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Minister blows away plans for more turbines


Re: 230 million cups of tea per year!

Really? Funnily enough I live just down the road from the soon to be decommissioned Rio Tinto Alcan Aluminium Smelter at Lynemouth. And what is that I see next door to it? Oh, that would be it's own 600MW coal fired power station, purpose built to serve the smelter. And in another coincidence, there is a wind farm on the land surrounding the smelter which feeds less power into the grid at full chat than the surplus from the coal fired plant while the smelter was operating.

Vimeo takedown leads to court loss


Re: ask a photographer why....

I used to know a photographer who acted just like you. High prices, fancy kit, and complete control over the original pictures. His empty photographic studio with a for sale sign in it just over the road shows just how well that panned out for him. Just man up and offer the original files. Most people will quite happily pay you to take the pictures and produce high quality prints for them, but there's no excuse for not offering the full size pictures on the DVD. Seriously, is it going to cause you that much hassle or lack of earnings if you did? Will your business collapse because someone has decided to print out one of your pictures of them in greyscale, on a piece of yellow A4 paper? I think not.

Boffins hack evolution, create SUPERSOLDIER ANTS


Genetically engineered ants?

What could possibly go wrong? http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_ant_%28Fallout_3%29

Spanish firm brings 20MW solar ‘ranch’ online in Arizona


You could stick a decent sized coal/gas/nuclear plant in that area of land and get a hell of a lot more than 20MW. Sod carbon emissions, I want power and lots of it 24hrs a day. The more compact the plant the better.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 13.3in Core i5 notebook


I love my thinkpad.

I've been meaning to replace my x60 for a while now, but it's still going strong so it looks like I'll not be getting this one. I'll just keep buying replacement parts as and when they wear out.

I'm sure there is a fair few people out there who would love the x1, but I'm not one of them.

Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel



SCENE: Horatio kneels nest to a neatly piled jigsaw of a former anon member in a dimly lit warehouse, the walls and floor are covered in blood splattered white plastic. In the centre of the room is a chair with hand cuffs and the victims hands still attached. On a table there is a selection of cutting tools.


"It looks like this hackivist..."

<Looks up towards police office, and places on sunglasses>

"... has been shown a different form of hacking"

<exit swiftly, screen left>



The team then solve the crime using bullshit technology and flawed processes. Just make this bit up as you go along. Make sure there is plenty of cleavage at inappropriate moments.


China Central TV comes to Freeview


It'll never work for me...

I can't even stream a simple youtube vid set at 240p without it stuttering to a halt every 5 seconds. No chance of me getting IPTV to work. I suppose it'll be a nice addition if you're chinese and live somewhere that has a decent internet service.

Sony was a victim as well: Australian privacy watchdog


I'm just wondering, did Sony kill your puppy or something? You seem rather angry about the whole thing.

Nintendo aims to fill stockings with Wii slim


Its a bit late in the game for a redesign

Surely everyone who wanted a Wii already has one? Who would buy this new bundle?

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers



So the choice is between sushi and steak? That's no contest, steak all the way! Flame grilled of course.