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Cisco quits Moscow

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Re: It's not enough

I think when that person is demanding World War 3 then yeah, it is.

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Re: It's not enough

Can't expect a gun licking, nuclear bomb riding yank to keep up to date with the modern day.

Linus Torvalds says Rust is coming to the Linux kernel 'real soon now'

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Re: "Real Soon Now."

Definitely maybe.

Original Acorn Arthur project lead explains RISC OS genesis

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Amazing, thank you Liam for putting this together.

An icon of a beer - which of course will be Staropramen - for you sir.

Halfords suffers a puncture in the customer details department

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Re: Is this the same Halford....

Does your Alfa run long enough without breaking down to require an oil change?

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Re: Is this the same Halford....

Because Petronas Syntium is a rather good oil at a reasonable price, and every time I've needed it Halfrauds have had them at the cheapest price.

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Re: Is this the same Halford....

All the times I've gone to Halfrauds for anything I've never been asked why when I say no to the email.

I have noticed on their website though that if you try to use the wildcard email thing (as in, putting + after your name on the email to fill it with any identifiable garbage to you) that while they accept it they won't send an email to it. Three times now I've been screwed out of a £5 voucher after buying oil from them.

That said, in defence of Halfrauds, their Advanced tools are fantastic. I'll always go to Halfrauds for that, but not much else.

SpiralLinux: Anonymous creator of GeckoLinux puts out new Debian remix

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Re: Just a better installer?

Sort of, it does more configuration to make it easier for you to get going with it than having to faff around with non-free repos etc.

I think it serves as a great gateway drug to Debian as a whole, well worth of a photo of a pint.

Microsoft readies Windows Autopatch to free admins from dealing with its fixes

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"Earlier this month Microsoft confirmed it would not be possible to schedule rollouts only at certain days and times. "

Then what is the point?

How many hours of productivity is wasted because of a Windows machine deciding to do an update, for it to then stick at 95% for an hour while it sorts itself out, during a working day?

How hard can it be to have a mechanism there to say "install these patches at 4:55pm" so it can be done at the end of the work day, or even during a lunch hour.

Microsoft will be fiddling with their nipples over putting tabs in File Explorer, but will then say something that would be a genuine help isn't possible?

HP pilots paper delivery service for Instant Ink subscribers

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If it succeeds, I bet they'll go down the Dymo route and start DRM'ing the paper as well.

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11

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My version of "great" is "not shit".

So everything is great, until it's fucking brilliant.

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It used to be said that every other Windows release was awful, and the one after would be better.

I don't know at what point you start this, but 98 was good, XP was great. Windows 7 was great. Windows 10 is great.

What was inbetween? Windows ME was shite. Windows Vista was abhorrent shite. Windows 8 wasn't great.

And so fits Windows 11 in to this odd, not at all scientific, model.

AI chatbot trained on posts from web sewer 4chan behaved badly – just like human members

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To be fair, I'm quite curious as to what sort of conspiracy theory an AI bot would come out with.

Elon Musk needs more cash for Twitter buy after Tesla margin loan lapses

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*finger taps*

wolfetone Silver badge

Didn't I call this? Didn't I?

I don't often get these things right, someone give me a pint!

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment

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Local Accounts

I know sometimes article writers can either get the wrong end of the stick or make a mountain out of a mole hill, but is it really the case that Windows 11 does away with local accounts completely?

In a business situation where users require admin control over the machine, the "safest" way to create a local admin account for them away from domain accounts. Is it really the case now that Microsoft are going to stop this being achieved by removing the local account?

If they are, I genuinely don't know what I'm meant to do with the people I have to look after. I can't give them admin access on the domain account, yet they won't be able to do their work without admin access to their local machines.

I'd like to know if I've got the wrong end of the stick and I'm worrying over nothing!

Voyager 1 space probe producing ‘anomalous telemetry data’

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I'm starting to think NASA's peak wasn't with the moon landings, but was with the Voyager probes. To design something like they did, to operate it like they are, for it to last as long as it has, and for it to still keep going - that can't be bettered I don't think. It really can't..


Pentester pops open Tesla Model 3 using low-cost Bluetooth module

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I know someone who never locked their car. There was never anything in there to steal, and they reasoned that it'd save a massive clean up operation from him if the local dickhead smashed a window to discover he had nothing in the car.

One morning in December he went down to the car to drive to work and some dickhead had smashed the window. Didn't even try the door.

So while it's awful that a Tesla can be hacked like this, all cars can be hacked easily with a brick. No matter what the owner does.

Elon Musk 'violated' Twitter NDA over bot-check sample size

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We're only one tweet away from Karen Musk demanding to speak to Twitter's manager.

Ad-tech firms grab email addresses from forms before they're even submitted

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Re: Autocomplete

"If you are not careful, autocomplete will also send your name, address and phone number. So far I have not seen credit card number, expiry date and CVC in auto complete, but I am sure that is only one developer's typo away from happening."

I'm not that familiar with auto complete as I like the misery of typing in all of my details every single time, but I'm fairly sure on my wife's iPhone her credit card details are part of some sort of auto complete? So it could well happen, but I don't know enough first hand about the facility.

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Re: Is this really a problem?

It's a problem depending on what you're doing.

SurfShark, for example, require an email to start the process of signing up to their services. I was looking for a VPN provider for multiple machines and was going through the process, but I only got as far as putting in an email.

Not even a few hours later I get a load of emails from them about completing the order.

Now if the website is demanding an email right at the first part of the process, and not allowing you to continue to see the plans etc, that then becomes a problem as all I've really consented to was to view the packages they provide. I've not consented to being harassed by them asking me to carry on the order.

Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold over bot numbers claim

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I rather think Musk's brain has finally caught up with his mouth, and is looking for something to squeeze out of the deal over or looking to lower the initial cost of the take over.

Coinbase CEO says everything's OK after SEC filing gives netizens the jitters

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Re: "your funds are safe at Coinbase, just as they've always been"

"You want your funds to be safe ? Put them on a bank account."

Until there's a run on the bank, and you find out the bank only has 10% of your money there.

There is a lot to be said for putting cash under the mattress.

Palantir summons specter of nuclear conflict as share price collapses

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I'm fairly confident that a country that can't afford to provide it's heavy trucks with tyres that can hold air, let alone not disintegrate standing still, will not have spent all that much money on making sure their nukes work either.

Asahi Linux project shows progress in graphics drivers on Apple's M1

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If you're not dancing to Chas 'n' Dave's "Rabbit" to celebrate your 3D rabbit, I don't know what you're doing programming...

All credit to her and the people involved, this is brilliant!

Jeffrey Snover claims Microsoft demoted him for inventing PowerShell

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Re: I would get it fired for inventing Powershell

So I started out with Windows, then moved away to Linux, and now where I am while I use Linux 100% of the time but I need to provide support to Windows machines. Most of the time the PowerShell is helpful in doing that.

I think you are right that the syntax isn't great. It feels, sometimes to me, that commands given are like a weird pirate copy of the usual DOS prompt you used to get with Windows. It doesn't feel that intuitive compared to the language you use on the Linux CLI.

But it's miles ahead of what was possible with DOS, and the fact that even with it's ugliness it allows us to actually do things in Windows now. And that makes it rather pretty.

Biden deal with ISPs: Low to no cost internet for 40% of US

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This is a good idea.

Subsidise the internet for the poor American people so they can google if they have cancer or not, as they're not able to afford to see a doctor in the first place.

Twitter buyout: Larry Ellison bursts into Elon's office, slaps $1b down on the desk

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Re: Dickheads?

I like how you forget to mention:

1) Calling Vernon Unsworth a peado guy because he managed to save those Thai schoolboys without Musk's stupid, stupid offer of automated subs. Then hiding behind the US law system to protect him from his own shithousery.

2) Manipulating the stock prices of his own company via Twitter, either raising or lowering it, from publishing inane tweets.

3) His very well documented views on COVID19, almost entirely based on total utter bullshit.

4) Being a total, unlikable, c**t.

Out of all the points you raised, all bar one is done with his money not his vision, input, or "technical ability". PayPal, in itself, while was a game changer has turned in to a mirror of Musk's behaviour. A scumbag of a company and one that people are actively going out of their way to avoid using. And Tesla? Fair enough, it's popular. So were cabbage patch kids, but at least cabbage patch kids didn't freeze in the winter or soak an occupants boot compartment because the designers thought they knew better when it come to car design.

If there is anyone who needs to take even a second opinion on their critical thinking, it's you.

wolfetone Silver badge

Twitter has long been the sink that all the dickheads wallow in.

Now it's being run and owned by the biggest dickheads the world has to offer.

Off the grid, Day 10: Yandex's only datacenter outside of Russia still running on diesel

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Now Yandex are sucking on diesel boy, and there's only one thing they're interested in: bent search results*

*Line of Duty references there, in stereo, sort of

Datacenters in Ireland draw more power than all rural homes put together

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"I wonder if those that data-centres would keep the homeless population warm?"

Why would they want to do that? The homeless are happy sleeping in the doorways of flats owned by Google who keep them permanently empty.

UK's state-owned bank launches hunt for core systems worth close to $1b

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Re: "NS&I is an executive agency of the UK's finance ministry, the Chancellor of the Exchequer"

"The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the title of whichever under-qualified politician happens to be running the show at the time."

Or someone who is closely linked to the (inevitable) new provider, which rhymes with Inforapiss.

Putin threatens supply chains with counter-sanction order

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Re: You want to play hardball?

"He is currently hiding in an impregnable bunker"

Hopefully the lock breaks off on the door of his bathroom when he goes for a shit then. No one will be around to check on him, problem solved.

One in five employees at top Indian outsourcers left in the past year

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Re: Not surprised

"So I'm stuck with this useless laptop just sitting around collecting dust."

Mine bitcoin with it?

John Deere tractors 'bricked' after Russia steals machinery from Ukraine

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Nothing Pulls Like A Deere

And nothing stinks like a John in Russia.

Problems for the Linux kernel NTFS driver as author goes silent

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Re: Paragon Software was founded and run by Russian folks

"Heck, some of them even might have been taken to army and brought into meaningless war and faced death..."

This was my thought, after thinking that maybe the poor guy was burnt out or suffering from other inner demons.

Regardless, wherever they are, I hope they're alright.

Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!

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"It's nice of Redmond to point out these flaws and have them fixed in any affected distributions; the US tech giant is a big user of Linux and relies on the open-source OS throughout its empire."

Never a sweeter sentence written when we remember what rent-a-gob Ballmer said about Linux, the prick.

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads

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Re: Not Just Amazon

"Same router IP?"

Bless her cotton socks, she was on her mobile internet for ages. She'd never used the wifi, and I don't think she knew she could have it on her phone. The typical user of "it just works" technology, and she never really explores what the tech can do.

So no, she was purely on her phone's internet.

wolfetone Silver badge

Not Just Amazon

Facebook are up to this trick as well.

I was sat with my wife discussing new windows for the house. We're going through different options, and she mentioned SafeStyle. Had a conversation about whether or not we should go for them, and she ended up googling the number and making contact etc. They then turned up at the door the next day, more discussions, and they left.

For a solid 2 months afterwards I was greeted with nothing but adverts for... SafeStyle. There was nothing on my phone or computer that referenced SafeStyle, no Google searches from me, nothing. Yet it thought "Hey, you might like this advert".

British motorists will be allowed to watch TV in self-driving vehicles

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They'll throw out any old bullshit right now to distract from the utter shithousery they're inflicting on the people of the UK.

AMD: Our Epyc CPUs helped Mercedes win F1 Constructors' Championship

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Two things:

1) Ferrari are sponsored by Phillip Morris International, who in turn sell advertising space on the cars. Pedants gonna pedant, but it needed to be said.

2) What CPU did Michael Masi use to make a complete balls up of the last grand prix last year?

Atlassian comes clean on what data-deleting script behind outage actually did

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Is there nothing it can't screw up?

To be fair, I think when I heard of all of this I was expecting something monumentally stupid. Like "rm -rf" in the wrong folder of the server and no back ups performed. This though, it's fairly honest and happens to all of us at some point.

Infosys quits Russia, ending UK political and tax scandal … maybe

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I think if this had happened in isolation, where Mr.Sunak's wife was a non-dom even with 3 houses in the UK to not stay in, it'd be a storm in a tea cup.

But none of this happens in isolation. We've had over 2 years of COVID where all of us made sacrifices to protect our loved ones and to uphold the law set out by these bastards in the first place. My wife couldn't hug her granny for the last time before she died because my wife didn't want to give her COVID (she never had it). A friend of mine died alone in a hospital ward, his 8 year old son was never able to go on to the ward to see him.

I'm not a royalist - which I know is a shock given the name - but when it came out about these parties and the sheer nonchalance the Conservatives have shown to the rules they put in, I thought about Elizabeth sat there on her own mourning the death of her husband. Regardless of titles, she herself is someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's grandmother and she followed the rules. While her government decided "Fuck this let's have a party".

With Infosys themselves, I think any decent enough company (well, any company with a decent PR guy) pulled out of Russia the moment the tanks rolled in to Ukraine. Even if it weren't an immediate action, they at least set out a framework to detail how and when they would leave. Infosys have only now decided Russia is bad and should leave? Bullshit.

Fuck Infosys. Fuck the Government. Fuck Boris. Let every person who caress deeply about the Queen remember herself being made to mourn alone while that big blonde gobshite partied.

First rocket launch from UK soil now has... a logo

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"Designed by a six-year-old, the design just needs a rocket on which to ride"

Have you asked Callum? If he can draw the logo I'm sure he could knock something up with Lego.

A pint for the lad, for when he's 18 - or at least at his first house party as a teenager.

Day 7 of the great Atlassian outage: IT giant still struggling to restore access

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Re: Compensation ?

One month's free trial should be enough, surely?

South Yorkshire to test fiber broadband through water pipes

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Guess it wasn't an idea that blew up then?

wolfetone Silver badge

Didn't Google promote this as an April Fool's joke 10 years ago?

Apple patched critical flaws in macOS Monterey but not in Big Sur nor Catalina

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There is an official update available from Apple

That update is - buy a new Mac.

That's their business model. But don't remember this when it happens again in a few years time and they decide to not bother updating an "old" OS, regardless of how widely used it is.

They are an absolute shower of bastards. Between Emma mattresses and Apple, it's only Wednesday and all my Zen has gone.

Emma Sleep Company admits checkout cyber attack

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Re: "sophisticated"

I've about as much proof about what I said as they're willing to give to back up their own claim.

Security is more than just a bug fix here and there. It's the implementation, the structure, and the continual vetting of all of the relevant packages they add to their site. Like another commentator has pointed out, issues that allow this attack don't exist in a silo with Magento. It can be attacked in various ways.

They can have all the fixes they want, but if it's not implemented right, then it might as well not be patched.


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