

I bet it was Kim himself that recorded them having sex, and has become jealous or something silly and decided he'd just have them killed.

With the way the news feeds about this fellow are focused I wouldn't be surprised if his dead before long.

Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law


Lol Block Google

I believe google is in the wrong, but blocking anything to do with google will end messy more for our government than google its self. Look at the news feed which stated 40% of the internet went down with google for 2 or so minutes, and then also think about the amount of very very annoyed brits which have lost their youtube, gmail and google search engine access (Lets be honest there are a lot more people who don't care about subject such as this) .

Engineer's $30m windfall from Nintendo 3DS patent spat SLASHED by beak


Better thans Apples

At least its less silly than Apples, "look it has round edges on that device!"

Xbox One users will have to pay extra for Skype and gamer-gratifying DVR


I don't get it

So we have to pay for a gold account to use skype...

Don't we already have to have a gold account to use anything worth while on the internet with the current one. The price seems about the same as.

Also if your paranoid about having the xbox one camera in your living room, unplug it when your using it.

It's all in the wrist: How to write apps for the Pebble smartwatch



All I can imagine is a lot of men stood up and talking to their watch as if they were Buzz Lightyear. I'd I also imagine that would be the best thing entertainment wise you could do with a watch smartphone.

Wii-U boat torpedoes Nintendo's '¥20bn profit' into ¥20bn loss


Not surprissing

Nintendo have stayed a head by creating new ways of interacting with games... this new console just doesn't contain anything new. As many people have said, its just a PS3 with a Vita as a controller... I wish it wasn't true, but it is... if they can't come up with anything new, they've killed them selves.

Computers are 'electronic cocaine' that make you MANIC



This is stupid, ...all human brains react and become addicted to different electrical impulses.

The LINUX TABLET IS THE FUTURE - and it always will be


Won't Happen

I'd love to be able to run a native version of linux straight on a tablet. You'd simply have it installed, and have 2 usernames, one which boots to the desktop (properly will be mostly used at home, when installing or upgrading software) and another username which auto starts a media center application like XMBC. Most people use windows because they can't be bothered learning how to install software on Linux, granted its getting easier with the use of kpackage and the like, but if you need anything which isn't on the distro server can sometime just be damned... this will be the reason why if linux was an option for an OS on a tablet, most people would stick with Android.

So yea, there will never be a time of the linux tablet, but it would be nice to be given the option of installing it. I used to have the GP2X and loved it... thought I'd just add that.

Freed Facebook hack Brit vents fury at $200k cleanup claim



Facebook are lucky. I mean look at the odds and the skills required to hack a highly public site... I mean I know its easy depending on their security, but the fact remains this guy did it on his own and he did it with out vandalism.

Scientists devise 260GB CD-size glass disc storage tech

Thumb Down

I remember

I remember an older post about, a german (I think) who though he would be able to write 1TB of information onto a blueray disk. As I remember he had written already 500TB onto a blueray, so this story isn't all that good.