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The curious case of a WordPress plugin, a rival site spammed with traffic, a war of words, and legal threats


The article makes no mention of the fact that the plugin disabled the bluehost cache, then injected content into the page suggesting that their site was running slowly and that they should switch to new hosting

WWW = Woeful, er, winternet wendering? CERN browser rebuilt after 30 years barely recognizes modern web


Re: Eh, it's pre-CSS

Markdown might be an even better fit if all you want to do is show formatted documents. The benefit being that even without something to render it it is still perfectly legible as a text file. Also you can put raw HTML in to a markdown document IIRC

Redis has a license to kill: Open-source database maker takes some code proprietary


Re: Why....?

Agreed, So glad it isn’t just copy paste jobs from twitter as per most MSM

Friday FYI: 9 out of 10 of website login attempts? Yeah, that'll be hackers


Re: 'in favor of physical and biometric authentication - no credentials to steal'

Exactly, biometrics are just passwords that cannot be changed.

Apple gives MacBook Pro keyboard rubber pants


Those brownie crumbs can be hazardous!

Productivity knocks: I've got 99 Slacks, but my work's not done


Re: Stride

We found the video calling features to be near enough broken when compared to something extremely polished like appear.in

Intel outside: Apple 'prepping' non-Chipzilla Macs by 2020 (stop us if you're having deja vu)


Re: Bootcamp?

I’ve never installed it on my MBP either, and I’m a software developer.

Huawei joins Android elite with pricey, nocturnal 40MP flagship


R.E. “Not much of a review” - It wasn’t a review, as the final sentence points out.

4G found on Moon


Re: My hopes and dreams, dashed.

4G is an interim solution: BT Openreach are hoping to roll out FTTM by the year 2025.

Here's how we made a no-fuss RSS vulture app using trendy Electron


Re: MacOS Native?

I used to use it, and had paid for it, until the gem that is VS Code came along.

You can resurrect any deleted GitHub account name. And this is why we have trust issues


Re: 'a bare minimum would be forking'

Github makes it pretty trivial to keep your fork synced with upstream changes and if you’re not contributing there won’t be anything to merge.


Re: What am I missing here?

I would say a bare minimum would be forking the repository to your own organisations github account and linking to that.

Samsung starts cranking out 512GB eUFS storage


But wait... did I tell you about the porthole defoggers?

The power JavaScript: 'Gandalf of JS' Wirfs-Brock on ECMAscript 2017


I’d guess you have never actually given it a good go. Most people who hold this opinion have always held this opinion (or heard it somewhere) and maybe hacked around with it in the past but tried to treat it like their primary language. Once you figure out which parts are “the good parts” and which parts to stay away from it is a really amazing, or at least interesting, expressive language.

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard


Re: Perfect If they fix the scrollbars

Obviously people have their preferences but I've never understood people's dislike for minimal scroll bars. I can't remember ever actually using the mouse to drag a scroll bar up and down the page. They are plenty big enough to see where you are in the page plus usually increase in size once you start rolling the wheel or hitting j or k or page up/down or whatever. Personally I think a big chunky scroll bar looks fugly and takes precious screen real estate. There are other DEs for people who want the windows 95 look.

Microsoft goes back to the drawing board – literally, with 28" tablet and hockey puck knob


More in game social overlays

to go with steam community and nvidia twitch streaming. Who's jumping on the bandwagon next? "Norton antivirus game stream hub"

Unimpressed with Ubuntu 16.10? Yakkety Yak... don't talk back


I genuinely love Unity. I used mint for a few years on my work box, probably out of some snobbish misconceptions about Ubuntu proper. Made the switch at 14.04.

US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing


Re: Not everybody needs to or should learn how to program

The book "The Elements Of Computing Systems" is a pretty incredible resource for gaining a basic understanding of how a computer works and sets a good foundation for any computing related study. You go from connecting NAND gates to building a CPU and memory (which get emulated). You then write an assembler, a compiler, a vm, and finally an OS. You can then start writing programs for this system. Pretty cool.

UK needs comp sci grads, so why isn't it hiring them?


Re: Science?

Currently reading "Building Micro services" and the author states that if building a bridge were like software development, when we were halfway to the other bank we would realise it was made of sand, not granite, and we would be told were actually building a railway bridge rather than a footbridge. Made me chuckle

GCHQ (openly) joins Twitter


Typical tweet

PRISM #sorrynotsorry

Official: Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' nagware to vanish from PCs in July


To be replace with...

... "Purchase windows 10 for only 19.99" nagware

Flaw-finding Ruby on Rails bot steams past humans


Re: People still use Ruby On Rails?

I believe a lot of them returned to PHP since it is having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment.

Apply online to go to Mars. No, seriously


Missed opportunity.

Astronaut got talent.

Superfish 2.0: Dell ships laptops, PCs with huge internet security hole



I have recently been looking at getting a new laptop and I was looking at the Dell website a week or two ago and I am nearly certain that I saw a banner citing spearfish as a reason not to consider rivals products.

Egg on face

So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?



Or just medicine if you like.

Devs ask Microsoft for real .NET universal apps: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Your looking for the browser.

Love it or loathe it, html and javascript is the nearest thing the world has to truely universal apps.

Ubuntu 15.10: More kitten than beast – but beware the claws


Re: Yeah - no ...

I'm a stupid kid born in the (early) 80s and I like flat colours, minimal gui design and unity. It's a good job there is freedom of choice so I can have my snazzy modern stupid/broken design and you can have your boring more productive one.

Break from the future: Hold the new stuff and fix the web first


Re: >Geolocation API, possibly the most useful HTML API out there

At least it only asks for your location and not your entire contact list, text message history, microphone access, calendar as per most native apps

Amazon reveals $50 Android-ish Fire tablet it will axe in two years


Just ordered it.

If it's rubbish I plan to try hacking around with it. At that price point, if it ends up in a drawer/bin/charity shop after a week I won't be too upset.

Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes


Re: Windows 8 isn't a good comparison

"Win8 was damn close to free at launch - $39.99/£24.99 - for the Pro version. Still didn't sell, hence actually free this time."

Yep, I moved from Win 7 Home Premium to win 8 Pro for the figure you quote. I am now on 10 Pro. Not bad really. Still, not as good value as the other option on GRUB.

Stripped to the core and full of Xfce: Xubuntu Linux loses it


Re: And thus we have

I genuinely think I am the only person on earth who actually likes Unity.

Oh Em Pee! Giant Android tinkles on Apple in Google Maps graffiti


Re: The Apple logo is an apple...

Just read this this week (Do androids dream...) very good, although I haven't got a clue what happened at the end.

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


Make it free

...as in beer.

Win8 pro (on release at least) was a quarter of the price of win7. That was what stirred me into reaching for my wallet and purchasing...and then promptly regretting it.

Valve's Steam streaming service lets you play games on the toilet

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Good move valve.

Time to get the padsaw and cat6 out.

Titsup Russian rocket EXPLODES, destroys $275m telly satellite


add more S.A.S

I feel their pain. Same thing happens to me on KSP all the time.

Stephen Hawking: The creation of true AI could be the 'greatest event in human history'

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Re: Thinking about thinking

Reminds me of a quote out of Permutation City by Greg Egan about creating a consciousness using an abacus.

Great book...

UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report


"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen...

David Cameron turns water cannons on social networks



Who knows what future governments could do with this kind of power freely available to them.

Sony confirms investigation into warehouse blaze is underway


must have been geohotz!

as per title

No PS4 or Xbox 720 before 2014



I feel sorry for the folk who have forked out the same amount of cash for inferior ports.