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Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui


I feel a bit conflicted now...

So thanks to her Right Honourable Whackiness anyone who takes that Savage prat seriously won't be coming here on holiday?

I'm going to have to find some way to rationalise this as accidental brilliance =)

Women's lust for shopping linked to periods


Hacked off people buy stuff to cheer themselves up...

Details at eleven?

Seriously though, how do I get a job working for the Department of Bloody Obvious Research?

Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets



"...this system provides... ways that limit the number of friendly force and non-combatant casualties"

Presumably provided you can resist the urge to "respond" using an airstrike?

Lawyer-client privilege no bar to surveillance, say Lords



So they're not allowed to know what you're saying to your lawyer, unless they go to the trouble of bugging you?

Erm, that seems a bit odd... but who said the law had to make sense eh? =)

Court rules airline secret security list is stupid


RE: Dangerous weapons sold in airports

"What's the bloody point?"


Because the razors on sale inside the departure lounge have been security vetted to make sure they're not terrorist razors... I'd have thought that was obvious =)

Firefox update tackles critical memory bugs


RE: Here we go again

Is clicking "check for updates", nodding a bit, waiting a couple of seconds as it pulls down the update, installs and restarts really that much effort? *shrug*

Complaining about having to do something simpler than making a cuppa is considered shameless whinging in some quarters... =)

Nasty Toryboy bloggers ate my politics, claims Blears


Got to admire her ability to say that with a straight face...

"Blogs have only existed under a Labour government. Perhaps if there was a Tory government, all the leading blogs would be left-of-centre?"

Is she seriously suggesting that there are people who think the Labour government is left of centre?

Barack Obama will be president


Still makes me laugh....

...when people (mostly in the US tbf) refer to Obama as a left-wing socialist radical

Compare this: http://www.politicalcompass.org/images/uscandidates2008.png

...with say this: http://www.politicalcompass.org/images/internationalchart.gif or perhaps http://www.politicalcompass.org/images/enParties.gif

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target


Alternative version for pubs

"People are likely to disagree, why not have a pint and talk about it?"

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low


RE: 50 years of data isn't really enough to draw conclusions from

/holds hand up towards sun and notices that I can feel the heat from here (just about =)

Considering that the sun is really rather far away, I conclude that sun must be pretty damn toasty!

Police drop BT-Phorm probe


Nice to see someone's still keeping up with the story

Though you're in for a long walk if you want to talk to some of the other few people who seem to be reporting this... http://news.google.co.uk/news?hl=en&ned=uk&q=phorm+bt+police&btnG=Search+News

Hell, the Beeb can't even be arsed to put out a few lines about how this vidicates the goverment's "Why should we give a monkeys?" approach

Berners-Lee backs web truthiness labelling scheme



So basically some people will believe any old shit they hear and the internet acts like a bit of an echo chamber resulting in huge mountains of entrenched shit ideas?

How do I get paid for pointing that out in the form of a forty page report?

Robot airliner anti-missile escorts proposed


Re: Oversight

You're missing a trick here; if each bot can only deal with one missile it's not a disadvantage....

Oh no, it's an opportunity to SELL MORE BOTS!

Whole swarms of the little guys whooshing around the airplane, doing barrel rolls of delight at the honour of guarding you (yes, you sir!) as you head off on your holidays...

Come to think of it some kind of mob of groundbased bots to rush over and jump up and down on the nasty people firing at the airplane might be a good idea?

ps. It's possible that I've been spending too much time with the sales guys recently... '=|

Dell thinks young and colorful with business notebook refresh


RE: Screen aspect ratio

Because laptops fold closed and keyboards are kinda wider than they are tall I guess... saves on odd shaped keyboards and/or "wasted" space? *shrug*

McKinnon UFO hack 'looked like cyberterrorist attack'



"...not one single branch of the US administration entirely trusts any of the other branches... ...you can bet your bottom dollar that _every_ agency has some files on UFO reports."

So every branch of the US administration has a niggling doubt at the back of their collective minds that the other branches may be fibbing about knowing nothing about UFOs and in a worst case scenario are either in hock to the little grey dudes or have been replaced by shape-changing alien lizardmen?!??

Bloody hell, I thought I'd worked in offices with a bit of interdepartmental tension but that takes the biscuit =)

MPs lambast BBFC over Batman



Couple of random things; first off, if I was thinking of taking an eleven year old to see that film (I'd be worried about getting arrested/lynched as I've got no kids =) I'd bother to take five minutes out of my lunchbreak and have a quick look at some reviews/previews... the internet is handy for this I hear.

The phrase “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy" popping up all over the place would seem to be enough of a hint that this film might scare the snot out of the youth *shrug*

Seriously, I found clowns freaky enough as a kid without them disappearing pencils into people's heads =)

Secondly, what's all this about the film glorifying the use of knives?

The villian was a nutter, a genuinely unpleasent chap with a nasty habit of doing whatever he felt like without any thought for others (see the above psycho clown quote)... and he had a thing for knives. He seemed quite keen on explosives and petrol too...

So the thoroughly evil man likes knives and hurts people without a second thought...

How exactly does that "glorify" the use of knives?

Bebo users to summon superhuman alien pop-fancier invasion


Re: This'd be funnier...

"I presume this git hasn't read Greg Bear's 'The Forge of God'."

Well he's definitely not read Peter Watts' Blindsight... =)

Judge points laser dazzler man towards prison

Black Helicopters

RE: "plodcopter"?

I thought they were dubbed "whirly-plods" a while back?

Terrorist robots dissected - anatomy of a scare


@ Chris

"If it's so easy to get grenades into this country for a terrorist attack, why exactly are they using Panini bread mix to make explosives?"

They've watched far too many cookery shows and MacGyver repeats? *shrug*

MPs slam costly war-tech projects at MoD



Random bit of quotage...

‘Defence inflation’ means that the cost of sustaining the Armed Forces grows every year, even if no new equipment is ordered, or personnel recruited.

So while defence spending has been increased in real terms from £23.3 billion (€32.5 billion) in 2003 to £33.4 billion (€46.6 billion) in 2006, this only equates to a measly 0.3% rise in spending as a percentage of gross domestic product. And given that Britain has been engaged in two sizeable conflicts during that time (Afghanistan and Iraq), along with one in 1999 (Kosovo) and a number of other small interventions (in places like Sierra Leone), such a small increase seems unacceptable and gives credence to those arguing for higher spending.

- Sourced from a tarted up blog I know *shrug* http://tinyurl.com/22y8zc

So from the sound of it spending's gone up over the last four or so years, but not by much as a percentage... equally it's probably way down, relative to GDP, when compared to the cold war period but I'd imagine that's no huge surprise to anyone...

One question, why the hell is defence inflation so much higher than the common or garden variety that the rest of us have to make do with?

I know military spec stuff is supposed *ahem* to be bigger and better than the civvy stuff but... ;-)

Lily Allen gets 'social networking' TV show

Thumb Up


Bloody hell, someone else saw Monkey Dust too!

We'll never get alien telly, says Zagreb boffin


re: Well

"As to intersteller travel, without breaking Einsteins cage it's impossible..."

It's not impossible, it just takes a while... ;-)

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver


RE: What's next?!

"The Hook Norton Libertarian Front?"

A tiny nation-state based around the Hook Norton brewery... not a bad idea all told ;-)


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