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NSA justifies hacking world's digital communications


Does make you laugh...

We need to know who our enemies are.

I would say it was pretty obvious all the people you interfered with, whose politics you influenced, who you invaded but most crucially... now pretty much every state in the world since you started spying on them.

NSA using Firefox flaw to snoop on Tor users


trust no one, the truth is out there

You couldn't write a better spy novel...

Find it amazing that any of this can be legal, they are effectively hacking peoples computers and installing unauthorised software without a users knowledge of mass scale.

The more interesting part is the issues with huwaie and not allowing their equipment due to concerns china could spy using backdoors, from what's emerging about us companies collaboration its more likely huwaie wouldn't put in the back doors they wanted themselves.

UK gov probes Comet crash: Public, private sectors LOST £257m


Annoying that these high street companies are going bust, they are some of the only genuine ones paying their taxes but are losing to overseas rivals who arent paying a penny.

Home Sec: Let us have Snoop Charter or PEOPLE WILL DIE


"Anybody who is against this bill is putting politics before people’s lives. We would certainly see criminals going free as a result of this."

I'll just change my name to abu qutada and then it will be against my human rights......

Another not very long period of time, another GiffGaff collapse


I had about 10minutes where I couldn't make calls, hardly a massive disruption and lets face it if I had the same on another network it would take me 10minutes to get through the call center minions to report it anyway.

Hurricane Sandy blows away Gizmodo, HuffPo, various other blogs

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Well at least something positive has come out out this storm, Huff post is down!

Judge GIVES APPLE THE FINGER in multitouch iDevice patent case


Re: In other news

'Apple for the win'

Don't you mean apple to kill all the competition so it doesn't have to bother inventing and can sell you the same crap year after year. Apple are the phone equivalent of Porsche, round a few bits, alter the size, add few new bits but essentially its last years model with a new name.

Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites


Re: Is it just me

That's part of the problem these days, half the acts out there now look good and would make good p0rn but they cant sing for sh*t, and they other half are too young for p0rn.


Whole thing is setting a dangerous precendent

"the order could come more quickly than The Pirate Bay one because of the precedents set in that case."

How long before requests are going in for blocks because a site hosts any torrent, ergo it has torrents and file share so it must be a dodgy illegal one?

Solicitor: Torrent site, here you go look a torrent...

Judge: Ah gotcha, where's my rubber stamp. Done.


Re: Save the Enviroment

I'd give you a +10 for that if I could.

Totally agree, the people selling CD's are sh*t and if xfactor winners etc are what pass for talent then its no wonder the music industry isn't dead. Concerts are the way forward and in the past that was where the big names made the money, with good concert sales came good record\cd sales.

Ed Sheeran has the right idea, he's all for cheaper or even free downloads and more focus on live performance. He's the most pirated artist in the UK and he thinks its great!


One big floor already:

"do you know downloading music is illegal?"

Downloading music isn't illegal, just like using peer to peer and file sharing isn't illegal and has many legitimate uses such as distributing open source software etc. Downloading copyrighted works is illegal, but again that also depends what country you reside in.


Save the Enviroment

Don't buy CD's they end up in landfill, the BPI and the music industry are killing the planet!

And when will they stopping moaning about the number of jobs it costing the industry.... Master arrives, gets uploaded to server, gets downloaded on iTunes or master arrives, gets uploaded to server and gets pressed on to discs. How many people does that take?

Bottom line is this is affecting their bottom line, if they charged reasonable prices and didn't pay stupid amounts to artists and themselves i would happily pay for music (most of the time). Im pi**ed off with paying £10 when the raw materials and transport cost about a pound so I can watch MTV Cribs and see people with 50+ cars and 10 swimming pools.


Re: Nielsen claim that traffic to TPB has fallen

From what I can determine they aren't measuring mirrors and the overall traffic for Pirate Bay world wide has remained the same, would suggest that people have found ways round it through proxies and vpns.

Rather interesting is how the pirateparty website is now ranked about 200 in the uk for most visited sites.... wouldn't be a coincidence that it shot up the ranks from May onwards.

Snoopers Charter is for 'incompetent criminals, accidental anarchists'


Finally someone with some commonsense!!!

Far more sensible approach would be for Britain to stop pi**ing about in other peoples politics and get its own house in order, stop invading people, stop acting like America's lap dog and then we wouldn't be such a target anyway.

Hackers break onto White House military network


Why does the president have a nuclear football, surely a missile would be more effective unless he plans on taking out a load of over payed sports stars that couldn't spell nuclear..... hmm there's an idea!

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN


One thing i do like about my TT broadband is that im getting about 16mb which is fine and they haven't said anything about my 200GB+ per month download habits. Suits me.


I've been with them over 3 years and so have few of my friends, I've not had any issues and my friend had one issue which was down to BT.

Apple threatens to ruin peace worldwide with voice-controlled iMacs


This would only be good if it could understand the command.....

Just f**king work!


Re: I'm guessing things like....

"Patents require a workable device or method to be valid."

Well that blows Apples application out of the water!! A workable device, siri only works properly in the US. Also quiet interesting how they are currently being sued over the technology involved in.

Incidentally I currently shout at my Xbox regularly to control it surely that rules out them being able to claim it first.

Anonymous doxes Cambodia after Pirate Bay arrest


Re: @nuked

Americans could never find it, they just strayed into it. They were all too busy looking for a big blue line on the floor like on the maps.

Wales: We'll encrypt Wikipedia if reborn gov net-snoop plan goes live


Re: content v traffic

Unfortunately it is what the bill proposes, as I've noticed they are frequently swapping terms between communication data, usage data, subscriber data.


(a) in relation to a telecommunications operator,

telecommunications service or telecommunication system,


(i) anything comprising speech, music, sounds, visual

images or data of any description, and

(ii) signals serving either for the impartation of anything

between persons, between a person and a thing or

between things or for the actuation or control of any

apparatus, and

And no I don't believe they already do that, bottom line is majority of services already provide traffic information anyway, this bill is about the content the only difference will be that the content will be available immediately with authorization from a senior police officer, judge or the home secretary.

Traffic data will be available to a number of people without the need for authorization which it would currently require under RIPA, presently traffic data can be requested but whether the actual content is available is dependent on the organization involved.

If you were only logging the start and end point it would be useless, connect over SSL to an email service or proxy with no logging and in a country with no arrangements with the UK and you could do as you please all they would knows is where you connected and that's exactly what they can do under RIPA and where they say the system is failing.

They've also crafted clauses into the bill that will allow the gov to quite easily extend these powers later simply by tabling a resolution through the houses at a later stage without public consultation.


Re: content v traffic

"The bill is only proposing that traffic data is stored"

Do you really believe that????

What would be the point in storing it.... Ah lets investigate this persons email, well he keeps sending things to hotmail email server.

Of course they are going to be getting the content as well.


Re: Can more people

Whilst its a nice thing encourage everyone to jump on the tor band wagon will only help to a certain extent, the gov will still be able to monitor exit nodes across the UK. I'm still curious as too how they believe this is going to help, fair enough you can man in the middle SSL but what about skype etc, so far there's no details of what they intend on doing with those services, there's no guidance on whether they are going to force people like Skype to monitor everything at the moment it all seems to be targeted at the ISP and packet level inspection.

Ultimate answer is a secure vpn connection to an encrypted remote desktop in a country with lax rules followed by further proxies from that machine finally to the internet. Makes me think of that hacking gaming Uplink where you could buy a terminal in a data center that blew up if the feds got near it


Re: If.

Well you may as well stop using the AC logo now as they'll know who you are anyway!


Lansman said the figure must have been based on "best guesses", and Hutty added "25 per cent of what?"

Jimbo simply claimed that the number had been plucked out of "thin air".

You can guarantee if this does get implemented those figures if accurate will rise anyway as more and more people use encryption, proxy's, vpns and as some companies are now offering a remote desktop based machine in another country.

Cambodia set to boot out Pirate Bay co-founder


Re: Cambodia

Yep that's why the lead investigator left the police shortly after the raid to go work for the MPAA and Warner Brothers and had previously done private work for them before, not slightly suspicious at all let alone a conflict of interests.

And not to mention the leaked memo:

A letter titled "Re: The Pirate Bay" from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to Dan Eliasson, State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Justice, was dated two months before the raid and hinted at trade reprisals ("It is certainly not in Sweden's best interests to earn a reputation as a place where utter lawlessness is tolerated") and urged him to "exercise your influence to urge law enforcement officers in Sweden to take much needed action against The Pirate Bay"

Yep utterly baseless and so laughable, so are you an AC, MPAA Employee or Gov stooge??

"You can fight the laws of society but you will never win." no but in this case you can come up with a disaster plan that exceeds even that of the big boys and have your site back up in less than a few hours.


Re: Cambodia

Hmm, yep prosecuted after the US threatened sanctions against Sweden if it didn't co-operate

FBI says Apple ID heist claim is TOTALLY FALSE


Re: He said... / She said...

Apple will just patent the method used to steal it, that will stop those crafty hackers.


Re: have the complete data set due to data protection laws

"So why not release the dataset and tool used to manipulate said data?"

That's the whole idea of it, the two data sets would be stored independently. We work with massive data sets for fraud investigation and by not keeping the person identifiable information with the actual data you can get round some of the data protection rules which would otherwise make things more difficult and complicated.

Typically although not as stupidly as the FBI are being made out to be, the data we work with would just be sitting on the network in a folder, the identifiable information would be stored on a number of encrypted devices such as memory sticks which are then stored in audited safes throughout the various company sites with limited staff access. An analyst would go to the seniors says here's the evidence, here's the device id or record id and then a senior would check against the secure data.

One of the reason we also do this is to reduce the risk of data being compromised or even an investigation being compromised by someone spotting a friend is being investigted etc


They might not necessarily have the complete data set due to data protection laws, it could be that otehr investigates are being given access to cleansed data for analysis which allows much bigger teams to look at the data without security issues or data protection problems. Once a device of interest is identified it would then be matched up at a later stage for proper investigation.


Re: As with all American presidents...

"I'll wait for a more thorough third party analysis of the data"

I too am waiting for the fox news explanation.....

Chick-lit star snubs Menshn.com password flaw alert


She's a former MP that should tell you everything you need to know which is far more than she does!

Samsung: We can't find any child labour at our Chinese contractor


Re: For real?

Not to mention they have the biggest slave (sorry meant prison) labor force in the world!

Apple drones reject American drone-strike tracker app


Summary Exectution

The strongest argument against UAV's is there use in summary executions which the US is quite fond of lately, them seem to be forgetting the law. Most recently they have been using them to assassinate suspected terrorists in a Pakistan, couple of issues with that really:

1) They aren't at war with Pakistan so it cant be put down to causalities of war and they have no legal right within the country.

2) They are 'suspected terrorists', quite easy to label people as suspected but actually proving it is another thing.

3) Half the reason these 'suspected terrorists' become terrorists is because they're family up the road got hit by a missile in a strike against someone else based on orders from people in the US.

UK: 'We're legally bound to arrest Mr Assange'


Re: Bored with this now

Not so far, its been shown that france, spain, germany, turkey, arab nations and the list goes on have all cooperated with the renditions whether directly by actually dumping someone on the Americans door step or allowing their somewhat unusual flights to use their territories.

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Two birds with one stone

We offer the EU Courts and Sweden a deal, lets us extradite that no good preacher hasmsa whatever his name is and stop blocking any of our future extraditions, once that's done we'll hand over Assange.


Re: Bored with this now

"the US subsequently wanted to arrest him they would have to get approval from both Sweden and the UK, "

As the most recent probe into the CIA has found they just arrest people anyway without charge and interrogate them when they feel like it, they also have a proven track record on grabbing people, flying them all over the world and then finally getting them to the US claiming not to know where the plane actually picked them up.

BT wins ad watchdog ruling against BSkyB's 'instant movie' claim


what a pointless exercise

How about:

Instant coffee

Your money paid instantly (may take up to two hours)

An instant quote online after half hour filling it out

Its a good job the ASA don't advertise instant decisions or they would fall foul themselves but my absolute favorite is from the BT Infinity site:

70 freeview channels and instant access to 1000s of pay-per-view shows with BT Vision

China could penetrate US with new huge missile


Yep like they hid the fact that their anti missile defense system patriot which was meant to protect kuwait had a timing glitch, despite claims they shot down X amount of scud missiles it was later found they pretty much shot down none.

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD


Less and less dangerous?

I was always under the impression from my limited physics education that radio material got less and less dangerous as time went on due to its half life.

Isn't the fuel more dangerous when its actually dug up but our problem is that we concentrate it all together?

Could we not shred it back down to tiny particles and spread it back through the mines where it originally came from?

Quite a few mentions of wind power, I spent two weeks in Norfolk which has turbines everywhere and for most of that time I would only ever see a quarter of the turbines in the wind farm actually working!

Lawyers: We'll pillory porn pirates who don't pay up


Publishing the names what a great idea, brings back memories of the days when doctors were attacked because somebody published names of Pediatricians instead of Pedophiles.

UK.gov's minimum booze price dream demolished


Re: Therefore it must be done.

Whilst the rates have gone down, the number of 'smoking related illness' has gone up substantially.


Health's just an excuse

Justifying the increase using health is biggest load of bo**ocks in the world, if they really want to start playing that game are they also going to look at:

industrial accidents and stick charges on a Business Accidents Tax

motoring accidents and increase road tax to cover it

horse riding

extreme sports injuries

smoking (already been done)

pot hole and kerb falls (if they fixed the bloody things in the first place)


drugs (always the funny one, they have to treat people but since they wont legalise and tax it the whole cost is an expense)

in fact some to think of it, why dont we just get rid of the nhs and pay private. would be cheaper.


Re: Sorry ...

Its just as amusing for smokers, we can fly to an EU country and buy back the same tobacco made in the for less then we pay over here. If we travel over and buy our full entitlement the amount saved from tax pays for the trip and leaves you with a bit of spending money to have a weekend away, this is why the gov are so pi**ed about it. They receive no money at all and whats worse for them is we're spending our left over money abroad and not home!


Its a very rich coming from MP's who don't have to pay taxes on the 'cheap' beer they get in the house of commons bar where they also occasionally get into drunken brawls. Its their typical thinking though.... put the price up and that will solve everything!

Whats next another attempt at prohibition? Or are we going to start seeing how much obesity costs the NHS and put minimum prices on Mc'Donalds, KFC and Burger King. Of course when people stop eating out they'll target the supermarkets again with minimum prices on your favorite cook at home junk food. We've already got a pasty tax!

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'


Not exactly setting the bar very high, fastest in Europe. Akamami's recent state of the internet shows Asia occupies the top 3 spots and pretty much has for quite a while.

Apple patents shopping lists




Patent #6,433,927, “A system to allow for the awarding of original product design and creation, with a mechanism to grant the exclusive right to product said design, for a specified period of time,” was granted to Mr. Montiero despite the obvious fact that such a system already exists, and the fact that the part-time clerk could offer no evidence that he was, in fact, the creator of such a system.

Just shows how much faith we should have in the USPO


I've just added a copy of the patent submission document to my Google Shopping list........ Its suggested a couple of places to buy one from and the prices whilst also giving me some handy reviews.

Stuxnet: 'Moral crime' or proportionate response?


A lot of countries aren't keen on the US space policy with their recent launches of 'stealth space ships', when those projects were infiltrated by supposedly 'state sponsored' acts it was a crime.... When the US are sponsoring attacks though its OK

Cameron: We'll turn NHS patients into real-time drugs lab rats


Opt in... Not f**kin opt out

Seems every time the gov has an idea it has to be imposed first and then you have to decide you don't want it otherwise they know people wont go for it!

Whats the betting Cameron has either got friends in the drug industry or is probably about to buy large shares and stocks prior to leaving office.....