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eBay about to put part of self on eBay


Re: Optional

It's rather aptly a very synonymous term regards FeeBay...

The Great Border Agency IT Crash: Just who was responsible?


What does ATOS stand for?

Could it be A TOSser who is the architect?

And aren't they, erhm... French... ***whistles***

Same outfit who have declared thousands of disabled benefit claimants fit for work?

Nuff' said :/

Windows 8 Release Preview open for download


Your CPU is not compatible with Windows Eight...

"The most important thing Microsoft is watching for is hardware compatibility, Sinofsky said..."

So WTF is...

"Your computers processor is not compatible with Windows 8..."

Tried it on a Thinkpad i5 2.4Ghz and a desktop with an older, but more powerful, Q9650 CPU... same results in both instances with the W8 installer... eh, pants or what!

Apart from the terrible interface, I'm not bloody well upgrading perfectly good CPU's to suit the whims of Micro$oft....

Sheesh... it should be renamed White Elephant...

Julian Assange extradition: What's next for WikiLeaker-in-chief?


Who Cares?

Why should Assange expect never to be held to account by the US administration for tapping into their comm's and publicising them? People have been extradited to the US for far less, whilst others have been covertly whisked off to Gitmo' .... and as far as the Swedish issue goes, why is he fighting extradition - surely such an informed pillock-of-the-community was aware of the laws affecting Sweden and therefore the consequences of whatever he may have done there...

His plight makes my heart bleed .... NOT!!!

Trekkie wants to build USS Enterprise … in twenty years


Re: Honestly...

Yes, a Borg Cube... haven't you been paying any attention? :o

China claims piracy at new low


It's only dropped from 92% to 38% as a result of the great PRC firewall, meaning in real terms that only 54% of all Chinese computer users have got proxy-ware that has been properly hacked...

Man's car warns of AIR RAID OVER LONDON


Did the Audi's front LED's go into blackout mode?

Reckon Audi's Sat Nav Devs must have been having a Doodle, resulting in a Bug...

I'll get my coat.... :/

Pirate Bay struggling to get on feet after DDoS to the knee


Following in the footsteps of Megaupload...

Nuf' said... end of...

'Catastrophic' Avira antivirus update bricks Windows PCs


Re: Easy...

Kaspersky is linked to numerous BSOD instances on Windoze Seven. NOD32 on the other hand isn't - once you master how to turn off all the pesky pop-up notifications that serve no purpose... as for MSE... it's a crock of $hite...

ASA tuts at TalkTalk over broadband speed estimator


Re: Wifi vs Ethernet

If your network (including WiFi) performs optimally it makes no faffin' difference...

Stuck in the dark ages behind numerous cob walls on 802.11b/g, and you've had it, but surely that hardly needs pointing out?!??!

I get precisely the same results testing on Cat6 ethernet as on my 802.11n dual band WiFi signal, just as long as the signal strength is good and the inbound connection is below the actual WiFi transmission threshold of course...

Sheesh... but if you've got a TalkTalk router, it's prolly' not a brilliant idea...

Queen unveils draft internet super-snoop bill - with clauses


Cuban VPN here I come...

Whoops, did I just say that in the clear... buggritt, I'd better delay that decision for 366 days now...

PC World, Currys, Dixons websites all go titsup


If standards of web maintenance are allied to the standards of computer servicing at PC World then it's simply amazing the site's ever been on it's feet at all... :/

Ofcom probes Sky News over Canoe man email hacks


Up shit creek without a paddle...

Nothing to add.

From the Department of WTF: New USB tampon flash drive


Jammy dodger

It's bloody ridiculous. Period.

Google G-drive app leak sparks 5GB file vault riddle

Thumb Down

5Gb, 25Gb, whatever... today's need can be measured in terrabytes, surely? :o

Can't understand the fuss. I need 5Tb and get it from Livedrive for a measly sum compared to Amazon & Co, no bandwidth charges, and it even works with SyncBackPro (yeah, PITA to set up, but once you have it right you will get around the clock backup without having to maintain anything like 5Tb in local hard drives for mirroring...)

Encryption? I'd want it handled locally. Certainly not in "the Cloud".

Austrian village considers a F**king name change



This begs the question of whether "Dildo" in Newfoundland is going to be considering screwing over its local residents with a poll for a change to their village name too?

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study


Oh FFS!!!

No browser is any more secure than its plug in modules... and yes, as per previous comments, why not include Opera, since it has some 100 million users... sheesh...


Pandemonium as Microsoft AV nukes Chrome browser


I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious...

Serves Google damn right, every time I get an Adobe Flash Update I don't want to have to untick a box to prevent downloading a flaky little Google browser which doesn't even have a bookmarks side-panel... at least Microsoft W7 provides a browser choice screen (if puny, and even if only in Europe anyway)...

I do hope the person responsible at Microsoft turns out to be an employee who'd previously worked for Google... and the whole thing turns out to be a cunning stunt...

Or were heuristics at work, not sure any M$AV could possess trustworthy heuristics... there's a risk it might delete the entire C:\Windows\System32 folder, file content, and sub-folders...

Gary McKinnon support website defaced


You couldn't make it up...

Aspergers sufferers do no have problems understanding the law, they are not like those with certain other psychological problems.

AS kids have obsessions, but when an obsession clashes with the law they are aware that to pursue it is illegal.

Ship him off to the USA, at least it'll probably save the taxpayer one DLA claim.


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