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Whoops! Microsoft accidentally lets out a mobile-'bricking' OS update


Re: Seems so long ago

There are no W10M phones left at MS, or at least nobody is using them.

The utter contempt for their own creation is such that the announcement for the recent W10M Creators Update release was done via Twitter FROM AN IPHONE (by the same Microsoft Windows and Devices Group software engineer Dona Sarkar the article refers to, who is also the public face of the Windows Insider program, and much to the despair and incredulity of the few remaining loyal users).

Typewriter for iPad review



What a distasteful and unnecessary concession to modernity. This is how you recreate the real feeling of a the good 'ol typewriter on your iPad:


Chrome 49 goes live as Google pays bug mercs $51k to patch 26 holes


Re: Why?

Chrome development is Open Source. All you have to do is submit dodgy code in the first place hoping it doesn't get caught and later, under a different ID (or an chummy criminal pal), the fix for the bug you created in the first place. The bigger the initial cock-up the more handsome the latter reward. Win-win situation, except for the user that is. You can even make a few extra bob -or a lot of them- by selling the exploit in the black market in between.

Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug


Re: Sloppiness or malice?

RFC 6520 was coauthored by the same chap that created the bug. He could have hardly been oblivious to it. Make what you wish of it -you couldn't have it better for whatever conspiracy theory tickles your pickle- but my take is that this is just a simple oversight despite its catastrophic consequences.

Adobe goes out of band to fix frightful Flash flaw


What about my trusty Playbook, TouchPad and Xoom?

Or any other of the other billion Android devices still in circulation which were shipped with Flash which is no longer updated?

Will also have to check if my Surface (WinRT) prompts for the autoupdate. My Chromebook did indeed. Did BB10 owners get the update too? Is this stuff sandboxed so we need not to worry?

PS: The Playbook is still being sold as 'new' in quite a few places. They might have to eventually go on to negative price to get rid of them all. How many of them did the poor sods at BB make?

- The owner of the 1001 (mostly dead) platforms

Red Hat teams up with community-based RHEL lookalike CentOS


Re: No more SRPMs

"scripts and rpm metadata" will also be included in git.centos.org

Source (no pun intended):


- - Sources that we consume, in the platform, in the addons, or the

parallel stacks such as Xen4CentOS will become easier to consume with

a git.centos.org being setup, with the scripts and rpm metadata needed

to create binaries being published there. The Board also aims to put

together a plan to allow groups to come together within the CentOS

ecosystem as a Special Interest Group (SIG) and build CentOS Variants

on our resources, as officially endorsed. You can read about the

proposal at http://www.centos.org/variants/

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block


Just ban sex!

What a clumsy attempt, just ban abortion (and likely sex soon) as the Spanish government is about to do, setting the country 30 years back overnight in the process, and voila... problem solved! No need to educate about non-existing issues.


Re: Speechless

I would upvote, but the 69 thumbs up at the moment look like just the right number for the topic. Go on kids!

Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA


Obligatory xkcd


Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic


On the 40%

> I also find it strange that 40% of world wide internet traffic would be affected by that.

There are plenty of people who use google as their address bar. Instead of going to facebook.com they just type facebook (or more likely 'f' and it gets autocompleted to facebook) and then click on the first result in the corresponding Google search. For them Google down = Internet down.

I am guilty of doing this with some sites myself. If you don't remember the URL the default behavior is to do a search for the site. From them on the first autocomplete result in the address bar will the the search for the site instead of the site URL so it's pretty much a self-perpetuating behavior. With search results being displayed as fast as they usually are there are no incentives to modify such behavior.

Bookmarks/favorites? Never heard of them....

Why next iPhone screen could be made of SAPPHIRE - and a steal...


Re: Definitely not the first

And so did the more mundane (in comparison to Vertu) Nokia 8800 back in 2006. They even named it one of the variants "Sapphire Arte". If they had only announced it with a flamboyant presentation, patented it and reminded the world how they were 5 years ahead of anybody else...

I'm getting myself a 8800 sirocco just to snottily pull it out of my pocket whenever a twat brandishes a shiny new gadget pontificating about its revolutionary sapphire screen and him being the first human being to ever hold one.

Negative points for the author 'cos of the Apple baitlink + apparently not having a frigging clue that sapphire was used in phone screens even before the iPhone had seen the light of day.

BlackBerry 10: Good news, there's still time to fix this disaster


If there ever was an case of skating where the puck has been...

Tokyo U gets second FX10 Sparc supercomputer


Re: @asdf

They could completely *rock* and it wouldn't matter much.

Ah, the irony!

UK 4G auction: No word on what will be flogged, or what it costs



Why this stuff isn't done at EU level in order to kill the absurdity that is intra-European roaming? At the moment you have to restrict/eliminate data usage whenever it would come more useful (or risk facing a bill the size of the Greek debt back at home.) Unique opportunity for the Eurocrats to actually do something useful.

SpaceX joy as Space Station robo-arm grabs Dragon's tail

Thumb Up

This Elon chap

It has been already pointed out in less illustrious rags than El Reg, but Mr. Musk is starting to look like the Tony Stark of this side of the screen.

Kudos to him and his team. It doesn't come much more exciting than this.

Instagram-owner Facebook emits in-house camera app


Re: Isn't thiis already on android?

My pre-E63 S60 Nokia N96 has had a sepia option since the dawn of time, but you actually have to scroll down to 'color tone' in the camera app icon bar and then scroll down again to 'sepia' in the color palette. All incredible unhipstery, unintuitive and yes, unmitigatedly uncool. Such are the times.

I don't have a Facebook account, let alone a mobile Facebook app so unfortunately cannot comment on its joys and sorrows.

Parliament ponders £400,000 iPads-for-MPs plan


"circulating information electronically"??

So, what type of "information" that will finally be "circulated electronically" through the iRipOffs couldn't be circulated electronically through the laptops that surely all MPs already have at taxpayers expense.

As someone has rightly pointed out, if this about replacing printed stuff, give them a e-ink ebook reader. At least the option of wasting their time with pointless apps and slutty content won't be so appealing.

Apple's founding contracts sold for $1.59 MILLION


Imperialism Crusade

So a subject of the fiercely anti-US Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is paying an inordinate amount of money to own what could be the ultimate symbol of American capitalism. Take that up Mr Chavez.

Or on second thoughts, just nationalize the Cisneros group and use the paper to light up a pair of good cigars with your Cuban chum Sr Castro. That would be a good one.

Nokia exec: Young fashonistas 'fed up' with iPhone


Sea of Sameness

Nokia must be pretty pleased where they stand now in that 'sea of sameness'. Seeing a Nokia smartphone in the wild, let alone one used as such, is as rare as spotting a topless nun.

Nokia's Brave New World is (almost) Finn-free


That Bloody Scream from the Bloody Bootnote

Almost blew away my brain before I was able to pull out my earbuds. He should be impaled for that. Asshole!!

Finance software bug causes $217m in investor losses


He'll be HP new CEO in no time

Microsoft exec departs after tweet about Nokia phone


HP confirms faster, paler TouchPad tablet


Not Any More


HP murders webOS tablets, phones


Just 5 hours

can make a world of difference

HP confirms faster, paler TouchPad tablet, 18th August 2011 15:00 GMT

HP murders webOS tablets, phones, 18th August 2011 19:49 GMT

Sad, if predictable, loss.


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