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UK.gov loses driver ID data

John Mcdonald

Er, forgive a silly question, but

Are these muppets, the same muppets that are responsible for UK National Security? ... One word ... Feckers!

Labour hit by another anonymous donor scandal

John Mcdonald

I have the perfect solution ....

Just take them all out at the crack of dawn and execute them .... Wouldn't take long to clean up politics .... Perhaps then we'd see an improvement all around ......

NASA comp fails to produce flying cars

John Mcdonald

Perish the thought

Alarming - Our roads are already full of ignorant, disourteous and blind muppets who think 'spatial awareness' is something from Star Trek. There's really no need to transfer them to the skies as well ...

You can imagine the carnage "Rather, he or she would use "synthetic vision", a screen showing the terrain below, other aircraft in the sky, and probably a virtual "pipe" or "tunnel" in the sky, down which the air-traffic computers had routed the plane" if Microsoft were ever to be involved, it would be a create a whole new meaning for the Blue Screen of Death.

Thirsty Koreans fight duff whisky with mobiles

John Mcdonald

On a larger scale

Interesting, but this poses a major security risk when widened ... A canny crim would just need to scan a prospective target to see what goodies await before gaining entry ....

ISPs face down Tories on file sharing

John Mcdonald


What an ignorant feckwit ...

But what is really alarming, like NuLabour, folk are really going to vote for this buffoon ...

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

John Mcdonald

Hello - Is Dave there?

Erm, this isn't the script for LOG i it? .... Royston Vasey by the Sea ...


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