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Another rewrite for 737 Max software as cosmic bit-flipping tests glitch out systems – report

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Re: So...

Fantastic piece I cannot believe no up votes yet? You basically nailed the issue.

The new Huawei is the world's fastest phone

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To pricey for a Huawei

Price kills the device; Huawei is a Chinese brand that cannot command Apple prices no matter how much the reviewer loves the device. Its doomed.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year

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Ah the MS hatred alive and well

God the vitriolic bile and hatred towards Microsoft here on what has been a pretty successful OS release is pretty incredible really. Maybe the Linux die hard’s are hoping the lazy main stream media that peruse this site will alter their view of the launch and adapt a more pessimistic Windows 10 upgrade narrative.

I have upgraded plenty of machines of various ages and spec and from the outset apart for a few niggles most have been fine. I had 1 user that had to go back to Windows 7 because an old Toshiba GDI printer/copier would not work with it and that’s about it.

I get the lack of choice and the pushing out of the OS upgrade and how everyone loves their Windows 7; however from Microsoft’s perspective they want a model similar to Apple when it comes to OS support yet no one complains about their behavior. If MS did not push retirement of old OS’s we’d still have people bitching and expecting support on Windows NT!

As another poster pointed out Apple have had their fair share of upgrade pain recently, as for Linux yes its free however we all know the advocates here are charging well for their services (as they are well entitled to) so it’s not FREE really.

Orderly queue please for the down votes…

3 spectastic Lumias for price of 1 rival flagship: Microsoft sells biz on cheapie experience

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2nd that have a Lumia 925 great user experience...

I have to 2nd that, I have a Lumia 925 apart from the battery life which under very heavy usage will barely last the day, I love the device.

I have a take it or leave it attitude on the iPhone however the 6 has a great battery.

As for Android I despise it. Almost all devices I ever have to configure are loaded with crap apps, bogus software and even worse "anti-virus" software that you have to wade through before any setup of business apps. It really is the wild west of mobile OS's that needs some form of quality control from the play store.

Expect the downvotes to follow from all the android followers...

Microsoft brings SUNSHINE – but it's a CLOUDY DAY

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On a positive note...

Just for a bit of balance the Surface Pro 3 is doing a storming business and deservedly so, its one of the best tech devices out their currently, plus is competing at the MACBOOK level of purchasing and winning. Of course it does not have an Apple logo on it or runs Android so no points here on old El Reg!

The XBox outsold the Sony PS and is making money after years of MS sticking with the product; a lesson there for short sighted accountants that run other businesses!

Microsoft is still making stack loads of cash, has little or no competition in the business Server / PC current install base environment. Admittedly the consumer device environment is fragmented like never before, however I still see every domestic house ends up with a least 1 laptop (usually Windows sometimes MAC) regardless of how many crappy Android tablets they play around with or their kids destroy with poor quality games and apps!

Plus Windows 10 is on the way and looks promising. Interesting year ahead as for commentary of MS's demise lets review that next year!

PHONDLESLAB-ULOUS: Motorola Moto X Android phablet

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Re: So I have to ask

I think you meant Vomiting after reading the review! Flaws like no micro sd slot, nothing special battery, ordinary camera for such a pricey phone; were glanced over.... an android love in review if I ever read one...

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?

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Their are issues with Google drive aswell..

To be fair I have had issues with Google drive and file / folder syncing on the iPad aswell. All these services have their minor niggles however in general they all work great considering they have to work across such a variety of poor inconsistent internet connections. Plus do not get me started on iCloud and the inflexibility of viewing files in a simple web browser!

Obviously The Reg is going to highlight the errors in the Microsoft service.

iPad? More like iFAD: We reveal why Apple fell into IBM's arms

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Ipad only a content consumption device

The limitations of the iPad are becoming apparent its basically a content consumption device, useless for creation.

Plus I see it with my grandmother the apple walled garden makes simple tasks like archiving all your photos to local storage, in cases where its your only device its a bit of a pain. Its still only a secondary device, where you need a PC (whatever OS) or Mac as your primary device.

For once the Reg headline has it spot on iFad.

Hello Moto... It's the Nokia Lumia 630

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Its a windows phone so the has to have a headline downer

God what an insignificant "flaw" in an otherwise what seems a super budget phone. Removal battery, 128GB Micro SD slot, apps installable on SD, new windows 8.1 .....

I suppose we should appreciate the fact that the camera in the Moto E being so dire is acknowledged.

So make a call reviewer, which phone is better, where is the famous out of 10 score for both!

Motorola Moto E: Brill budget blower with one bothersome blunder

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Re: 52 comments? Pick a card, any card...

Or any kind of decent camera..

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Reg criticising Android gear - camera must be AWFUL

A first the reg criticising Android gear, we can only assume the Camera must be so shockingly bad a review without mentioning it would not be credible journalism, or else it would be glossed over....

Microsoft loses cash on each Surface slab – but core biz strong as ever

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Re: Terrible maths.

"I would if your goal was accuracy and not negativity.

You must be new here."

Brilliant; EL Reg is the anti-Microsoft, fandroid lovers tech news source of choice. Do not expect even the smallest bit of positive (or even balanced Microsoft news and comments here). I am convinced El Reg must be all staffed with old ex Novell, Netscape employees with that rusty olde axe to grind away with...

Nokia Lumia update spreads Black death

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No issues on my Lumia 925

My Lumia 925 on Three network updated without issue. Did notice the beamer update not available though...

Thought sales were in the toilet before? Behold the agony: 2013 was a PC market BLOODBATH

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PC market not as bad as this REG article MSFT / INTC stock up today

As usual we do not expect the REG to depart from its PC market grave dancing, the truth about today's numbers is that PC market is not nearly as bad as reported here; MSFT stock up 1.44% today after the numbers. One source:


Of course that does not stop the REG and its usual anti-microsoft bias, chromebook anything Android love in to continue.

As other posters have pointed out the PC still remains the most productive device available. Tablets have their place however their peak market penetration in developed world anyway is approaching.

Microsoft yanks Surface 2 DIM SCREEN of DEATH fix in update snafu

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Re: The Surface 2 good news story from 2-3 days ago not reported on The Reg...

No doubt the Surface 2 is not selling near the quantities of the iPad which wins as the best tablet for messing about on the couch after a days work. The Nexus being the best android offering, almost all other cheap Android tablets are useless and will be broken by the end of January.

However its sales are growing, the majority of users who have purchased one (The Surface RT / 2) use it as a combined tablet and laptop replacement ideal for work like editing documents, presentations, emails and ease of access to you files on the full size USB port.

The surface is the most innovation and distinct tablet in the market currently, ok some parts of windows RT have a few rough edges however that is progressing as can be seen in the 8.1 upgrade.

The Reg from the get go have been trying to blacken the Surface and Windows RT from the start, this article is more of the same.....

A Butler

The Surface 2 good news story from 2-3 days ago not reported on The Reg...

As per usual The Reg will NEVER publish any semblance of a good news story regarding the Surface tablet.

A few days ago it was widely reported that the device had sold out in the US, sourced from various retailers not just Microsoft marketing. Of course no mention of it here..... only sniping anti-Surface news welcome.

Here ye go for a bit of balance:


Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action

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Re: "... and Chromebooks?"

In a nutshell Chromebooks are crap.

A Butler

Decent though provoking article.

Its a decent thought provoking article. Cheap tablets in the 3rd world will only work with availability of reliable internet access. Currently they do not have even reliable power never mind internet.

This is where Microsoft deserves some credit the Surface RT is the best offline, laptop replacing tablet, of course its to dear however that can be addressed. Also all the dirty big servers supplying the tablet information; here Microsoft is still the biggest stake holder.

I do not buy that Microsoft is out of the game and all is lost; remember Microsoft has history on its side. Change is a coming no doubt about that....

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software

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El Reg the home of anti-Microsoft bile and hatret another day at the office

Another day, another anti-Microsoft article full of the usual bile and hatred; yesterday it was the PS4 is outselling and trouncing the xBox one and all the minor bugs with the device. This on top of the sniping of the Surface tablet, Windows phone, NSA friendly access, the crap CEO and general state of the company and its imminent demise. I am only assuming El Reg hire ex Novell or Netscape staff.

While Google remains largely unscathed, and praised where possible read yesterday’s review of the Moto G; Android can do no wrong. I waiting about a month after Christmas and when all those cheap useless Android tablets are generating resentment will we have a bit of critique?

Best budget Android smartphone there is? Must be the Moto G

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Seem really good but?

Seems really good except for no micro SD slot and its hard to beat the Nokia Here maps for SAT NAV. In my book that just keeps the Lumia 520 ahead.

I am of course assuming the never version of Android has been cleaned up and users have been protected from ruining their phones by loading them up with slow, poor apps; Androids weakest point on low end hardware.

Microsoft Surface slabs borked by heat-induced DIM SCREEN OF DEATH

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Well said a balanced friendly comment

Well said Rallicat a nice comment, well balanced and offensive to nobody. Maybe its the season of goodwill on the Reg after all!

Hello! Still here! Surface 2! Way better than iPad! says slightly desperate Microsoft

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Re: Own and use a Surface RT excellent laptop replacement

Then you have the issue of a measly 16GB storage on the base iPad or spend a lavish amount for the apple robbery options of 32GB or 64GB..... even Wozinak bemoaned Apples's attitude to storage.

I think the Surface is a better option storage wise.

A Butler

Own and use a Surface RT excellent laptop replacement

Most commentators here have net given the Surface RT tablet a chance, I have.

It is the most flexible device of the lot out their as a laptop replacement and a tablet. No other device comes close. Of course its not as good as an iPad as a pure tablet for playing with on the couch at the end of the day. However disconnect the magnetic keyboard and it almost as good.

Attach the keyboard, add in an external USB NIC and VGA lead to the bag and for most people it will do all the tasks of a portable laptop perfectly for 1/2 the price. Couple that with the improved 8.1 update (Outlook, offline Skydrive file access), a MICRO sd card slot (usual 64GB recommended) and you are sorted. You can load up the device with all those old MP3's (from the now defunct laptop) and movies from torrent sites unlike the iTunes walled garden.

Add in that like the iPad is will not get viruses however unlike the iPad all flash sites are supported you have a far better all-rounder device

So in this recessionary times its the ideal device for anyone wanting to buy one productive value device. Of course most of the contributors here have no issue buying a iPad air for the train, an android device for the home have a laptop for those big meetings with possible a media server for their media content. Unfortunately not everyone is made of money like the IT boomers here....

And don't get me started on all the xmas €100 bargain junk Android tablets, I expect most to be broke and in landfill by the end of January.

Ballmer: Microsoft stronger without Bing and Xbox tinkering

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Have to agree with Balmer

Their is no sense in ditching either Bing or xBox, people now join an ecosystem, and Microsoft has one of the most complete ones with options in all areas unlike its competition. This is its greatest strength and over time it will make a difference this can be seen already in the Windows phone growth.

Of course the Reg and a lot of its anti-MS posters would love to see a breakup, hence why they argue such a strong course of action. A successful company like Microsoft always has its share of haters.

Cost cutting, redundancies, low staff morale and short sighted decisions destroy technology companies like a cancer, example HP.

Android in FOUR out of 5 new smartphones. How d'ya like dem Apples?

A Butler

Lumia 520 and 620 getting the sales they deserve...

Great to see the Lumia 520 & 620 getting the sales they deserve. 2 Great, fast, affordable smartphones that will do 80% if the tasks of an iPhone / S4 for 1/4 of the price.

Apple missed a trick not having a low end mass market phone and Android OS needs a cleanup for the low end phones as its performance is dreadful on phones like the Galaxy Ace. Reports are saying the new version is a big improvement whether it will be available to compete with the Lumia's for christmas is another question.

Interesting times and good for the consumer.

Microsoft: Ha ha, my Wall Street friends - THIS time the victory is OURS

A Butler

The doomed Surface RT even selling...

I also see the Surface RT selling since price reductions and the improvements in Windows 8.1.

I think Wozniak mad a very interesting point yesterday why the iPad Air has such little storage relative to its price? Not everybody wants to be in the ICloud where we never own content and its all DRM hobbled.

This is where the Surface RT and 2 can compete as old legacy laptop users who want to bring their MP3 and movies can do fairly easily in the Surface versus an iPad, plus when the Surface fills up they can just plug in an external hard drive, or swap SD cards, ok you can access your content over a wireless hard drive in the iPad however its not as neat and does not suit the traveler or the user who just wants basic plug and play then copy.

Great times for the consumer as this 3 way competition is brilliant and will drive innovation in all companies and platforms. Lets have a small bit of credit and balance when analyzing all platforms.

A Butler

Re: You guys.....

Have to agree; reading a lot of the Reg's contributing journalists and most posters you would swear Android's world domination is assured with the iStuff for the rest mostly richer folk.

You like iPads, you like things called 'Air'. You will LOVE this puppy

A Butler

A thinner tabler is that it, how robust, it will need a bulky case????

My god talk of little innovation and small progression, a thinner tablet with an incremental processor upgrade??

Most people bulk out the iPad with a protective case so their is little point in a thinner tablet. Especially since you have spent so much money on a thin tablet you are going to buy the obligatory bulky protective case since we can only assume it will be near impossible to fix should you let it drop.

A bit of an own oxymoron from Apple a thin, weak, expensive device that users will bulk out with a protective case to protect it.

LIVE CHAT: You, El Reg, experts chat about Win 8.1 and Surface 2

A Butler

Another RT user on 8.1 see the improvements

I have the Surface RT with the type cover and for my work its perfect.

Windows 8.1 RT has some nice new features like the ability to add your MP3's and movies (AVI, mpeg files etc) to your music and video library really easily from SD card now, unlike before.

The new mail program is a revelation compared to the old, so much so I have barely looked at Outlook on the RT. Also the idea of all the apps below the main start screen is neat. Split screen multi tasking also works really well.

Have seen a few issues with IE11 though nothing worth the headlines, and the speed of the browser, flash support plus the ability to flick forward and back pages is so handy.

I also have to say the offline skydrive file access really works well.

My biggest gripe with Microsoft's surface is that these should have all been their on version 8. Personally I would not pay for the Surface Pro premium if all you want is a tablet that will also replace most of your laptop needs. If you are on a budget and get the old stock Surface RT devices at a good price its a no brainer; Carrefour in France were selling it for €339.

All the old advantages are still their; full size USB port, direct VGA output for presentations on powerpoint, full MS office.

Ignore those that knock the device without giving it a chance and all those with a Microsoft grudge.

Microsoft pulls Win 8.1 RT code which upgraded Surface 'slabs into BRICKS

A Butler

Upgraded the RT to 8.1 pre my holiday no issues

I updated the Surface RT to 8.1 with zero issues on the morning of the release.

Used it constantly while away last 3 days and on an 18 hour boat trip that had dial up speed satellite broadband (gave up on that), I was watching away from my wide choice of movies on the 64GB SD card, had a friend of mine kindly fill it with the latest releases.

The offline skydrive folders worked perfectly I synced all the content to the device and it cached it fine.

The mail apps seems much improved, so much so, that I did not fiddle with the new outlook yet.

Overall 8.1 seems a fine upgrade on the RT.

HP dumped from Dow Jones Industrial Average

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Legacy of Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd

Hollow out all the engineering and development to cut costs; in the short term this will drive the share price and appease investors, long term it destroys the company; HP is a text book example. Hope they write a chapter for all those business degree courses. 2 of the worst tech CEO's in history: Carly Fiorina and Mark Hurd

I just hope Microsoft's new CEO does not embark on the same strategy.

New iPhones: C certainly DOESN'T stand for 'Cheap'

A Butler

No challenger to Google Nexus and Nokia Lumia 520 / 620 low end.

No challenge to the low end smartphone market which is growing rapidly in all markets, the Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia's 520 / 620 have a clear run into the Christmas market, and will do well when people realize they perform most smartphone tasks for 1/3 of the price.

iPad 5, Retina iPad mini with 'A7X' chip home for the holidays – report

A Butler

Re: Just buy the cheap iPad2 16GB....... all very dull new products

Here's hoping Apple amaze the world with a truly innovate product like the original iPhone and iPad.

Its been quite a while since Apple have pulled any new rabbits out of the hat, even the most ardent blinded Apple fan would have to admit its been more of the same on product announcements since Steve Jobs died (pipeline was obviously drying up before his death).

The iPad is a classic case in point; boring increments not making one wanting rid of the old one.

A Butler

Just buy the cheap iPad2 16GB....... all very dull new products

I think the iPad is a terrific product its just all so dull on the new products front. Why would anyone bother waiting (never mind queuing!) for just more dull Apple incremental upgrades that provide no additional functionality.

Remember Apple products are about look and feel; not the boring specs like processors, a few more pixels on the already perfectly adequate screen....YAWN

iPhone rises, Android slips in US, UK

A Butler

Re: The lumia range sure beat Android landfill@ A Butler

Adding a bit of balance to an overwhelming anti-Microsoft bias from most posters on the site.

My posting on this thread is based on using a variety of phones, transferring contacts, settings up email and general usage and problems over a period of time until the user is familiar with their functionality. The biggest headache devices are cheap Android ones. I rarely ever have any grief with iPhones (except users complaining about reception) or any of the Windows 8 Lumia's once setup. The high end Android devices are fine aswell: S4/S3, HTC One.

The standout value for money smartphone currently is the Lumia 520 all it is missing to be unbeatable is a better camera and flash but that would probably drive up the price. Most smart phones are used as a phone, camera, with email and web access and a few apps, Nokia have hit the sweet spot on the entry level and deserve credit for it.

A Butler

The lumia range sure beat Android landfill

The Lumia's 620 & 520 are the big story here they are a brilliant phone, are the right price that are really easy to use and unlike crap Android phones like the Samsung Ace or Sony Xperia early models they always run fluid; load up a few apps on the low end Android devices and watch them crawl.

Plus backed with Office and the excellent outlook.com ecosystem they are a serious 3rd option. Competition is hotting up.

The message is getting out, no need to spend €600 on a smart phone (or a 2 year €50 a month contract) a prepay unit like the Lumia 520 will do 90% of the main smartphone tasks for 1/3 of the price its a no brainier.

Apple need a low range phone model and Android needs to clean up the OS speed wise for entry level phones to compete with Nokia's Lumia 520 & 620.

Until that time arrives the Lumia's 520 & 620 have the entry level smartphone market to themselves.

Dell to axe 1,000-plus call-centre bods, enterprise staff in prep to go private

A Butler

Re: Bad for people...

Are the right people being left go? No problem with some like basic support, but leaving a while enterprise team including engineers and developers smacks of something Mark Hurd (of HP cutting fame) would encourage. Remember strip away the wrong people, engineers in R&D and all you are left with is a hollow brand.

Good for shareholders however long term its a cancer within the company. Dangerous times for Dell.

Ballmer's emotional farewell to Redmond: I LOVE THIS COMPANY

A Butler

Ballmer not a bad CEO give some credit

All the negativity against Ballmer; he was a good CEO his greatest strength was he was not the usual cut costs, slash R&D merchant; look at the state of HP right now because of Hurd and Carly Fiorina.

He kept the culture of keeping with products even though they were initially not successful however he gave them time to develop and improve, cases include the XBox and Bing.

I do hope the same ethos is kept and products such as Windows Phone, RT and even Windows 8 are improved and maintained.

The company is in a very healthy state in almost every other area: Server Tools, Development, Office

The very last thing Microsoft needs is a slash and burn drive the share price to the detriment of R&D type CEO. Of course that is what a lot of the Android fanbios here would love to see...

Despite Microsoft Surface RT debacle, second-gen model in the works

A Butler

Re: Microsoft is too late

iPad is still a toy for the guy in finance or sales to play with, that should not be taken seriously in business, or the useless director drawing the big bucks that just wants the boardroom synopses and can return to the game of golf while laughing at the fools doing real work.

Yes I accept productive employees are the real fools in all this, however no self respecting company employee that claims any engineering excellence or long term addition to their prospective companies future in their job will use their iPad as their primary technology tool of choice; artists and the creative types go for the MAC, hard workers for the laptop / PC and engineering wants the biggest most powerful workstation.

The surface RT could pick a niche where a productive tablet is required, provided MS does not f**K it up as its doing now.

Do not get me wrong at the end of the day for pricking around on the couch the iPad is the winner.

A Butler

The xBox was an initial loss making disaster that took years to develop, now look at it.....

A Butler

They might retail it now

Having used the Surface RT the past few months its a good product that has a lot of strong points, full size USB, micro HDMI (VGA & HDMI easy out), Office 2013, skydrive, expandable SD memory, Onenote, full flash support, true multitasking. 8.1 will improve on that with Outlook and full offline skydrive.

Anyway with Asus and Acer leaving the Windows RT OS, now is the time to launch the Surface 2 in retail from the start and take on the other tablets for xmas. They are not offending OEM's anymore.

Surface RT: A plan worthy of the South Park Underpants Gnomes

A Butler

Lack of Apps on RT not a serious issue - Flash works in browser

In the Surface RT the lack of apps not such an issue because flash sites work perfectly in the browser unlike the iPad. Remember is comes pre loaded with Office 2013 up to power point with Outlook on the way in windows 8.1.

That covers a lot of the app requirement issues.

A Butler

Surface RT not a bad product - distribution was the let down

Microsoft made a mess of distribution and sales of the RT. The product itself is not a bad device however I can buy an iPad in my local Tesco to get a surface RT is hard work.

The one great strength of Microsoft throughout the years is persistence. The xBox being the last hardware example, initial this lost massive amounts of money for Microsoft, now look its the star performer.

They need more of the same attitude with the RT; improve it, market it and stick with it. It will come good.

Microsoft lathers up Windows 8.0 Surface RT for quick price shave

A Butler

Re: How much!

Buy the 32GB then add in 64GB micro SD memory. You also get 7GB cloud storage with a Microsoft Account and can plug in any memory stick directly to the full size USB 2.0 port.

Loads of expansion possibilities....

A Butler

Re: Kinda grows on you

So did I, most critics here are just the usual blend of Linux morphed into Android fanbios with an profound hatred of anything Windows or Microsoft related.

With 8.1 on the way you are getting outlook 2013 and full offline folders on Skydrive, these are killer apps that will move the device well up in usage, note it already has a full size USB port, day long battery life, Micro SD expandable memory (up to 64GB), can attach directly to a projector via VGA, as well as HD video out, true multitasking (check some youtube reviews). Try doing any of that on an Ipad and some of those awful Android tablets. The touch type keyboard is just brilliant coupled with the kickstand.

I just see it as the most flexible exceptional quality tablet out their currently. The iPad is the more polished tablet for dicking around on the couch after a days work (I like the iPad) however for productive work the Surface RT wins hands down.

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive

A Butler

Samung Ace earlier device was awful

Hope that Samsung Ace 3 is better than the awful earlier ones. Also a neighbor got a low end Xperia and its a terrible phone he hates it; do not know which one I think its the Xperia E, so slow and so much lag between menus.

In that phone store of yours is the Windows phone sales poor because of no appetite or incentives among the operators and staff to sell the windows phone devices? Some operators such as Three will attempt to sell you anything except a Windows Phone.

I have moved a good few friends of mine from button phones to Lumia 620 or HTC 8S and they were very happy. Then again that is my small sample base....

A Butler

Too man bad low end android smart phones... old high end ones good enough.

The best low end smart phones at the moment are the Lumia 520 & 620. No doubt when apple release a less than premium smartphone it will be good (probably not that cheap though), right now Nokia have the product they are just not pushing sales and shipping volumes. Why I do not know?

A lot of people just want phone functionality, email, browsing and a reasonable camera, they have no interest is a lot of the current bells and whistles of the S4, iPhone 5, Lumia 925, HTC One etc. with the 2 year contract and expensive tariff. Also like the PC desktop replacement cycle, people are not automatically replacing their IPhone 4's at the end of their contract, as functionality it is more than enough for them.

So the high end is being squeezed from current entry level smart phones, and the old high end phones (iphone 4, 4S, S2, HTC Desire).

Interesting times?

A Butler

Nokia are you watching let loose the Lumia 520 & 620

I hope Nokia are watching the time is right for them to flood the market with the Lumia 520 & 620. These are brilliant entry level smart phone that are snappy to use and are idea for the new smartphone user that just wants basic, fluid and stable functionality; why do you think Apple are rushing out a cheap iPhone to market even they know the high end is saturated.

Microsoft lures buy-curious vixens, corduroys with a cheap fondle

A Butler

Use the RT then comment.

How many of the critics here have actually used a Surface RT for a reasonable period of time and put aside the anti-Microsoft chip on their shoulder?

I have and find it an excellent tablet V's the iPad. And with full Outlook coming with the Windows 8.1 release it will be a real good business traveler device considering Office is free plus no file compatibility issues.

It has a full size USB 2.0 port , easy output to VGA / HD Video (for your protector and tele), capacity expandable to 64GB, will work with most printers simply.

As a productive tablet it takes some beating.

Lenovo planning US smartphone push as PC sales stall

A Butler

Lenovo should buy HTC

Lenovo should buy HTC, they would be cheap enough to acquire an ideal fit.