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Skype-on-Linux graduates from Alpha to Beta status


Stopped using Skype when Microsoft bought it

Figured there would be security and privacy issues, and there were.

Linux on Windows 10: Will penguin treats in Creators Update be enough to lure you?


No, I'll stick to the real thing. Although it is clearly a version of Microsoft's Embrace, Extend, Extinguish, it might actually help bring more people over to Linux, given they will now get more exposure to it.

Ubuntu smartphone to go on sale: It'll be harder to get than a new iPhone


Re: No PC capability this time

The PC capability is still on the way, probably not until this time next year. However given that an Ubuntu phone is still basically the same as my Ubuntu laptop, the major difference is the UI, I prefer it over my Android phone, which requires all sorts of convolutions to root it and make it secure. So yes, if I possibly can, I'll be getting one.

When the PC capability becomes available I'll be ready. When the PC capability is added the UI will morph from Phone/Tablet UI to PC when plugged in to a Big screen.

Android gives Google a search monopoly? Not so fast, says judge


the Judge isright

Android users can use any search engine they choose.

On my standard un rooted Android phone, I use Firefox as my browser and IxQuick as my search engine. Other users are free to do the same. They may not know they can, or know how to (or even care), but that is a different issue.

Surfing the web from Android? We KNEW it – sorry, iOS fanbois


Re: "I love Apple because they take the most money from me"

quote::Would you refuse to buy a product from a company that makes "too much" money ... Would you refuse to buy a house whose price has gone up at 5x the rate of inflation over the past couple decades .... ::quote


Huawei: We'll sell a dual-boot Android, Windows 8 smartphone because, well, isn't it obvious?


Would I buy a dual boot Android Windows phone

in a word... No.

This tool demands access to YOUR ENTIRE DIGITAL LIFE. Is it from GCHQ? No - it's by IKEA


Fortunately I use Linux Mint

and Ikea don't support Linux based operating systems (apparently we Linux users don't buy anything or renovate our kitchens), so I can't install the plugin, which means I can't inadvertently give away all my data.

Merry Christmas? Not for app devs: That gold rush is officially OVER


Re: I hate

Absolutely. the first thing I do is check the required permissions, if I think any of those permissions are in any way strange I don't touch the app, no matter how desirable it might seem, and pretty much any app that requires my contacts list or access to my phone calls is a no no. I impress this message on all my family and friends, so far it seems to be working.

Ubuntu unleashes dual boot tool for Android mobes'n'slabs


Re: There already is a Linux for mobiles.

quote:: then threw it all away by pushing the universally hated Unity desktop? ::quote

There is no compulsion to use Unity. I regularly install Ubuntu for people and then install Cinnamon or Mate to replace Unity, it's easy, and you are probably some one who is sufficiently computer literate as to be able to do it. Of course there are also those computer semi literate users who actually like Unity, so I leave it there for them to use.

So stop complaining about something that will not change, that it is unnecessary to require be changed, and which it doesn't matter if you like, or not. If you like everything else about Ubuntu then install it and change the desktop, or install Linux Mint, if you don't know how to replace Unity.

SourceForge responds to GIMP grump with crowdsourcing caper



Naturally, as I don't use either Windows or Mac, this issue doesn't affect me. Not the ads, nor the toolbars, nor the security issues. All of the software published on Sourceforge comes to me via my Linux Mint App Store, otherwise known as the Software Centre.

GIMP flees SourceForge over dodgy ads and installer


Re: @Dave 126 - FLOSS nutter

Of course they are not interested in Linux, they aren't interested in Windows either, or Mac for that matter. With the exception of fanboy geeks no one is interested in Linux, Mac or Windows. They want something that works. In my experience, that can just as easily be a linux based operating system, when it's made easily accessible, as it is Mac or Windows. I've seen enough non geek users embrace Ubuntu or Linux Mint, in preference to the Windows install that came with their computer... because it works better for them.


I never have any problems with malware or adware when I install software, I always use the Software Centre (or App Store) that comes with my Linux Operating System.

Good on the GIMP team for doing this though

Cinnamon Desktop: Breaks with GNOME, finds beefed-up Nemo


Re: Look everyone

Speaking as someone who has been a Linux desktop user (BUT NEVER a Linux programmer) since 2000. What a load of shit you speak.

Japan's XP migration solution: Remove network cable


Re: Windows FULLSTOP is not ready for the INTERNET

He might not know much about Windows, but I do. I can tell you, after 34 years in the fireld (including Masinframe, Unix, Linux and Windows Systems), with 20 years as a Windows programmer, System Administrator and Network Administrator (yes that's right going back to pre Windows 95 days, up to and including Windows 7 and Server 2008 - I'm now retired), that your man has the right idea, his view is a bit extreme, but essentially he is correct.

Any Unix like (including BSD and Linux) system is inherently more secure than Windows, and is easier to secure even further. Yes Windows can be brought up to a secure level that is close to a Unix like System, but it can never quite reach the level possible with a Unix like system. And to do so requires much more work and monitoring.

As a consequence of this, and Unix like desktop system, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Fedora and etc is going to be, by default, sunstantially more secure than any default Windows sytem. Yes those Windows desktops can be made substantially more secure, but so too can the Unix like systems.

In practice, however Windows desktops are raely secured as strongly as they can be or even as strongly as Unix like systems are by default, and certainly not as stronly as unix like systems can be. Ther reason for this is that doing so usually inconveniences users too greatly. This is why, in practice unix like systems, such as MacOSX and Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Slackware, and etc, desktop systems are more secure,

That fact that currently there is a Windows mono culture on the desktop does not help either, as businesses and general users are subject to the double whammy of a system that is inherently less suecure, and a system that is easier to create malware for.

It is primarily because of these facts that i have chosen to use Linux based systems for my personal use, in my retirement, as I cannot be bothered spending the time adequately securing Windows systems in what should be MY time.

Mark Shuttleworth: Canonical leads Ubuntu, not 'your whims'


This is typical Shuttleworth rhetoric

Create a strawman and demolish it, then trample it's remains into the dirt.

It's all well and good that he defend his vision for Ubuntu, but he could at least address the actual issues that people have raised. Personally I am rather excited by his vision of a, as he phrases it, "convergent" desktop, but I was (and still am, and well before he described his vision) excited by the KDE communitiy's vision of the exactly the same thing.

He has failed to address concerns over privacy, and yes it easier to turn the advertising off, so I guess in his mind it is resulved.

he has failed to address the concerns over yet another Display Manager

he failed to address issues over the FUD Canonical originally posted about Wayland, when they decided to drop it.

Shuttleworth practices a very nasty form of Corporate ethics, he reframes the argument, then argues for or against that. This is dishonest.

Windows XP support ends two years from now


Re: Migrate before ...

Actually Windows doesn't annoy me, it's merely an unnecessary expense. Using Linux on our desktops saves us money and time.


Re: Migrate before ...

quote:: can you shove in a disc and let it do the set-up work for you? No. ::quote

Actually you can't do that with Windows either, not with XP, Vista or Win 7.


Re: Migrate before ...

We've already migrated all of our computer systems to Linux based OSs, on 31 Jan 2012, we removed the last Windows OS and installed a Linux Mint desktop complete with Mono + Mono Develop to replace the Windows plus Visual Studio set up. In this way can continue to develop C# ASP.NET web applications, which are now hosted on Debian Linux servers.


Re: No Problem

Indeed, it is no problem. My company has already replaced Windows on the desktop and the server with Linux based Operating Systems, the final changeover date was January 1st 2012.

We are even able to continue building C# ASP.NET web applications, using Mono and Mono Develop on Linux (Linux Mint actually) desktops, and host those web applications on Debian Linux Servers.

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers


iPhone and Android users

are both vacant followers of fashion


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