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Surprise! Wireless brain implants are not secure, and can be hijacked to kill you or steal thoughts


Shoot, guess I shouldn't have used that Russian brain surgeon after all!

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'


Re: Funny stuff this facial recognition

Talk about "Hands Free" access.


Re: These "new" iPhones

Silly you...we all KNOW Steve rose from the dead.

New MacBook Pro beckons fanbois to become strip pokers


Re: Lenovo

Exactly, I hated that strip on my old Lenovo. Thankfully, Lenovo learnt its lesson and now I have my Fn keys back and a nicer, faster and better equipped X1 than the "new" MacPro.

Leak-shamed Intel finally bares nifty Skylake details to world+dog


It's like the airlines

Y, U H, S....dammit which one gets me the most frequent flyer miles and the best chance of an upgrade? no matter which one I use, I'm flying coach. Geez.

Google takes ARC Welder to Android, grafts on Windows, OS X


Re: Native Client - NaCl

But then MgSO4 is not NaCl, not all salts are the same. And NaCl is indeed salty.

Apple drops hints about future low-cost iPhones


Low Cost?

Am I reading that headline right? "Apple" and "Low-cost" in the same sentence. Truly you jest.

Scribe's mobe, MacBook pwned after hacker 'fast-talked Apple support'


Re: The problem with a walled garden

Are you sure you mean Tiger not Mountain Lion!

Smoke-belching flash drive self-destructs on command


Not for the Red - Green Colour Blind

This will need to come with a disclaimer for the Red/Green Colour Blind!

Loyal NASA rover Opportunity enters 9th year of Mars boffinry


Speed Cameras

Then it should most definitely be careful about following the Martian speed laws.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


Finding fault is easy with your spelling being the first. But what if you can't plug in an external battery (which needs to be recharged too! and takes longer to boot) or if you don't have the space to carry one. A simple extra battery goes a long way and is easily charged in the cradle that came with my phone (FOR FREE).

HTC Android handsets spew private data to ANY app

Thumb Up

NOT on HTC Glacier running MIUI Custom ROM

HtlLogger.apk is not found on the HTC Glacier (My Touch 4G) running the MIUI Custom ROM.

10-year old hacker finds flaw in mobile games


to boost her low self-esteem

maybe she has low self-esteem like the others


time warp

It is said that 50 the new 30, but with 10 year old hackers and Real Madrid signing a 7-yr old footballer, maybe 10 is the new 20. The old are trying to be young and the young old, so what does that leave the 20 and 30-somethings except, perhaps, unemployed.


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