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Duke Nukem Forever rocks up on shelves

Dr Jeep


In the second picture, there's some nice eye-candy on the stage, and our writer is checking out the Austin Powers dude instead?

Norks 'have answer to humanity's greatest problem'

Dr Jeep

it can't be harnessed

it just causes out of control natural ....ponders natural norks for a not so brief moment..... disasters;


Shame really.

'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

Dr Jeep

In the words of Jesse...

"This week, I have mostly been showing people my knob."

Man catches MSI laptop with... his arse

Dr Jeep

Waiting for....

...the jubs catching verion, or better still the clam-shell to clam version.

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist

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This is poor reporting; where's the mention of the location?

I have a free weekend coming up and a little trip with my bicycle in that part of the town could turn out right grand!

Mines the one with the chrome plated bicycle clips in the pocket.

Mortal Kombat maker Midway goes titsup

Dr Jeep

Or more likely to...

...be heard at the backcrupcy hearings

"Finish Him!"

Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man

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Black Helicopters

It's from China's version of DARPA!


Apple scores 'power connector' patent

Dr Jeep

Project Manager?

Listed as a co-author, one "Whang; Eugene Antony " - defo should be the project manager for Apple's new "power" "connector"...

Aussie boffins use sarcasm to investigate brain illness

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So, that covers...

So that covers almost the entire American population*, then?

Which does go along way to explain a great number of things...

*Excluding British ex-pats.

China slams Guns N' Roses album

Dr Jeep

Chinese Redundancy?

"too noisy and too loud"


This page has been intentionally left blank

Dr Jeep

C-cup since 11?

Ah school boy ma..del..emories...11 yrs old, first year in high school wandering around the school between classes with, at that age, your height putting your eyes right at the level where all those 5th year and sixth form chesticles are...life was so much easier.....

US boffins create darkest material ever

Dr Jeep

Yes, it's very dark, isn't it? It's, er, almost... black

Yes. Black. Black. Black! Like the clouds of death that follow me into the Forest of Doom! And hide in the wardrobe of darkness! Black!

Black! Black!

Black! Black!

Black! Listen! Listen! Do you hear? The moon is weeping in a secret room! They tap at my window, with tiny poles!

Oh! Oh! The monks are troubled and full of woe! I'm a fly! Trapped in a jar of shadows!

Macworld invites kiddies to 'Make Bouncy Bouncy'

Dr Jeep

Dear Lord...

There's a boat load of school boy snigger inducing quotes on the website;

"...bounce your way to bliss. Together with ByDesign Games, the focus is on fun!"

"...designed to stimulate your focus-center while calming your mind."

"... use the in-game timer for a quick Bouncy Bouncy in-between your work tasks or on your coffee break; your time is your own after-all!"

"...consider new ways to succeed!"

MS keeps mum on 'Go Play' Xbox 360 Arcade edition

Dr Jeep

US Gaming Store?


That picture is from inside a Target store.

Nissan builds twirly-cab sideways electric pod-car

Dr Jeep

Ooooo, how to be...

Nice...now you can be that twat that parks in the space between cars that's there so the two cars can actually get out of their parking spaces...that Dusty Bin wannabe dashboard appendage is gonna get lots of use destressing those drivers when you do!

Ramones sticksman sues Apple and Wal-Mart

Dr Jeep

Setting a trend...

I would hope that more artists follow this trend, especially if they are consumer friendly and realise that the RIAA (and similar orgs in other countries) are trying to screw over their customers. If the artist reviewed their aggreements to see if internet distribution is actually covered in the original agreement, if not, kick up a fuss like this (although in this case rights don't seen to have been granted for *any* distribution). I'm sure there must be other cases where distribution has been extended to the internet but the original rights agreement doesn't cover that.

Colombian armed robber targets karate school

Dr Jeep

Now that's just what...

If there was video footage, then this is what YouTube was made for.

Shame there isn't footage, tho.

Boffins develop quantum-computer building block

Dr Jeep


Non-standard walruses have feelings too - enough of the discrimination, please.

Compact Disc: 25 years old today

Dr Jeep

And not one mention...

Not one mention of the infamous Tomorrows World segment - where they were trying to bestow the virtues of it not scratching like vinyl discs - when the disc was taken out the player, baked beans were eaten off of it, the disc was cleaned and popped back in the player - not a skip, jitter, or wobble from the player.

It's just like girls in pushup bras that is; false advertising, simple as that.

Lag caught with phone charger up jacksie

Dr Jeep

Thankfully no typos

For some reason when I see 'jacksie' my brian reads it as 'japseye' - until the tears of sympathy pain blur the screen at the thought of a phone charger shoved in there. Ouch.

Louisiana town outlaws 'sagging pants'

Dr Jeep

Re: IT news

I think the statement should be "And to think that the Lester posted only IT news, ahhh, those were the days" - these days when I see the headline in the rss feed and it hints at body parts, sex, bodily functions, techo-self pleasure, or more often than not, any combination of them I instantly know it's gonna have Lester as the author.

Then I go read it for a chuckle; keep up the grand work Lester!

Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

Dr Jeep

Sod the story...

I do believe that this is the very posting that puts the question of Ashlee's gender to rest.

I shall now miss pondering whether these postings were written by a menstrating angry female or a bloke with a grudge.

Ah well.