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Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch


Re: At the third stroke

... so when are you planning to charge this thing if you plan to sleep with it on your wrist?

AVG stung as search revenue from freebie scanners dries up



Honestly... I would advise my grandma to switch to Linux... actually if I got it onto her desktop/laptop with one of the more user friendly distros (KDE, LXDE, Cinnamon)... and setup a few defaults and shortcuts she probably wouldn't tell the difference... except for it being faster and hassle free ;-)

DEAD STEVE JOBS chap becomes ENGINEER ... at Lenovo


Yet another brand to avoid...

... Why not give him a proper title like "celebrity image" or "slightly smarter than cardboard cutout"?

Why do these firms give these idiots titles? Who are they trying to fool?

Ubuntu Edge crowdsauce cash stash comes up short


Re: great PR for over priced vapourware

I agree with you that $800 wasn't an impulse buy but comparing what the Edge was supposed to be with a Nexus 4 or a Firefox OS phone would be like comparing the design of a Porshe with the next standar Ford Fiesta...

The Edge was supposed to do so much more than just a smartphone and even at $800 it did way more than the high end smartphones out there that come very close in price


Not only you are an anonymous coward, you are rather ignorant as well...

Open sourcers give their designs and code away for free, they still need to cover costs...

Your "idea" is exactly what they have already done... the OS and other "special" features of their development are available and do run in standard platforms


Re: Set up to 'fail'

Couldn't they just have paid a marketing research firm to do exactly that for them?

I mean they did spend the money on the technology, the prototypes, the videos, the marketing for the campaign...

To me it doesn't make sense that they did all these just because they wanted to get a feel of the market... if anything I think it was to demostrate the potential to other smartphone makers but that is hardly news as Shuttlewroth said that outright

NSA gets burned by a sysadmin, decides to burn 90% of its sysadmins


This makes total sense...

... because nothing is safer than 900 pissed off sysadmins!

Ubuntu boss: I want to make a Linux hybrid mobe SO GIVE ME $32m


@JDX Re: Crowd sourcing...

I keep hearing things like these and I don't get it... crowd sourcing/funding is a way of financing, philanthropists use it all the time and they have the most money out there...

If Microsoft did it I would not support them, but I fail to see how any company (Microsoft included) would "damage" crowd sourcing by engaging in it... In the case of Canonical I still think they are somewhat Ok to morally participate in this since they at least give Ubuntu away for free

To me this is like the whole stupid claim that gay marriage somehow degrades same-sex marriage... both can coexist no problem... little indie developers or start up companies can still do it (and would probably get most support) while big companies can try it and get the finger

PEAK APPLE: 'iPhone sales STALL' at first sniff of fresh droid competition



"...and then there's those who like to try to get a pay out"

That is mostly American tradition... most other jurisdictions are more sensical when it comes to frivolous lawsuits

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev



While I agree that cursing and yelling is not the only way to motivate... the case here is not one where he found a little innocent bug and he is looking for perfection... Sharp and her team submitted code that would not compile as "stable" i.e. ready for deployment...

If your house burnt down because some untested kitchen device made it to the production line... would you go back to the person who labelled it as "safe" knowing it wasn't and tell her... "Show us what you can REALLY do..." ????


Re: Different people respond to different things

"when was the last time you had an examiner call you a fucking idiot?"

So it would have been better if instead of calling her (and her team) on submitting untested code as STABLE... they should've all gotten a pink slip and be fired?... that's what happens on tests, you get almost no feedback and failing grade

Submitting untested code as stable is a HUGE problem, it is not a difference of opinions, it is not a difference in programming styles... it is serving rotten fish hoping the sauce will cover the stink and THAT is unprofessional...

US public hate Snowden - but sexpot spy Anna Chapman LOVES him


passably attractive???

She's frakking hot... what more do you want???

Apple 'iWatch' trademark filing hints Cook's make-or-break moment looms


Does this mean...

... I have to stop using my GShock now that Apple invented watches, numbers and time keeping?

Asus FonePad: You may feel a bit of a spanner


Re: Gold Star

Yes, I also like to keep my calls between me, whomever I'm calling and the NSA spooks

Shuttleworth: Canonical is fast and easy with OpenStack clouds


Yes because....

... All other OS like windows are totally bug free and patched immediately when a bug is found,.

Ubuntu is far from perfect but I respect what they have accomplished with the rest of the Linux community

OpenSUSE 12.3: Proof not all Linux PCs are Um Bongo-grade bonkers

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Re: KDE Is beautiful

I had always been wary of KDE because people claimed it was too bloated and I was running very standard hardware but then a Phoronix article which actually claimed KDE was the fastest desktop once special effects were turned off (http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1210beta_desktops&num=6) so I decided to give it a try... and I haven't looked back

It looks super cool, you can do ANYTHING with it (actually sometimes there are just too many options, at times I wonder "who the hell would want to turn x, y, or z on or off?" "why did they bother?"

I can't run it on my ancient netbook but otherwise it's my weapon of choice

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL



I've been using Linux for about 6 years (last year I even convinced my boss to let me try it at work so now I work 100% on Linux at home and work) with various Debian friendly distros (debian, ubuntu, mint) and several desktops (lxde, xfce, unity, cinnamon, MATE, etc)... and I have NEVER experienced the crap this guy is talking about... (and I haven't even tried the absolute rock solid distros out there that more experienced Linux people rave about)

I have found maybe once or twice a wireless card that won't work but if it works it works, never intermittent connectivity, never problems suspending/resuming (as I use to in Windows), never losing audio, never weird slowness... I run a file, media, upnp, mpd server at home... when my "office" pc died I decided to spawn a virtual machine (ubuntu server host, kubuntu desktop) which I access from my chinese knock-off andriod tablet or my TV whenever I need to use a full desktop and I have NEVER experience any "weird" behavior... when things don't work it is because I failed so set something up or because some hardware died...

I am a normal, perhaps mid-level computer dude (no wizard but not a total noob either) so I find it extremely hard to believe I find my Linux Desktop experience satisfying while this more involved, presumably more skilled dev was struggling... I have even convinced my less experienced friends to switch, some of them still don't know what Linux is and they often thank me for "fixing" their computers

...maybe this guy is fishing for a job at Apple now that he has been laid off

Stephen Hawking pushes for posthumous pardon for Alan Turing


No, they should all be pardonned!

As some other mentioned... if we are talking about a reclassification of the law or some adjustment here and there then no... but this was a ridiculous law that should have never been passed... like burning witches... the government should own up and show some courage... it's not like they are asking for reparations, just a clean name

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'


So, about corporate rates

In North America (and I assume in Europe it's the same) corporations and corporation-friendly government keep pushing for lower or zero taxes for themselves as this will somehow magically create jobs and improve local economy... yes, I know the line, if the corporations have a couple extra billions saved they may invest some of that back... the problem with that line is the "MAY"... they may choose to pocket the extra, there is no guarantee.

Looking at this article, they mention Ireland as a tax haven... how is that working for them when it comes to unemployment? apparently not that great at 14%


Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES


@anyone Re: Taking this seriously for a second

Why do I get "Thumbs downs" for a simple opinion??? I didn't offend anyone or used harsh language... I simply stated what I think would happen... Somebody disagreed with me and posted a reply to that matter which I found great to start a conversation

I have received "thumbs down" for simply agreeing or disagreeing with topics... how does this work? do I just vote down anything I feel like?


Re: 1 good reason

Your ant example is exactly my point. In regular days we don't go out of our way to destroy ants but if we find one too many on our kitchen coutertop we certainly do whatever we can to exterminate them all from our house.

I am not saying this superior intelligence would exterminate humans for sport but, if they are anything like us, they will likely get rid of us as soon as we become an inconvenience...

If they could develop the means to leave the planet or find a place on Earth we won't bother them, then maybe we have a chance but otherwise I think they would certainly get rid of us


Taking this seriously for a second

If somehow we end up developing transhuman AI, there is no way in hell they would decide to keep us around living "freely"... best case scenario they would enslave us all, worst total extermination... even the enslave theory has very little weight since machines are way more efficient pretty much everything...

There is just nothing in the human race that a "superior" intelligence would like to keep... exactly as stated in the article, we are not actively killing gorillas but we are doing them no favour and thus killing them slowly... transhuman AI would simple wipe us before we destroy the earth or, since they probably won't care about global warning and such, they would kill us just so that we don't consume all resources

I know this sounds just silly but think about... give me 1 good reason a superior species would choose to keep us around in the "free" societies we have today

Samsung readies bendy smarties for 2013


Re: Cyberpunks will soon have

Did you guys NOT read the article... the phone will not bend, for the most part they will look and feel the same but they'll be cheaper to produce, lighter and perhaps (and I am adding this) more scratch/break resistant

Those 3 features have huge practical uses.. the device will still come in a hard plastic/metal base which will make it unbendable

Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!


Re: Switched...

I agree with you... when I moved to Linux I was exclusively with Ubuntu (desktop, server and netbook remix)... now, my server runs it but I am running Kubuntu on my everyday desktop and Lubuntu on my netbook.

I still like Ubuntu's back end but Unity I just could not pass... specially as they keep on putting this kind of crap on it... I doubt I will ever move to Unity (I did give it a fair 6 month trial when it came out), as a matter of fact, my short term plan is to move my XBMC playback from my Ubuntu headless Server to an Ouya box (if that happens) and once my server is free from GUI requirements I was planing to migrate to Debian (currently I could not run XBMC Eden on Squeeze)... my desktop is now a virtual machine and Kubuntu seems to be a good choice but really anything KDE would be fine by me... finally, my netbook (which is an old-but-refuses-to-die Asus EEEpc) is heading towards Bodhi for the fast speed plus eye candy

Just to be fair though, 12.10 is technically not a "major" release; only LTS should be considered major...

Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook


Re: If they really want better search results...

LOL... so your defence for Bing is that is actually is slower but people wouldn't notice and that it works as well as Google if you are in the USA and only input "non-contrived" search phrases...

LOL... yes I am switching right now!


Re: If they really want better search results...


I disagree with you... I think I have given Bing a fair chance... at work a similar discussion started and we all agreed (team of 6) to use both Google and Bing for every search for a week... not once did Bing find something Google did not find first. It is true most of the results were similar but Google was either faster or sorted the results better (i.e. most useful links were displayed closer to the top)

For a second chance, we decided to use Bing for all searches Google seemed to struggle (you know? you search a few time but can't really find what you are looking for) and again, Bing never showed it could do the work better than Bing, not once did Bing find something Google couldn't.

As far as layout and whatnot goes that is a personal matter but I feel hard press to choose what car to buy just because I want it in "Cinnamon Red"... I love eye-candy and all things design but I wouldn't change to Bing just because of the layout (not that I personally like it anyway)

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June


What's the point??

I'm still on XP!

Apple TV stock shortage sparks new gadget rumour fever

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So exciting!!!! (sarcasm)

... when do I get to buy my $2000-more-than-it's-worth TV so I can that Cupertino can finally tell me what to like on TV???

RIM shot at Android: Free PlayBooks for devs


Not a bad idea actually

but perhaps a little too late. And it's not quite free since you have to pay a fee to submit apps (don't know what that fee is now but originally it was higher than Apple or Android)

American search team fails to find women's G-spot


your wording is weird

the way you open your statement basically says "just because I cannot prove in anyway that I saw that alien taking my cousin it doesn't mean the alien was not real"...

the g-spot is supposed to be a physical area where a bunch of nerves congregate and is that gathering of nerve terminations that makes it move the earth... if it turns out to be a huge placebo for women so be it but it is definitely NOT what the g-spot (as originally described at least)

... I for one do not care what these people say... I will continue my field research looking for it!!!! LOL

James Bond savages the Kardashians

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I would...

... buy this lad a pint!!!

San Diego woman strips to bikini to look for her chihuahua

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She's hot...

...I'd give her my puppy

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever



It sounds like Jobs won this "title" because of all the developers that flocked to the iphone as a platform... in that light, don't you think all the game development made for the www is WAY WAY more influential???

I see your point though, if they are going to have an intelligent debate on people who influenced the gaming industry they should have stuck to game developers!... why is the facebook dude there??? those apps on facebook could hardly even be called games



...maybe he is looking up?


Oh please... if they made a survey today about the most influential man in the history of competitive extreme ironing Steve Jobs would be voted in...

How is this guy more influential to video games than the inventor of the freaking WWW?!?!?!

Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'


It seems a fair conclusion to make...

.... somebody with an incurable cancer diagnosis says he spend his dying breath doing xyz... seems pretty clear to me that he was well aware he was in the last run... certanily not the same as saying "I hate xyz" in the heat of the moment.

This was a calculated comment from a guy who knew he had short to live to a person who was recording his biography... not a "heat of the moment" kind of comment. Jobs had cancer long before Android was an issue for him.

Regarding passing harsh comment about somebody who just died I respect your opinion.. but honestly I hate how the most horrible people (certainly not Jobs) become almost saints once they pass away.... if there is any justice they should be regarded as what they were... in his case, a hateful, greedy control freak... with a talent for business and marketing....

I do recognize however I am very bitter at the media attention to Jobs and the lack of media attention to Ritchie so I am certainly biased in my opinions


...and so you did...

hope it was worth it for you Steve...

How sad to see the most this guy desired on his death bed was to see other people failing... kind of funny when you think of all the stuff Apple "stole" from others in the very same fashion

You usually see people about to die with an altruist view of life, forgiving, forgetting, trying to make the world a little better... not this guy

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex


my jaw hurts

... from laughing at your very true statement...

"only opens his mouth to change feet"... you are going to get me fired

This guy is truly an ass... I could not believe they have kept this clown as long as they have

Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?


I gave Unity a try...

... and honestly the worst I can say about it is that it is not intuitive... I could not figure out how I was supposed to work with it... however, before discarding it altogether I dediced to spend 10 minutes watching some Ubuntu how-to videos and quickly got back riding the horse...

The best I can say about it is that if you are working mostly on cli then it allows you to stay working on the keyboard and never touch the mouse (once you learn a bunch of keyboard shortcuts of course)... but when I'm browsing the web or playing games with my son on my lap then I can stay on the mouse and never use the keyboard... this ability to basically handle the entire desktop with either keyboard OR mouse (and not having to switch back and forward) is awesome

Yes, it is buggy (buggier than I expect Ubuntu stuff to be) so I am looking forward to this upgrade.

I have to say that after 6 months of using it I tend to believe that the attention span for most people is very minimal, it seems that those who did not get it on the first 5 minutes decided to hate it forever no questions asked... it is not bad once you understand the workflow and I think it will be awesome in the next couple of years as it gets developed

Furious HP staff stage protest over job cuts


Layoff are part of business but....

... you can layoff a few while trying to restructure the company and make it profitable and more competitive (good)

...or you can layoff 6,000 people just because your revenue dropped 3% while still maintaining a HUGE profit... 1.7 BILLION in 1 quarter!... that's just corporate greed and some sleazy white collars trying to save their HUGE bonuses.

"The company remained profitable, however, posting results that were in line with analyst expectations. HP recorded a profit of US$1.7 billion on sales of $27.4 billion. Earnings per share were $0.70 for its second fiscal quarter, ended April 30"



Facebook SIM brings social network to dumb phones


Not sure I get this...

I come from Venezuela and the cellphone market there is 100 times more advanced than in Canada (where I live now)...

Actually, visiting Venezuela in June 2008 I saw the first iPhone (jail-broken already) in Venezuela while people in Canada were still whining (or going to the US) for one... it's not uncommon for 13 year old (rich) kids to have Blackberries or iCraps...

I know Venezuela is only 1 of the many countries in Latin America but I hear the same story from my other Latin friends in Canada...

...by the way, nobody in Latin America pays for "air time"... you only pay if you make the phone call... Maybe Personal Argentina can make something for us in Canada so that we don't get ripped as much as we do

RIM launches five BlackBerry smarties


Another bad move by RIM

..why would anybody buy one of these if the QNX phones (for those like me who believe it's will actually be great) are coming up sometime next year???... I would only consider these phones if they can guarantee me that I can upgrade to QNX (not likely) but even then I would still rather wait and get the phones with "native" support for it


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