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Office update disables MS files

Simon Jones

Misleading Article?

Yes, the update blocks access to files in some formats but not Office 2003 native formats. By default it blocks some foreign file formats and some OLD formats, PRE Office 97. Many commenters seem to have got the wrong end of the stick probably because the article could be read as saying Office 2003 could no longer open its own files.

The blocking can be turned off or down either by editing the registry or by group policy and searching for the error message will lead you to instructions on how to do this. Perhaps it is a bit draconian but warning that a file "may be unsafe" and then allowing you to open it anyway might be thought a bit lax by some people. A case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't". Not everyone is an expert and Microsoft has to cater for those people too. It chose the "safety first" approach.

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Microsoft clarifies Windows Server virtual licensing

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The word is FEWER!

"The beefier your Windows Server license the less copies you'll need for running Microsoft's operating system in virtualized environments."


If they are countable, we say there are fewer of them. If it is uncountable, we say there is less of it.

For example:

"There are fewer ducks on the lake today."

"There is less water in the lake today."

It is a very simple rule. Please get it right.