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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1



Hi guys, I just wanted to comment here because I bought the Galaxy pad last week, and I am having lots of problems, only 3 days in.

The pad looks good and everything but it has some really dodgy things going on. Firstly, the charger is made up of three parts which fit together, sort of. Initially it was charging fine(though it would take about 4 hours to fully charge which is ridiculous!), but now, the thing wont charge at all! Obviously a fault with this dodgy put together thing. I have found a way to charge it by removing the USB connector and plugging that into my playstation,however, I put it on last night before bed and when I got up it was only charged 50%. So now I am faced with having to spend unnecessary time sorting it out. Has anybody got any suggestions/have the same problem?

Other annoying things are that it has no USB port so I cannot put files onto it.

Also, the touchscreen seems a bit dodgy. On both youtube and iplayer, when I want to jump to a new part of what I'm watching, it wont let me drag the timeline thing along. I have also had a screenfreeze while on googlemaps though that could be a oneoff.

Altogether, pretty annoyed!!

Please, has anyone else been having problems like mine?? I want to be able to tell Samsung when I complain to them.

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