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NASA to irradiate monkeys for science

Joskyn Jones

Irradiated Monkeys...

... It's one way of keeping them fresh for long trips, e.g. to Mars...

McKinnon loses judicial review

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@ AC

We have to form a "lets help Gary" group and lets use a piece of 'Asparagus' as our symbol of unity against the legal processes of this country...!


Put down your pens: Cartoons next on censor block

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2012 Logo

At least it would mean the 2012 Olympics logo will become illegal, the designers will be prosecuted and put on the sex offenders register... Who said there was no justice in the UK?

BOFH: Aspie no questions

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Love the subject matter....

Read and weep Gary.....!

Judges grant McKinnon extradition review

Joskyn Jones
Paris Hilton

@ Deja Vu

LOL, I'm sure if the Ernest Saunders defence fails he'll try the Pinochet methodology of avoiding extradition and failing that we'll all be subject to mass hysteria from the rent-an-excuse-for-Gary-cos-we-are-limp-liberals-and-don't-like-the-nasty-US-of-fucking-A crowd.

Personally, I'd wish he was extradited as soon as possible to stop this freaking crass saga of sympathy for a nobody that broke the law. FFS, Mitnick broke the law and did his time, what makes poor little Gary and his "oh dear I seem to have suddenly developed an illness when ALL of my options for avoiding extradition have failed. Please take pity on poor little me, flutter-flutter/puppy dogs eyes"** any different?

Gary, you shouldn't have done it, if you hadn't then you wouldn't be in this position, would you?




Paris, because if she can, "Young Gary" can...!

**My personal view of events only.

McKinnon wins extradition delay

Joskyn Jones
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@Gary Stop Fscking about By Anonymous Coward

He did no damage to UK systems or UK assets, so why would we want to prosecute him here then?

If Paris can, I'm sure he can, even with Assparagas syndrome..!

Joskyn Jones
Paris Hilton

Gary Stop Fscking about...

...and accept the punishment for your illegal (your admittance) deeds.

Paris did for hers...!

Prison warders told to can 'hurtful' language

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Paris Hilton


"“The word ‘daftie’ is used as a derogatory term. It implies there is something bad about them. "

There s something "bad about them" otherwise they wouldn't be in fscking prison!!!

This is PC gone OTT.

Paris, because she's been there..!

McKinnon lawyers push for UK trial

Joskyn Jones

@Sarah Bee

No I don't have the appropriate qualifications to work in US .Mil IT; Propeller Hat, Nipple High Trouser Waistband, White Socks, Sandals and Frontal Lobotomy !

Joskyn Jones
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Second attempt minus censored comments...

...But I still think the dick deserves all he gets for dicking around with something he shouldn't have dicked around with, US .mil systems.

Open you f**king eyes Gary, you have landed this one all by yourself so don't go crying back to the CPS now.

MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison

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I'll pay for his airfare to the US....

He did the crime, so now it's pay back time and for all those muppets that will state "he did it in the UK so he should stand trial here"

It does not matter where the perpetrator was when he committed the crimes, his victims were in the US, the systems he attacked were in the US, so simple logic suggests that the trial should be in the US.

After all, a Libyan who planted bombs on a Jumbo was not in Scotland when he did that, but as the victims were in Scotland when the Crime happened and the properties that were destroyed/damaged were in Scotland, they stood trial on Scottish 'soil'. and under Scottish Law.

See, isn't logic easy !!!

Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

Joskyn Jones


What have Copper Nano Tubes got to do with the iPhone?

'Water bears' survive in outer space

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People Eating Tasty Animals?

McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo

Joskyn Jones


Lets hope they fail.....!

UK teen is world's youngest certified ethical hacker (maybe)

Joskyn Jones

Boot Camp Chimps

I'm always very wary about these so called "Certified Ethical Hackers". The qualification appears to effectively demonstrate that the "Show Monkey, Monkey Do" principle is still working as well as it has every done. Very much like it did with the Novell, Microsoft, etc courses where after a week of intense parrot style studying and little if any real world experience, you then become a fully 'Certified <Insert Vendor of your choice here> Professional'.... BOLLOCKS...!

Don't get me wrong, the teenager who passed this course has done well, I know of some Monkeys who've actually failed the course.

All the "ethical hackers" I know and work with would not touch these courses with a barge pole (although some have been known to go on them to ridicule and humiliate the course tutors) and most Security Professionals who need the services of Ethical Hackers know that experience is the key and any Monkey waving a 'pseudo qualification' is avoided like Microsoft Security (alleged) products :o)

/Sunday morning moan

Office update disables MS files

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...BIG effing twats...!

Anti-virus protection gets worse

Joskyn Jones

RE: Dr. Bontchev

I suppose you also disapprove of Vulnerability Scanners and and other tools used by security professionals to verify the security levels of the systems/infrastructures they are trying to secure? After all, some of the tools were created by unethical hackers for malicious purposes...!

World of Warcraft spykit gets encrypted

Joskyn Jones

World of W*nkcraft

Bloody Mushroom Throwing Nerds should stop complaining and get back to making your Majick potions, lotions and whatever else turns you on. I can't believe that you people actually play this game let alone are dumb enough to pay each bloody month!!!!

My idea of Gaming is, you pay your money for a game, you install it, set it up and play it, not to then pay again and again just so you get to kill some level 99.99 dwarf by shoving your toadstool up his Jacksy...!

Give me Multi-Player Solitaire any day of the week! ;o)

UK cops auction off Remington Shite Straighteners

Joskyn Jones

Just a bit...

...of hair left, right and at the back...!


Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

Joskyn Jones

Cornish Pasty

Whats wrong with the Cornish minority? Are they frightened that 'new blood' might dilute their stagnant gene pool and prevent them from inbreeding?

I'm not surprised they have someone from the faux Free Wales Army, both groups seem to have an IQ that verifies centuries of inbreeding.

Statements such as "English Out" are proudly used by both groups, but ask them this simple question: "OK, I'll get out of Wales/Cornwall, but can send all the Welsh/Cornish fsckers back?", they kinda go geo-stationary!!!


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