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Dear departed Internet Explorer, how I will miss you ... NOT


Re: Performance art code

OS9 - the last Apple OS - that wasn't Next- or Linux - or shit. Even on old hardware it was good, but when it broke!!! You just replaced the system file and finder and it was fixed again WOOHOO!!!

Think your brilliant app idea will earn some big bucks? HAH. You fool


I suspect $1250 a day is a slip - he probably means $1250 a month or maybe a year?

Scientists discover supervolcano trigger that could herald humanity's doom


Re: So much for that idea

Careless with the phrase "care less" there Smarter.... Always funny when some clever sod cocks up!



Re: So in a few millenia..

I, for one, bow to our new feline overlords

Ho, ho, HOLY CR*P, ebuyer! Etailer rates staff on returns REJECTED


To be fair to them, I've always found the service very good, but not sure if I've had any returns, and when you consider how many hopeless users there are out there they would be stupid to NOT try and prevent returns, if they didn't everything you bought would be an ex RMA!

The Raspberry Pi: Is it REALLY the saviour of British computing?


Good article, I grew up sat in a kitchen with a black and white telly typing basic into a ZX81, but it gave me a hobby and a career thats served me pretty well. I also agree completely that it helps develop logical thinking and fault finding which is seriously missing in kids these days (perhapa not having a 'reset' button is a bonus!)

Then I see the media spouting about the pi, while it is great is doesnt make programmers or developers out of kids that play online.

How often do you hear 'my lad/daughter/nephew/niece knows all about computers, they can do anything'. Actually no, if you pointed most of them at a line of code they wouldn't have a clue, all they can do is web browse and install games because they don't actually understand the hardware, or architecture and don't understand the fault finding process. I see it today with mechanics, looking at a snap on pc to find a fault when the wheels have fallen off!

Anyway well said

Users rage as Fasthosts virtual servers go titsup... again


Re: Recommendations please!

I could recommend my current hosts, but then I'd have to kill you. (i don't want more muppets using them !)

Try Redstation, they were a total bunch of cunts when it went wrong on them, no backups, no idea - told the server was dead on conference call with the chief iTard and managing director, he was a little bemused when I told him I'd downloaded the 150mb CMS site of the 'server that was totally dead as the disks had failed' via FTP but sadly I didn't do the rest as I assumed they had a fucking clue/backup. Then they decided they didn't like it.

"After much deliberation over the future of the H-Sphere Hosting platform we have reluctantly decided to withdraw the service and close it down. "

Followed by fuck off in 6 months tough shit we give up

Good Riddance

So Redstation, try them, can't be worse than Farcehosts...

Why UK slid £150m to tax-exempt phone-mast master Arqiva


Re: Maybe it's just me

If that were the case we'd probably be sat typing these comments via a 28k modem provided and installed by The Post Office, unless you were a subversive hippie and illegally wired in a dodgy 56k modem you found in the back of a magazine (not on ebay, that would take too long to load)

Microsoft begins automatic Windows 7 SP1 rollout


I think we have found the retard here - do you have a mirror to hand?

British armed forces get first new pistol since World War II


Actual experience

I shot pistols (not in combat) for years, most of it in practical pistol competition (yes I know that's not actual combat, but I'm on about the weapons). I've shot a huge range over the years, and owned a lot of different models.

I owned a Glock 21 (45 acp) and it was a superb pistol, utterly reliable, easy to use, easy to strip (which I haven't seen mentioned, a very important point if you were in the field), if I were going into a nasty situation I have no hesitation that I'd be taking in a glock. I have used the 9mm as well and its every bit as good, especially the 17 round capacity. My second choice would probably be the Sig, but I also had a soft spot the the 92fs, I honestly don't recall having a single jam or misfire on the 92 in thousands of rounds, but it was not as accurate.

My actual competition gun was a Tanfoglio 10mm with a built in compensator etc, very fast gun but would be useless in combat, I had to load my ammo out of spec to prevent jams! In the real world you wouldn't touch it

Now I also owned a Desert Eagle, but the 45 cal version (they also made them in 357, they use revolver cartridges not auto). It was a total hoot, I loaded it with slower powder for a great flame show, but as a practical pistol it was totally useless, it would jam from time to time, and worse still it had a nasty habit of throwing the empty, extremely hot, cases straight into your forehead, and when they sit on your glasses burning you its a bit off putting.

As everyone else apart from the couple of idiots earlier has said, if you think the Desert Eagle is anything other than a toy, or that you shoot a pistol single handed (other than in target shooting), go back to your Xbox, and as for the DE being a target pistol, I'd be using a revolver for that.

We did have a saying for the DE though (non PC), "The 7 rounds are to shoot the camel then you beat the guy to death with with the gun when he falls off"

Australian Police say don't use Apple's iOS 6 Maps


Tragically Google do correct their maps, it may take time but they do.

I say tragically because 'Staygate' roundabout near Bradford was 'Stargate' roundabout for many years according to Google. just checked and they fixed it, I much preferred having a Stargate nearby...

Take it or break it: the return of the drop test


Immediately not impressed that they dropped the S3 at a 45 degree angle so it landed on the edge of the screen and then hit the screen on the ground and dropped the iphone on it's end so the screen didnt impact.

That can not be considered a test. So it's a video of some plonkers breaking phones.

Rest of the video becomes irrelevant, rather see them blended..

Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11


Rescan Folder??

Have they managed to implement the simplest thing any media player should be able to do yet?

Rescan your content directory?

Winamp does it and it's a faster and much easier to use, media monkey does it, although it's a fussy interface.

I keep all my music on my Nas, not where apple want me to, and the inability to rescan the content was unbelievably annoying when trying to use my ipod, to the point the ipod has not been updated in 18 months.

I use multiple devices, android tablet & phone, windows desktop and laptop and they all play very happily with each other, just Apple that has to be bloody awkward!

Mystery martian object is relic of (our) civilisation


Re: Martian Uncertainty Principal

I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing



Flash Player to vanish from Android store on Wednesday


Re: Wasn't this

I love android and (having suffered iTunes for an iPhone and iPod Touch) wouldn't touch apple with a barge pole again. But I honestly couldn't give a damn about Flash.

Fandroid? well I love the fact I can plug it in a do what I like with it, I love many of the things that apple fans love, but without the strangle hold of apple. So call me that if you will, but don't ever suggest all android supporters have used flash as it's 'big seller', many of us are more intelligent than that (leave single features to the other team).

Santander's banking website craps out



Sadly I can confirm IE does work, chrome does not. Not a good situation!

Google pushing Jelly Bean updates to Android devices


Re: Jellybean on the xoom?

You can put the US Xoom ICS on it (without rooting), I did and have not had any issues at all. All you have to do is use more locale to add GB keyboard and thats it, everything else works perfectly as far as I can tell.

Yes Motorola have let us down but at least there is an option!

Seagate poised to swallow LaCie, haul fattened bod into channel


Lacie, history

I was there very early on with LaCie, when they first started they sold external HD's aimed at the Mac market. It was good value and good kit, they were also a really good company to deal with.

As always that diluted over time and they became less personal and overpriced compared to the competition, but targeted the mac market, where cost was less important than brand and looks (the stark drives were overpriced but sold well because they looked so cool!}.

I'm pretty amazed at the sales figures, but Jolly Good Luck to the plucky French (how often do you hear that!).

Swallowed up?

Maybe cashed in is more appropriate (and well done!). Just another cash rich company gobble up of small scale competition surely?

Can't see it been a good thing for the brand long term.

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know



I was an early ipod touch buyer, and got screwed on the upgrades, twice, but it's a great music player. I have an iphone 3g, which was nice, but useless when I wanted to just do things. I now have a Desire HD and absolutely love it. You know what the best thing is? No itunes.

It's the single worst piece of software I have on my PC, and the ipod is so out of date to my music collection it's untrue. To say the best part of the ipad experience is itunes/app store is totally deranged. It's not particularly intuitive (the people I know who have no clue whatsoever how it all works), it's slow and it's incredibly restrictive.

The iphone/ipad is an easy to use device for people who are technically inept, no debate. But if you are competent the usability of android blows iOS away.

Garageband??? Yeah right, do a survey and see how many ipad users use garage band. Its a web browser and a music player, at a push it's a video device, but I'd give odds that after the novelty wears off few people will actually sit and watch movies on it. I'd suggest to you that generallythe most vocal people about apple products (oh I love my ipad its fantastic and I use it all the time) are the people with the least idea about technology, I know quite a few who love their iphones and ipads, and I wouldn't trust any of them with a screwdriver and a 13 amp plug.

Tablets are, as mentioned above, a convenient way to look info up on the web, and ipad or android doesnt make much difference, personally I would go android so I can plug it in and do what I want! And itunes, keep it the feck away from me please!!